TCG TV/Documentary Trip to the USA

€34,640 of €60,000 goal

Raised by 1,676 people in 15 months


TCGTV will see Gordo and Claire travel all across America from late 2018 until Summer 2019 and make 12 feature length documentaries meeting the people we only talk about on the podcast; talking to specialists in their fields of expertise and get first hand insight into the topics we cover; meeting with conspiracy celebrities and get their opinions on the documentary topics; and visit dozens of famous locations and capture a uniquely interactive view of the subject matter from a TCG perspective.

I will collaborate with other podcasters and comedians, meet YouTube creators, and interview all the experts and authors that I quote on the show as well as the witnesses, perpetrators and associates to many of the conspiracy topics we will cover in the docs. The details of each documentary and thier scope can be found below but they will have the essence of the TCG podcast you know and love with banter and irreverence in abundance, as well as some first hand facts and conversations.

I will also create a daily vlog when I am on the road showcasing all the sights we visit, behind the scenes on production of the documentaries, the interactions we have with documentary subjects and to include and involve fans from the US that love our show. I also want to keep a travel diary and take loads of photos to turn into a book on the other side of the journey and I want to meet as many people as possible along the way; time and cost permitting obviously. There are tiers to get guaranteed meetups and other perks detailed below.

I've split the project into 3 phases so production scale can be measured before we head off! No matter hwo much goes into this campaign, the entire 9 months is set aside to complete the project and we are going to be in the US for the ENTIRE length of the project. There will be a consistant flow of podcast episodes from the road too with a show every week inlcuding 14 main episodes for Season 7 and 20+ True Crime podcast epsidoes. A lot of the costs are front loaded, like legal, transport and equipment; which means they need to be paid before we even leave!

Phase 1 means I can afford to pay off all these front loaded costs and we can have a good base to head into the project with! The donations are going towards legal and accounting, visa, equipment, travel, and accomodation costs and we have hit the Phase 1 campaign goal in mid-September 2018! Im absolutely delighted about this and now we focus on the rest!

Phase 2 will raise the target to €60,000 and this means that all 12 of the documentaries can be made. If we dont get to this then extended travel to locations and time spent on producing the extra documentaries will have to be reduced. This also means way less travel adventures and conspiracy sight seeing; podcasts and youtube collaborations with US creators; and much fewer locations so much less opportunity to meet with fans or to do live shows.

The Phase 3 goal is €75,000 and this extra money means that we can have all the bells and whistles that will make the docs and the entire trip the best it can be. Paying for top tier guests and interviewees; entrance to locations that cost loads; extra activities and experiences that cost that much more will all be available to us! As it is, we will be working on a serious budget, using the nest egg from the GoFundMe as the fund for the big costs and then living on a fairly meagre daily cost budget for a production of this scale from the Patreon monthly donations. Phase 2 and 3 will make it so that if we need to hire on help or pay for extra production value items, then we wont be worried about running out of cash and having to come home early!

With these extra Phase goals met we can get the high profile interview guests that will massively add to the documentaries; we can pay for access to locations and content that will make the docs look amazing; we can also visit all the locations planned on the itinerary, have live shows and big fan meetups because of extra days in the country; and we can get better suited accomodation in more locations, with good Wifi so I can upload those daily vlogs and do a few live streams too;  which means more regular content for you to enjoy! 

We are moving out of our house at the end of October and Claire has taken her year off from her job so there will DEFINITELY be documentaries made from the money donated and we will stay as long as there is money in the kitty so please give generously and I can realise the full scope of this endeavour! :D The more you give the more we can make and everything here goes into the project, none of this is payment for work completed. This is all for expenses!

In September 2014 Those Conspiracy Guys was launched from a small kitchen table in a house in Dublin, with the mission to take publicly available information from the internet about conspiracy theories and tell the story of those theories as we saw it.

The show grew through 6 seasons to a top 100 podcast in the US, UK and Ireland with over 400 hours of content and over 18 million downloads including over 100 episodes of conspiracy theory, true crime, sociological and psychological exploration, political analysis, discussions on the paranormal, anthropology, medical science, ancient civilisations, celebrity deaths and assassinations and a vast cavalcade of characters, both real and imaginary.

