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David Gonterman  GRANITE CITY, IL
Here’s a switch from all those inane posts requesting money for a certain thing.  I don’t like begging any more than the next person, but asking for help for a means to earn money, that’s another thing altogether.  That’s the TL;DR version of this GoFundMe, so please read to the end before you turn me down, thank you so much.

I’m David Foxfire, and I’ve been recently creating content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  During most of this past year—if for nothing else than to keep events of 2016 out of my mind, Oi!—I’ve compile my thoughts and content into a periodical posted on DriveThruRPG ( ).  You can find out more about not just this magazine but also a campaign setting at my subreddit, .  The magazine not only has stray options for characters and worldbuilding on my own campaign setting, but also fiction and artwork included.  It is my hopes to create a multi-media representation of this campaign world, combining RPG campaigns, fiction novels, illustrated fiction, and maybe even a comic book or RPG Maker-style game thrown in.

For the uninitiated, Æthercoil is a typical D&D (using 5th Edition rules) fantasy setting.  At first glance it’s nothing outside of your standard Tolkien-esque fare.  However, this Old-School Renaissance setting is on top of a Modern World that fell into a Dark Age previously.  In this campaign setting, adventurers find inventions from the Modern World and find out what to do with them.  Quite possibility changing their entire world, for good or for ill, in the process.

What I’ve been finding out during all this time, having three issues under my belt and currently working on the fourth, that for the first time in my life, I find myself working on Æthercoil regularly and spending a lot of time and effort into it.  Considering that I’ve had problems with employment and the response I got from previous artistic efforts proved so counterproductive to my work ethic that I just gave up on several instances, I’m very surprised to find myself working hard on something that I find encouraging and rewarding.

What I wish to do, and what I want to have help with, is how to turn this into a Patreon campaign.  (More information about why I have this GoFundMe later.  Right now I’m looking for help with this more than anything else.)

Right now, I’m able to spit out a new issue of Æthercoil Magazine every other month.  That’s regular enough for me to consider starting a Patreon account for the magazine.  From what I’ve read about setting up a Patreon, regular creation that can be put in said page is good for a starter.  But I’d like to have some rewards thrown in, like a personalized NPC in the campaign setting, as well as exclusive PDF—and eventually printed—rulebooks for high paying Patreons.  Meanwhile, all Patreons will have early access to a series of modules that link together to form an extended campaign. (Much like with the Adventurer’s League or Living Forgotten Realms from Wizards of the Coast.)

Right now, outside of further suggestions on what else to put in there, such as stretch goals or tiers of donations, I’m asking for assistance in the initial setup behind the Patreon page, especially when there’s any need for a flash movie or something I’m not quite adept in using.  Artwork and text-based content is no problem thanks to my re-discovered work ethic thanks to this project.

The eventual proceeds generated by this Patreon will go to further improving the tools I have in making content, which brings me to why I’m posting this GoFundMe.  I wish to set up a regular stream on evenings where I post the actual worldbuilding of the campaign world, including the creation of the artwork and even gaming sessions that I will DM.  Right now, with the computer I have, I can easily do the DMing, but I need a more powerful computer so I can stream as well.  With this upgraded computer, I can set up a regular stream over at Twitch so I can take advantage of their monetarization and be able to do this full time.  If this goes well, I can further work on this venue by setting up real life sessions and eventually publish a Red Box-like starter set as well as Campaign Setting Guidebooks. 

But of course, I have to set things up first, and while I do save and make do with what I can find, your assistance here will be greatly appreciated.  If you're more willing to offer advice on setup or what kind of award rungs I should put in, I'll be happy to talk to you.  Contact me by comments here or at either Reddit (the link is above) or my Google+ account. ( )  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Thanks in advance.
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Update 1
Posted by David Gonterman
3 months ago
A New Year’s Resolution
December 31, 2016

By the time I’m typing this, fireworks is flying outside for the ringing of the new year. 2016 is gone, thank fucking God. 2016 was a mixed bag for me, and it’s not because of all the deaths, Donald Trump or—IMHO the reason 2016 is “The Worst Year Ever”—the Cubs winning the World Series. This was the year that one door got closed for me; web comics, and another door opening; Dungeon Mastering and Campaign Creation. Granted, both were going on since the beginning of 2016, but it’s the just-now-past year is when I believe the transition took place.

