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After my last gofundme campaign (funded! thank you!) and out in print/audible/kindle "Hacking the Afterlife: Practical Advice from the Flipside" I've continued to gather information and research from people no longer on the planet. It's occurred to me (and with some encouragement from those "over there") that I should focus on writing a book on the best methods for contacting, speaking to, or visiting this arena based on what they say "back home."

In other words "practical advice from the Flipside on how to talk to loved ones no longer here."

International Association for Near Death Studies Orlando 2016

Allow me to clarify; I've filmed dozens of sessions of people under deep hypnosis who consistently say the same the things about the journey of souls into the Flipside. My first book and film "Flipside" recounts that journey. 

I've interviewed dozens of people who've made the trip to the Flipside, either through a near death experience, a deep hypnosis session, through out of body experiences, or mediums who have a reputation for helping people in need and report the same details of their journey. I've interviewed scientists who are working on the cutting edge of consciousness studies, who claim that the brain is not the source of all thoughts or memories.

As of late, I've been filming interviews with mediums, people who've had near death events, or even people who've had recurring dreams to see if we could visit the flipside, using these previous events as gateways.  The responses and interviews have been consistent, from interviewing mediums (like Jennifer Shaffer , Kim Babcock, Jamie Butler and Tony Stockwell) where they're able to visit, speak with, interview their own spirit guides.

At a book talk event about the Afterlife research

I've also found this method to be effective when trying to access or communicate with loved ones no longer on the planet.  I'm not a channeler, medium or psychic - but I have asked questions directly to people no longer on the planet with an eye towards the "best methods" for people to stay in touch with their loved ones.

So if it is possible to seek out information from loved ones or even strangers no longer on the planet, doesn't it make sense to see if there's any life enhancing information that can be accessed from that interchange? Like "How can I make my life easier?" "How can I find my true love?" "How can I help save the planet?" "What or who is God?" "Why am I here?" "Why am I suffering?" "How can I shift my perspective?" "Who's going to win the world series?" (the last one is a joke, but for those familiar with my work, I do try to interject as much humor as I can into this offbeat topic.)

How could accessing this info help the planet or help people in need?

In this book "THE AFTERLIFE EXPERT" - (a moniker given me by George Noory on his "Coast to Coast" broadcast) -  I demonstrate how asking simple questions to a person who is NOT UNDER HYPNOSIS - can elicit the same responses that someone under deep hypnosis reports.  How asking simple questions to someone who's had a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE can bring that experience back into focus for them, so they can understand it better.  How asking simple questions WHILE FULLY CONSCIOUS allows anyone to experience what these folks have experienced.

The last crowd funded book "Hacking" avail online

Since finishing "Hacking the Afterlife" I've continued to interview, film and ask questions (sometimes through mediums, sometimes via people who've had a near death experience, sometimes just people who've had a recurring dream) to a person's higher consciousness, to see if we can get anywhere.  

As I'm fond of saying during these interviews "You may not understand the question that I am asking, but your spirit guides do.  So allow yourself to access the answer without worrying about it."  The answers have been consistent, and pretty amazing.

"How can we alter our perspective in order to make life easier for us over here? How can we alter our perspective to make the planet safer? How can we use this information from the Flipside to help us on our path and journey here?"

Three of my books "Hacking the Afterlife" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volumes one and two were crowd funded. (Thank you!) Your generous support of work has allowed me to focus on this unusual task at hand, and the response has been terrific. I try to keep the amount I'm raising to roughly what it costs for me to stop doing everything else and focus on writing, transcribing, editing then reading the work aloud.

If you'd like to check out my blog "The Martini Shot" there are numerous "Flipside" based essays. And the documentary "Flipside" and the "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" books, and "Hacking the Afterlife" are all available online.  Also MartiniProds on YouTube has many of my book talks. If you tune into the one at the end of this, you'll get an idea of what kind of research I'm doing.  And here's a link to the documentary film "Flipside" that's available for streaming or download.

So I'm reaching out again to those of you who can afford to support this research, who appreciate the books so far, or just want to support me on my path and journey into the flipside. (I do like writing about it, I'm just not in a hurry to get there.) Thanks in advance for any donation you can make. It all helps immensely.