Many comedians and content creators have joined me at the table for these huge talks and we have banged out many theories in mammoth recording sessions. The shows have become a deep dive informational format which last up to 5 hours and crept up in length after Season 2. I have tried to raise the profile of the show as it grows and appearances at college campuses, radio and TV appearances, guest spots on other podcasts and YouTube channels, and even TCG live shows in large venues in Dublin have all been a part of the growth of the show and an exploration into how far this thing can go.

From the very beginning I had a dream to have a repository of conspiracy materials that the discerning internet user could land on and get whatever information they wished, in a legible, audible, and fresh and friendly feeling format. I want to make videos for every source mentioned on the show; I want to have dozens of articles written for each aspect of the cases we investigate; and eventually to have a recording studio with cameras to live broadcast the podcast and other material on the interwebs.

If you are already a TCG fan you probably know all that though! What I want to do with this campaign is to take the show to the next level, make a big swing at mainstream media and create something that I have control over by creating absolutely my own content and then I wouldn't be beholden to a producer or TV station or those pesky guidelines of good taste and political correctness!

We all know how stifled MSM and even the likes of YouTube and Twitter have been as far as these topics go; I want to create a show that reaches out to the real people and places we talk about on the podcast and make a move from a small room in Dublin, to the vast content continent that is the United States.

The idea is to make 12 documentaries based on the major topics the podcast keeps touching on as the seasons roll on. They may seem general right now in a list like this; but fans of the show will know; you don't get just what is says on the tin when you download a TCG episode. There are many different aspects to conspiracy and the term itself is vague. I want to look at the most important elements of the shows we have done up to Season 8 (to be released through 2018 up until Summer 2020) and document as many sources as possible in a round trip across the USA.

The documentary episodes will take many of the cases discussed at length in the podcast and will be an addendum to those episodes as well as existing as stand alone media productions themselves. Future episodes of the podcast will also be investigated and footage will be released after those podcast episodes air through 2019/2020. The outline of the 12 documentaries and the elements therein are as follows:

This documentary will dive deep into some of the material covered in the Money and Gold Standard and JP Morgan episodes where I look at how the US economy works; why a Fiat currency cannot last forever; what conditions caused the real estate sector to collapse in 2007 and find out if there is another cataclysmic economic crash on the near horizon. I will also talk to crypto currency designers, miners and traders to see the future of world economics and digital currency and the possibilities we have in a world without paper money.

Gun Control
This documentary will deal with the ever present subject of guns in America and the rights and laws surrounding them and the damage they can cause. A divisive topic to be sure but I want to talk to folks who are advocates of guns and responsible gun ownership as well as victims of mass shootings and gun crime. I want to visit all the areas we talked about on the show including Sandy Hook, Aurora, and Las Vegas

This documentary will look at the racial divide that is at the forefront of our media constantly. From right wing religious racists to minority movements in colleges and cties all over the US. I want to talk with police accused of discrimination and the victims of hate crimes and their families; members of race hate organisations and leaders of racial equality movement both new and old; to school and college educators and future employers and law makers about legislation an policy around racial equality.

This documentary will focus on identity politics and intersectionality and the organisers of the movements for sexual equality and gender rights. I want to talk to the organisers of the Womens March and the Resist movement; to proponents of conservative moderation with gender politics; university staff and students about gender studies and to the people who have been affected by recent divisions and advancements in gender politics.

This documentary will deal with terrorism, both foreign and domestic and the massive rise in threat levels in the US in the past 20 years. I want to talk to members of law enforcement on terrorism prevention; to victims of domestic terrorism; to discuss prominent terror attacks like the Oklahoma City Bombing, The Unabomber and 9/11; and to talk to everyday people about the media portrayal of terror and how it became such a prominent feature in everyday US life.

This documentary will be an expedition into the vast and varied religious landscape of the US and how religions new and old are seared into the religious identity of America. I want to talk to members and leaders of all the major faiths; to discover the rarer seen religious organisations and communities; to visit houses of worship and see how day to day living is for people of faith; to talk with people who have escaped dogmatic religious organisations and to see how religion can be liberating as well as oppressive.