I’m saying this because I feel that I got my groove back when it comes to creating with Æthercoil. Probably the biggest criticism I may have gotten, or what some would say about me, is that I don’t have a work ethic; that I won’t work hard to achieve what I want. But I don’t consider myself “a lazy good for nothing SSI case” because I can work hard. The Proof is in my Dungeon Mastering. I find myself typing away at my computer planning sessions, doing research, and even worldbuilding with Æthercoil Magazine. Sometimes late into the night and into the next morning. I also find myself enjoying this work, which is something most people would never muster up for any job they’re stuck with. Come now, will anyone say without the influence of drugs or alcohol that they really enjoy having a career in fast food?

Granted, I used to feel this way about making art too, but not anymore. I think the reason why is the motivation to get me going, the carrot vs the stick. Up until I started posting stuff on DriveThruRPG, I got nothing but the stick. Sure, I requested some level of critique and proof reading of my work, but in almost every possible case, the feedback devolved into a long-winded denigration of me and the dismissal of my work. It got to the point where I didn’t want to post anything anymore because I know that I’d get chewed out over it. Not critiqued, just chewed out. That does not promote a good work ethic as some of you know. Would you want to continue working with a boss that rags on your ass from 9 to 5? Most people who favor their mental and physical health won’t.

Compare that with people actually shelling out money for my work, which is happening on DriveThruRPG. Granted, right now it’s not much; I only get enough to pay for stuff I get over at the Dungeon Master’s Guild. But it’s more than what I got from all of "Ballad of Johnny Briz" and possibly the previous several projects put together.

That’s the kind of encouragement I needed. Not someone going all R. Lee Ermey every time I turn on my screen. I’m exaggerating, of course, but this is what I mean by the carrot vs the stick.

This encouragement leads me to a rare instance for me: A New Year’s Resolution. I honestly believe that what I’m doing behind closed doors, the planning and the campaign making and up til recently the streaming, can become a job for me, and even though it might not get me out of SSI (At this time, that’s asking too much) it should be enough for me to supplement it. Getting that Job Going, and having it going strong throughout 2017 barring shit-hitting-the-fan catastrophes like those listed in Æthercoil’s timeline, will be my New Year’s Resolution.

The first part of this job will be to set up a Patreon. I tried to get it going for "Ballad of Johnny Briz" but it didn’t get anywhere. I think this second attempt with Æthercoil will be somewhat more successful. Not only do I have a regular release of Issues here, but I also have some items that I can put in as Patreon Awards.

One of which is an Æthercoil Starter Set that will work with both the D&D 5E Starter Set and Basic Rules. Instead of a campaign, I believe that a good way to introduce people to D&D is a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, with a variety of puzzles and creatures to match wits with. 4th Edition had such a dungeon delve, while the 5th Edition Starter Set dropped the ball on this. This is something I’d like to rectify with the Æthercoil Starter Set.

This will lead into a series of short modules that link together like Adventurers’ League modules. While they work as independent episodes and can be run in any order, they will follow along with a common theme: Adventurers discover a modern world invention. Adventures find out what to do with said inventions. They then take it to their hometown and improve said hometown with this invention, and the results of their using this invention creates effects throughout the entire world. Once I find out what kind of invention is needed, not too hard, I hope to create monthly adventures that I’ll release on Patreon.

That is my plan for 2017, and I’ll keep you posted here as developments happen. But there’s something that you can help right now. And it deals with this GoFundMe.

The reason why I stopped streaming on Twitch, something I’d like to get back to, is because of my computer. The AMD A8 computer I have right now can do D&D Sessions very well, but it can’t do that and stream at the same time. Even with the use of Infiniscene, the workload proves too much for my computer to effectively stream. I’m going to need a better machine, a gaming machine to play and stream at the same time, and even though I managed to save some money, and put in enough in a saving account for such items, I don’t think I can get a new computer during 2017 by myself. People on SSI don’t have much to save, even if the thing you’re saving for is going to be used for what will become a job.

Hence the GoFundMe. I’m looking for $1000 US to purchase a gaming computer that will be designed for streaming. Not just sessions but campaign design, artwork, map making and all the other things related to Dungeon Mastering. If not in a session, I hope to have a nightly stream where people can look over my shoulder to see what I’m typing or drawing on, at least for 2-3 hours, but if I’m going strong, definitely longer.

Besides, I’m not asking for much. We live in a world where people gave $55,000 for someone to make a $10 Potato Salad, and $10,000 to protect Betty White from dying in this past year. Don’t get me started with those who gained six figures for the inanest of causes. Yeah, I know I’m not the most popular person on the internet, but does that mean I can’t find a hundred people that will part with a single ten-spot so I can buy something I will use for a job? I doubt this is the case.

Whatever or not the GoFundMe gets anywhere, I’ll still be working on the Patreon, since I already have stuff to put in there. Watch this space for further developments.
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$1,000 goal

Campaign created 4 months ago
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