A spontaneous "interview" with the flipside
My blog about the flipside
Thanks for tuning in.   "Love love"   Rich
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Okay. This is something that occurred the other night (which I posted on RichMartini.com... I'm recounting it second hand, but it comes from an impeccable source. My dear departed friend Luana.

Fans of Flipside know Luana as my pal who started to come and visit me after she passed away back in 1996. She inspired me to write about her visits in the book and film "Flipside" and then later in the books "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife."

Last month I recounted how she came to visit me while I was having lunch with the medium/intuitive Jennifer Shaffer in our usual "Chatting with the flipside" event.

And she brought along her pal Harry Dean Stanton. I've mentioned how Harry proved beyond a shadow of doubt (to me anyway) that he was actually with her, because he described events that Jennifer did not know, could not have known, described how he passed away and who was in the room with him (details I did not know but were verified later) and other fun, and amazing things. ( https://richmartini.blogspot.com/2017/09/talking-to-harry-dean-stanton-on.html)

Recently Luana gave us some more insight to chew on. Here's what was happening when she "appeared."

Our daughter had come down with something... perhaps something she ate earlier in the day, and was feeling sick, shivering. But at the same time we were getting ready to make a long flight back home from visiting our relatives back in Wisconsin.

Her mom decided she needed to pray to help heal our little daughter, who is shivering with this illness, sick, and can't sleep. And she put out a "call to all angels" and then fell asleep.

That's when Luana appeared.

Sherry insists this was a "dream and not a vision" - but that's what people have to say around me, because I'm constantly saying "tell me what else she said, what was she wearing," etc, about every dream I hear.

Sherry only saw her face. About 30 (many years before they met) and Sherry's reaction to seeing her was to say "How can you be here? You died back in 1996."

She said Luana showed her a space craft as an example. She showed her a cruiser that we had seen at a Lego store hours earlier and said "Imagine that I'm traveling in this but it moves really quickly."

Then she said "Imagine the numbers 11..11 as an example."

(We've all heard people talk about seeing the numbers 11:11 on a clock - at least I have - and wonder about the synchronicity of seeing that particular time each day.)

Well, Luana explained that synchronicity.

She said imagine that I am an 11 and you are an 11 separated by two decimals.

She said "In order for you to see me, you shift your focus, and move one decimal in my direction, and I shift mine and move once decimal in your direction."

Sherry didn't understand this, but I do.

Based on that other discussions we've had, everything on the flipside is a matter of understanding how energy works, how waves work, how math works. That in order for them to manifest, appear, it's a matter of understanding the math behind doing that, as well as understanding the time frame of the time/space realm where they need to appear so that we can see them.

But it requires both of us to move in the same direction. So in Sherry's case it was because she was asleep, in the sleep state, that she was able to "shift her focus" to be able to see a loved one, but equally, in order for our loved ones to appear to us in this form, they have to "shift her focus" to be able to appear to us.

The space craft is a metaphor for "moving at lightning speeds" (in this case it was a Star Wars Lego ship) and that "moving at the speed of light" is a metaphor for how fast people are able to move on the flipside when they want to focus on doing so.

I've interviewed a number of people who when asked to describe the "one thing" they'd like to tell people about the flipside it's "I can fly." And by that they don't mean wings - but they do mean moving from one place to the next at lightning speed.

So the next time you see 11:11 on a clock...imagine there's someone "over there" who wants you to think of them while you're glancing at the clock - that's why they got you to focus on that time on the clock. Just open yourself up to whomever that might be.

If you're curious about this and more stories from the Flipside, and aren't burned out or broke from supporting all the things that need support these days, please donate whatever you think is appropriate. Every nickel helps! Thanks!!!
Through the looking glass
Hacking the Afterlife book talk in SB
Luana Anders, Actress, Sage
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My latest update is about an interview that I did with medium Jennifer Shaffer last week at our weekly lunch where we "invited anyone who wants to speak" to come and join us. And when someone who is no longer on the planet shows up, I ask them questions about their experience. "When you crossed over what was it like? Who met you on the flipside? What's it like to talk to us?"

This past week I invited someone I knew that had passed away a couple of weeks earlier. The late great character actor Harry Dean Stanton. I met him through my friend Luana Anders (who inspired this journey when she started to visit me after her passing in 1996.) We met often over the years, and he was always charming.