Food and Health
This documentary will focus on the food and farming practices of America and how homogenised food production and the over use of artificial and genetically engineered crops and livestock have put the worlds health at risk. I will talk to farmers about the rules and contracts they adhere to; to genetic engineers and experts about food production and genetic design; to small producers and the community of natural farmers who dont mass produce; and try to dig deeper into legislation and common practice to find out if there is a way back to a more natural way of producing food.

This documentary has us venture into the wilderness in search of many monsters both modern and classic as we try to find the origins and evidence for scary stories that are abundant in the vast wilderness of America. I will visit the cryptozoology museum and talk to experts who make a living from hunting suposedly fabricated creatures; speak with native tribes about their ancient legends and their affinity for the wild; talk to anthropoligists and historians to find the origins of these mythical beasts and what they could actually be; and camp and trek through the woods of Wisconsin, the plains of Arizona, the Rocky Mountains and the Jersey Turnpike in search of the most famous creatues like Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Werewolves and The Jersey Devil

This documentary will deal with the impeding threat of a post-apocalyptic landscape where on the most prepared and armed will survive, using skills and techniques heavily practiced and executed in the months and years before a cataclysmic event. I want to talk to compound dwellers and apocalypse preppers who live their lives off the grid waiting for the end times; with ordinary people who stockplie food just in case; with trainers and hunters who make a living training people for the end of days; and try my hand at some of the more extravagant skill training needed to survive if the zombies do come.

This documentary will look at the vastly divided political landscape that the 2016 election has created in the United States. With Democrats and Republicans at loggerheads in the media and across the aisle, I want to find out the origins of the political parties, the future for politics, and try to show everyone else what American democracy is made of. I want to talk to politicans and campaign managers to see exactly what it takes to run for office; I want to see how a bill becomes a law :D; I want to speak to the people from both sides on how the election was allegedly defrauded; Ill look at youth recruitment organisations for political parties and how the US political system works from local government right up to the White House; and how legal and illegal political espionage takes place, from Russian bots to Gerrymandering.

This documentary will look at the massive advancement in future technology will make a world only seen in science fiction movies and talk to the people making it happen. I want to look at renewable energy and the features and fictures that will make that an imminent eventuality; how quantum computing and VR can change how everything is done from banking and online shopping to medical procedures and psychological treatment; look at robot and autmated technology and how the jobs market will be affected by automation; and how artificial intelligence can revolutionise the way we live our lives or maybe take over the planet and kill us all like in Terminator!


This documentary will look at Big Pharma and the almost permanent medication of more than half of all Americans; how the situation got so dire, and what the alternatives are to a mass manufactured medical machine to which finding a cure means losing a customer. I will talk to medical practitioners and drug representatives about their use and prescription of certain medications; how new drugs get approved for use and administration; the effects of long term prescription drug use; addiction and escalation of opioid and other prescription drugs; and the holistic and alternative measures lots of Americans are taking in order to rid themselves of the dependency on prescription drugs.

With the project starting in November 2018 in Oregon we will travel the lenght and breadth of the US searching for strangeness and meeting people we have connected with in the past 4 years. Comedians, Youtubers and podcasters will join us as we talk about these certain topics; as well as experts, witnesses and fans who all will add to the tapestry of the stories I am trying to tell. I have arranged loads of interviews and have picked out over 100 interesting and sometimes unbelievable locations; as well as the conspiracy classics like Dallas, Area 51, Ground Zero and others. This timescale is subject to minor change but I want to follow the story as we go along and meeting people and capturing the experience of those meetings without crazy pressure to fabricate or stage events. The map above gives an approximate timescale for the trip and it will become more concrete when we get to the US. You can keep up with the intinerary on Discord (invite should be included in your welcome email)

I hope to meet with as many people as possible in this journey. I want to meet with creators, comedians, conspiracy experts, authors, scientists, students, and fans of the show. I will try to be as amenable as possible when it comes to meet ups and live shows and there will be notifications of schedules through the Discord app and possibly through the Roadtrippers app I use for my itineraries as well as updates here on the GoFundMe page. The best place to get them though would be Discord as each state has its own channel that you will get notifications from in real time.