I knew that Luana had gone to the Monterey Pop festival in 1967, but did not know with whom she traveled. A few months ago, the film "Monterey Pop" was shown at a local theater, and I went to see it, and mentioned it to one of Luana's pals - film producer Fred Roos (the prolific filmmaker)

Fred told me that he was on that trip with Luana and Harry Dean. (He later confirmed details, including they did not have a flat tire, that they did see Jimi Hendrix play).

So imagine my chagrin when Luana shows up in our cafe conversation last week, with Harry Dean in tow, and he starts to tell us about his crossing over to the Flipside. I must add - Harry was pretty famous for being a philosopher and a disbeliever in the afterlife. He'd studied most religions on the planet, and had come to the firm conclusion that there was nothing that happened afterwards.

My question was "So what convinced you otherwise?" And he said "Luana tricked me." He said she had shown up prior to his passing - he thought he was hallucinating he said, or that it was a dream caused by drugs. But when he did cross over, he said he saw a baby, a child that he realized had died in the 60's, his child which his girlfriend had miscarried.

He then said that he was in the car on the way to Monterey and thought "oh, this must be what death is. You go into a happy memory and that's it." (Jennifer did not know who Harry was, or anything about the festival). He said that he was in the car with Luana and Fred thinking it was a "dream" until they had a flat tire. As he was fixing the tire, he looked at Fred and said "but we didn't have a flat tire." Fred said "I know." He said Luana had given him a "soft landing" by doing that.

I attended his memorial on Monday and a number of things were verified about this interview (which I blog about at richmartini.com) including the women he claimed were sitting around him as he was dying, and how they told a friend that Harry had said to them aloud "Hand me the baby."

He was seeing this child and said aloud that he was. They thought he was hallucinating as well. I filmed this interview with Harry and will be part of this book that folks are so generously crowd funding. I said to Harry "So is there anything you want me to pass along to your friends and family, as I'll see them on Monday?"

He said "Tell them there is an afterlife. More than that they should believe in the afterlife." I laughed and said "C'mon Harry - you were famous for being an atheist, who is going to believe me when I say you showed up to tell me there really is one?" He said "Tell them to "open themselves up to the possibility of an afterlife, then they won't waste any time, like I did, wondering whether it exists or not." Good advice. Thanks Harry (and thanks to all the folks who've donated. I'm getting there!) XXXX RM
Harry Dean Stanton and a feline pal
Jennifer saw Hendrix thru Harry's eyes
"There is an afterlife" says Harry.
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Thanks Number 22 and Dave Schultz

"When the clock struck 22:22 … " by Eric Adelson Columnist Yahoo Sports

Casey Taub picked 22 for his jersey number when he was in fourth grade. A lot of soccer kids choose 10 or 9, which tend to be the numbers of the sport’s biggest stars, but the boy from Chappaqua, New York, went with 22 and stuck with it. Nobody really knows why.
It was kind of appropriate, though. Casey was a bit more worldly and wise than the typical 9- or 10-year-old. He would go up to adults at his parents’ parties and strike up conversations. He loved history – so much that as a child he put a mustache of soapsuds on his face in the bathtub and told his mom he was President Chester A. Arthur. His dad, Jonathan, used to wonder, “How is there a 40-year-old man trapped in a 10-year-old body?” Casey wasn’t quite like a 40-year-old, though. Closer to 22.

He was 14 when he came down with what his parents’ thought was vertigo. After a battery of tests, though, there was an unthinkable reason for the dizziness: brain cancer. “Initially I thought it was something a lot of kids recover from,” Jonathan says. “Then we saw it was a mutated tumor, which you never want to hear.” A high school sophomore immediately faced a challenge most never have to fathom.

At one point, Casey looked at his father and asked, “Am I going to die?” “You immediately tell him, ‘No.’ ” Jonathan says. “What do you do? You pray.” He gets emotional as he remembers this conversation. He says he would have said “No” even if the doctors gave Casey zero chance. There was a chance for Casey, just not a terribly fair one.

He would need bravery beyond his years, and in some ways he would turn to soccer for support. So would his dad. There were six weeks of radiation, five days a week. There were three surgeries. Over many months there was progress, but as the doctors explained, treatment was “like trying to catch up to a speeding car.” Casey wore his 22 jersey as often as he could, but the chemo weakened him too much to play.