If you have an area where you think we must go; an idea for an adventure you might like to see me take part in; or something along the line of the documentary subject outlines above I would love to hear from you. Im producing this whole trip myself and I dont have many fixers in the States.

If you are a fan and you want to introduce me to someone you think would be of value to the trip; then email me at info(at) and let me know.

To accompany the documentaries I will be releasing a daily vlog to subscribers here on GoFundMe and to Patreon. It will be early access for 7 days and then released to the public and it will be the ‘Behind The Scenes’ of my journey across the USA. Not every day will be set aside filming for the documentaries but there will be fan meet ups and other general conspiratorial activities that I would love to share with the local fans. I will also be releasing clips of guest interviews and candid conversations with guests from the documentaries.

These vlogs will be released on YouTube but they will also be available on Bitchute. I dont want to miss out on the exposure YouTube could give a vlog like this, but I am being realistic as to the level of censorship that could come with the subject matter in the videos.

I want to create lots of content for the fans of the podcast but more importantly I want to provide you, the financial supporter of the show, the ability to stay in constant contact with me and Claire as we travel around the US. Depending on your level of support there are perks where you can meet with us either just a coffee and a high five; or for the higher tiers, a whole day of hanging out behind the scenes as we film the docs. The communication for this needs to be centralised as I dont want to have to hunt for FB and text messages to meet someone so if you want to meet please join Discord and put in your request. 

I will be using the TCGTV Discord server for all communications and as a supporter of the GoFundMe you get access to this. If you need the link please message me from the email you donated from and I will provide you with a private invite link.

I want to be able to provide extra material to the supporters of this GoFundMe campaign. The €50 tier will get access to the finished documentaries as soon as they are ready in late 2019. Patreon and GoFundMe supporters will also get access to the vlogs and even some secret footage that wont be included in the docs through the Discord channels and via email. These are all part of the perks and I want to create as much as I can when I am on the road and share it with you.

I want to distribute these documentaries the best way possible. If that means serialising the content into 24 one-hour sections, releasing 12 two-hour docs straight, or splitting it over 3 seasons of 30 minute shows; I dont know yet! I would ideally like to have them on Netflix in their entirety and as you can tell from the description it is going to be a YUGE project! It may end up being a web series and I will make it available via subscription or some such monetisation method but Im shooting for the stars here!

The podcast will continue to run all the way through the journey and on into 2019. There will be a load pre-recorded during the summer 2018 and up to the end of October 2018 and they will be set to release as we are on the road in November 2018 at the usual schedule. I will still be sharing and maintaining the social media for the entire time so there will be no radio silence from me or the show! Hopefully I will get to record some episodes with US podcasters and comedian and even the experts too; and the show will continue as normal when we return in Summer 2019.

I chose GoFundMe as a funding platform for a few different reasons: The campaign is the longest available running time of all of the crowdfunding platforms. GoFundMe has no limit to how long a campaign can be active and Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have a 60 day limit to their platform. This is to fund a product or similar; but this is a more expansive product that has lots of moving parts and a year long fulfilment process and has a product at the end aswell.

GoFundMe also has competitive fee pricing and after GFM costs and Stripe payment charges it leaves me with more money to pay for the costs of the trip. GoFundMe also has great sharing functionality and I can customise the link so its easy to say on the podcast and get the URL into peoples heads. If you wouldnt mind sharing the link around to your friends and people you know are fans of the show that would be class!

The perks and rewards are in the sidebar on this page but I wanted to be able to provide supporters of this campaign with value, without having to rely on tangible rewards that need to be posted (like t-shirts and badges etc)

I opted for exclusivity of the materials I am going to be creating like early access to vlogs, access to the Discord server where most of the exclusive links will be shared, access to a private TCGTV Instagram feed where I will share exclusive images of interview guests as well as Instagram stories of our daily adventures.

Every month there will be a live video chat using, where you can ask me questions, we can chat about the previous months adventures, and you can join in on screen to chat with some of the other guests. I have also included the free entry to any live shows I will do when I get to the States and I hope to liaise with comedians and content producers there to help me organise those events. Some of the higher tiers even have stage time at these events as one of the perks.