He chose London for his Make-A-Wish. He wanted to meet his beloved Chelsea team. He also got introduced to some of the players on NYCFC back home. Forward Khiry Sheltonkept in touch, and he sat with Casey in the hospital. He stayed not for a few minutes, but for hours.

Still, many of the closest relationships for Casey were on his own team. It was hard for him to watch Horace Greeley High play without him, but he became a team manager. Soccer brought him to a place of comfort. And that made it that much harder when Casey began to struggle even more this past summer.

“When his vision got blurry, when May hit, he really started not wanting to talk to his friends anymore,” Jonathan says. “They’d come over, and just sit with him.” He gets choked up. “He soldiered through a lot of stuff,” he says. “He was a trooper. He never gave up.” Casey Taub entered the hospital the weekend before July 4. He passed away on the 9th. He was 16.

There were 800 people at the funeral. And that would have been enough of a tribute. But there would be one more, at least: a varsity soccer match dedicated to him. It was his teammates’ idea. “I was all for it,” Jonathan says, searching momentarily for the right words. “For some reason, still, in a way, it sort of gave me comfort that Casey … that I’m still connected to him.” The decision was made to honor Casey during the 22nd minute, a nod to his number. The fans and players on the sideline would clap for the duration of that minute as the game went on. The minute came and the ovation began somberly. Then came an unplanned spike in noise and a loud crescendo: Matt LaFortezza, a senior captain on Horace Greeley, scored a goal. The moment was so special that it took another for the crowd to realize: the goal came at 22:22.

“When they started the clapping thing I was OK,” says Jonathan. “As it kept going on, I was overcome. When the goal was scored I was crying and everyone was comforting me.”Jonathan Taub isn’t a big believer in this sort of thing. He tries to be rational when he says, “For the people who believe in that, they were moved.” And yet he allows that the series of events was “funky.” He decides to stay with that word, but it’s clear he’s considering other words. Stronger words.

Even if the time of the goal was completely random, the gesture of the game and the tribute was certainly not. Casey’s friends and even his team’s opponents wanted to do something symbolic, and because of that, something even more symbolic happened. Maybe it’s cosmic, maybe not. Who knows? But if anything, 22:22 is a promise to a father and a family that moments with Casey will be easy to remember long after his teammates have left the fields where they all played."

But... this story brings another Flipside story to mind.
That of Dave Schultz, the wrestler who was murdered by Dupont, the story was told in "Foxcatcher." The part of the story that wasn't told was the eulogy that Phillip Schultz, his father gave at his funeral. In the eulogy, he recounted how the young Dave had come to him and said "Dad, can I tell you a secret?" And how his son had walked him outside of earshot of others behind their home.

He said "Dad, I had a meeting with my council, these old wise men who said I could come down here to teach a lesson in love." He dad listened, not sure what to make of his story of this council of old wise men. He said "Okay." His son then said, "But dad, I won't be here very long."

His father Phillip had not remembered that conversation until his son's passing. Council? Elders? Not here for very long? I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for over a decade now. And in all 40 sessions, people recount a time when they went to "visit their council" and spoke to them about the life they were planning, or the life that had just happened. Each council is there for each individual to see how they've done in this lifetime. Each council tries to help the soul remember why they chose a particular life and what lessons they are here to teach or learn.

In Dave's case - it was a "Lesson in love." To whom? For whom? I don't know, but we'd have to ask Dave. It could be for Dave himself, it could be for his loved ones, it could be for those who loved him from afar. Lessons in love are not easy to explain, nor easily defined. But he knew what his lesson was going to be - even as a 5 year old. He also knew that he "wasn't going to be here for very long." It's a rare gift to know how long we're going to be on the planet, but if your child told you that he or she wouldn't be here for very long, I would do everything in my power to convince their guides that they should be here for very long - I don't know if I would be successful at it, but I'd do everything in my power to give them the opportunity to learn and teach and experience and feel as much as they could.

But I would also be aware that when we leave this earthly plane we're not gone. We're just not here. We're just not accessible. We learn lessons in love every day. And this is one from Casey Taub (via Dave Schultz.)
Dave Schultz Olympian
Casey Taub #22
Hacking the Afterlife
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