The €50 tier makes sure you get a viewing of the finished documentaries before anyone else in the world and before they are for general release on whatever format is decided.

The €100 and €200 tiers have inclusion in the vlogs and documentaries where you will come and meet us, hang out for the day and join in on whatever activity we have planned for the day and be included in the vlog and even a possibility of being in the finished documentary.

You may want to join in as we go hunting for Bigfoot at Mount Shasta, or come along to a Mormon church to meet the elders, or if we end up going for coffee with Tom DeLonge you would be welcome!

The top tiers have guarantees of inclusion in the episodes and there is a corporate level where you can have sponsorship of part of the documentary. These terms will be discussed privately and please email or message me before donation for this tier.

The funds are to be used to buy all the necessary equipment to complete the trip and make the documentaries. I have undertaken a business loan in speculation of this campaigns success and bought all the camera and audio equipment necessary for the journey.

I do have to pay for legal and accounting fees for both Ireland and the US, and I have to pay for travel and work visas for both Claire and I. There will also be accomodation costs and we plan to utilise AirBnB and motels for the majority of our stay.  Accommodation is relatively inexpensive approx $60-$80 per night in the most expensive parts; but booking in good time and not having very high standards will keep costs down and it will a damn sight cheaper than paying rent in Dublin every month! The money from Patreon each month will also go toward paying for this continual cost as well as the day to day expenses like, fuel, food and admission to certain sights, areas, toll roads etc. and the Patreon folks will get the perks for the appropriate level of donation included in the one time GoFundMe tiers. They are the lifeblood of the show and are subscribed continually so its only fair. 

The vehicle plan has also changed and we have opted for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid which has amazing fuel economy and since we are not going to be sleeping in the vehicle at any stage it will have ample room for us, passengers if necessary, filming equipment, cooler box and luggage etc. The trunk is huge and there are very comfortable front chairs becuase the amount of hours on the road will take their toll and I want us to be as comfortable as possible so we dont land into a new town with a bad back and a worse attitude! :)

The car itself is great with built in Sat Nav and 28 MPG in city and highway. I will be buying this second hand in Oregon and selling it at the end of the journey. The money for this will go toward producing and editing the video when we get back to Ireland after the IRS has had its cut I guess! Its low profile meaning we can drive it anywhere and not make a big fuss (like with a camper van) and bopping in and out of the city with it will be so much easier than staying in a new place every night! The insurance isnt too expensive either and it has great reviews online.

Other costs include, flights, medical and vehicle insurance, food, fuel, clothing, facility costs like admissions, guests costs, phone and internet bills, and a whole host of other stuff.

There is also some equipment costs factored into the campaign target. Hard drive space to hold all the footage is expensive and to transport it is quite risky; so I want to pay for a cloud storage solution that I can access when I get home to Ireland should the HDDs I have on me fail or get lost/stolen in transit. This cloud storage solution is cheaper than a HDD NAS system or any other solution that I can have working for the year I am away from Ireland. The majority of computers, cameras and film equipment will be bought and brought from Ireland but heavy gear needs to be bought in the US like lights, HDDs, rigging, equipment storage, and others.


Hopefully I will see you in the Discord for further chats about all this and make sure you join up to the Instagram to get all the latest when the trip starts. Send me the email with your details requested from the confirmation mail and Ill get you on everything asap! Please share this GoFundMe page to those you think would enjoy it and I hope to meet you in person soon!

Love, Gordo
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Hey folks, Im delighted to be well past the Phase 1 goal! Thanks so much for all your support! Not long now before we set off! New episodes are on the way swell, Ive been swamped with a mental research/recording schedule!

Im just writing to let you know that Im amalgamating the Discord servers! There is only about 100 of the 1400 GoFundMe donaters in theTCGTV server and I wanted to keep it separate! I have reassessed the logistics of having two servers and I am now joining them together!

Anyone who has joined Discord already, you know what to do and just click this link to join the regular TCG Discord server

For those that arent, click the same link and follow the same instructions from your private 'Thank You' message so you can be assigned proper tiers in the TCG Discord!

If you dont join it, thats totally fine too; but you may not receive all the updates, daily vlog links, doc notifications, or any of the extra stuff you want to see from this project! I will be able to have audio broadcasts through Discord, I can share links (early access stuff) through there aswell. I can keep you posted about new vlogs, episodes and content! And most importantly; Ill be able to communicate with you if you are of the tier where we get to meet when I am in the US!

To make it easier on me, and to make sure you get everything that is coming your way; click on this link, join the Discord, and send me your details and Ill assign you a tier!

Thanks a million,
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Oh my god, thank you so much everyone! The GoFundMe has just passed the Phase 1 goal of €30k and I couldnt be happier! :D This means that some of the worry is over! Im getting the Visa and other stuff done in the next few weeks including recording the rest of the episode for Season 7 and editing the 20+ that are already recorded; so busy times!

For everyone that has donated here you should have got an email with details of Discord, Instagram and other instructions and tips for following along with TCGTV when it kicks off! If you havnt got this email from GoFundMe yet (probably if you donated with PayPal and were added anonymously) please send me an email to info(at) and Ill let you have the details. GoFundMe has changed some stuff in the interface around so I dont have the functionality I used to have!

The best way to communicate is through Discord going forward; so if you want to get the early access vlogs, and for those on the higher levels, access to the docs before everyone else: make sure you get a Discord account and log into the TCGTV server and youll get all you links and info through Discord! I dont want to put all that stuff on the main social channels for obvious security reasons and also you folks have exclusive content coming to you too!

Thanks again for everything and here to completing Phase 2!

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Hey everybody,

So here is the time scale for the TCGTV trip! Its not 100% as we will be spending less time in some places and the journey could move on quite quickly; but its a good indicator for you to know when we are gonna be in your area!

Im trying to stay away from extreme weather for the most part (hot and cold) and I know the North East in March is a gamble but I believe Global Warming will help us out!

If you are on the higher tiers and we have a meeting planned I will be on to you soon to let you know the topics I have planned and you can arrange to tag along to whichever you choose. The finite details like dates and times wont be available until a few days/weeks before unfortunately but I hope to accomodate everyone!

I will be asking if there is anyone who wants to organise live shows for me to join in on or even a fan meetup with a stage and something we can congregate around! I will let you know about this though so dont go organising anything just yet!

Getting those final steps closer to the final itinerary so Im very happy! Hope youre enjoying the new episodes and Ill be in touch with all the new donaters very soon with the details for Discord, Instagram and everything else!

Thank you all so much!
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Amazing, we have just trickled over the €25,000 mark which is 84% of the Phase 1 goal and 34% of the total €75k for the ultimate TCGTV production!

Thank you so much to everyone who has had faith in this project and in me, and for listening to the podcast continually! I expect great things from myself and I am ready for this challenge!

There is still loads of time to get the other €50k and by all accounts, the last days will be people going 'fuck it, I might as well donate now' when they see it being actually executed!

Claire has begun her unpaid sabbatical from her school and is getting to grips with working the cameras and preparing for driving a hybrid SUV on the highways and byways of the US!

The Discord and Instagram are filling up with donaters; if you havnt joined then please do and dont forget to send me your Instagram details so you get access. Its pretty quiet now, but will get loads of action from the road!

Also if you are a donater and havnt recieved the welcome message with all the details/info/links etc; please send me an email to info(at) and I will get it to you! The Discord links and stuff will be essential to keep in the loop as the project progresses.

Other than that there is a load more to do; with booking flights, accomodations, buying a vehicle (the bulk of the money will be on these three things) and then recording all the episodes so you guys wont be living without TCG goodness while we traverse North America!

I have 34 episode lined up since the start of July and have been hopping them out at a decent rate! Nothing new in the podcast app for you guys for a while though because of this! I do have a shit load of stuff to get out and they are coming this week!

Thanks again for your support and I feel its a real milestone getting the 33% mark! Its definitely happening, just how much more support we get dictates how good its gonna be! Maybe if you could profess your support on social media and let other TCG fans know why you supported? Maybe that would get them going!

Anyway, thanks so much and chat to you in Discord!

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€34,640 of €60,000 goal

Raised by 1,676 people in 15 months
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