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It all started with a migraine (the first time i had ever had such a serious headache), at the start of September last year (2018). After it had lasted for several days, i went for an MRI at the local hospital in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, where i reside.
The scan showed a mass on my brain - including a probable bleed, but it wasn't clear exactly what it was. The neurosurgeon wanted to operate on me straight away, but i believed i could cure myself. 
Health and fitness is my passion and i had already learnt plenty in the past about how to treat cysts or tumors, so i started adding several products to my diet. Within about 3 weeks the headaches had gone and i felt great.
I'm a keen mountain biker and was out in the sunshine more often than not. I try to look after my physique in the gym too and kept this up...

That was until the start of December. My headaches returned and i wondered if it was because i had been pushing myself too hard in the gym. Maybe i had strained something or worse, torn some blood vessels and had a small bleed again. Better to stay out of the gym, i thought.
The Winter had begun too and cycling was something i could no longer do.
The headaches got worse and by New Year, i decided that i needed to return to the UK and seek an operation there on our trusty NHS.
I flew back after the first week of the year and went straight into A&E of my local hospital, Derriford, Plymouth.
I suffered a haemorrhagh within the first few hours and passed out. I must have tried to grab something to stop my fall, as i tore ligaments in my shoulder on the way to the floor...
I came around after about 5 hours. I was given some steroids and anti-seizure tablets. 
I went home and it was a month later before i went into surgery. That was preceeded by another haemorrhagh and this time i was taken by ambulance to the hospital.
I had previously agreed with my neurosurgeon to stay awake during the operation. It was explained that by giving feedback during surgery, there was less risk of permanent damage.
The operation (resection) went well, by all counts, but it was only then that it could be analysed.
It was the following week that i was given the gravest diagnosis.
It is a stage 4 Gliosarcoma, a type of Glioblastoma Multi-Forme. The most aggressive cancer that there is. People don't generally survive this one.
The neurosurgeon gave me a 50% chance of another 12 months.
My world felt like it just ended there and then. I was stunned. Shocked. Dazed. Finished.
Well, that was then, but i'm a positive person. They wanted me to have Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, but i know enough to understand that neither is effective against such cancer.
There are large parts of such a structure of cancer cells, that are 'hypoxic' - they do not need oxygen to exist. Radiotherapy does not affect them, but it will kill all healthy cells anywhere that it comes to contact with.
Chemotherapy largely wont pass the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) too and will have a far worse effect killing healthy bacteria in my stomach and thus kill my immune system. I would become ill and weak. It is a poison afterall.
Once the treatment ends, the cancer would grow back even faster and the end would be nigh.
I have adopted a ketogenic diet since just after the operation (mid February). It works by starving the cancer of glucose. Our healthy cells can switch to live and thrive off of Ketones (which are an alternative energy supply from fat) as opposed to the usual glucose created from carbohydrates.
Cancer needs glucose. It can not live and grow without it. It becomes weaker in absence of glucose and more susceptible to a strong immune system.
It is a start. It is not so simple to starve the body of glucose as it comes from many other sources. Muscles are one such.
I'm still learning what more i can do to fight this fight, but it requires a lot of testing, a lot of trial and errors.
A lot of my current time involves testing my bloods regularly for glucose and ketones using separate meters and test strips, at various times of the day, (before and after eating various different food types mostly). It is also affected by such things like exercising, cycling, sleeping, fasting, stress levels etc.

I recently had an MRI scan at the local hospital back out in Ukraine. I returned as soon as i could. I await diagnosis of the results from my neurosurgeon here.
I need help to be able to buy various things, from herbs & supplements, as an alternative treatment known as 'phytotherapy', to extra test strips for blood testing, especially ketone strips, which are expensive.

I need to pay for further regular MRI scans using contrast dye injections for more detailed images and to closely monitor the state of the regrowth.

I will then need funds to utilise a further treatment, having regular sessions in a Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber at the local hospital. I expect it will be 3 to 4 times a week, depending on the speed of the cancer growth and might last for 2 to 3 months. I don't think this is available through our NHS, but i can access them here in Dnipropetrovsk. It is far more affordable here than the other countries in Europe.
At this stage, i do not know for sure, but as i understand it, that should give me a good chance of shrinking the cancer cells by non-toxic means, thus not affecting my healthy brain cells or wellfare. I'm not expecting to require surgery again, certainly the team from our NHS did not speak about this as a possibility.

I follow a 'guru' in this field of research, Dr Dom D'Agostino. He recommends the use of Ketogenic Esters during such sessions with Hyperbaric Oxygen. Firstly, to increase the apoptosis (programmed cell death) of the cancer cells, but also to protect against 'oxygen toxicity' too. I believe this is the best treatment that i can implement in my fight.
Other than that, Prof Thomas Seyfreid is another big name, in the world of expertise using ketosis to beat cancer. He explains that blocking glucose is not enough. Cancer cells can also get their fuel from Glutamine, so finding a way to block 'glutamate' is also priority. Green tea is the best natural product that i have discovered, thus far.
I'm currently feeling positive about this battle, but i'm also aware of how fast this thing can progress. I nickname him 'the pacman'. If i give him glucose to feed on, he will gobble it up with an insatiable appetite.
Please help me with my fight. I feel that i know which tools i need, i just need some help to obtain them.
It is my belief that i can learn enough, fast enough to act and defeat this cancer. The Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers are my biggest hope that combined with ketosis i can shrink and hopefully even reverse this situation.

I do not believe in the predictions or survival rates that were banded towards me after my operation. There are stories of survivors who have beaten similar Glioma's doing exactly what i am attempting. I don't consider this a death sentence, but i want to be totally prepared for whatever it throws in my direction. If i can keep a close eye on regular MRI results, i can make judgements as to what my next move will be.
Thankyou for reading and thanks in advance for your help.


Some links about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen;

The Truth About Cancer 

“By increasing the oxygen environment to the cancer cells, it makes them less virulent and in many instances destroys them.” – Pavel I.Yutsis, MD, Oxygen to the Rescue

'Leading world experts in HBOT and the ketogenic diet: Angela M Poff, Csilla Ari, Thomas N Seyfried, and Dr. Dominic P D’Agostino concur that used alone, HBOT exhibits no effect on cancer growth or progression. However, this approachcombined with the ketogenic diet significantly delays tumor growth and increases survival time.'

“A Ketogenic Diet and HBOT produce significant anti-cancer effects when combined in a natural model of systemic metastatic cancer. Our evidence that these therapies should be investigated as potential non-toxic treatments or adjuvant therapies (complementary therapies).” – Dr. Thomas Seyfried'

Dom D'Agostino 

'In doing this work, Dom noticed that in the presence of hyperbaric (greater than normal) oxygen, cancer cell (in this case human U87 glioblastoma cells) death was accelerated In this case, hyperbaric = 5x atmospheric pressure
How did the cancer cells die? – cancer cell mitchondria started producing so much reactive oxygen species (ROS), causing them to essentially “explode”

'In the process of growing the cancer cells for the above work, Dom noticed they don’t proliferate/grow as rapidly as they should in the presence of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BoHB -a type of ketone)' 

'In the presence of ketones and low glucose, cancer cells were more apt to die'


Youtube videos from Glioblastoma brain cancer survivors using Ketosis;

Logan Sneed and Dr.Berg 

Alison Gannett : Ketogenic diet to beat brain cancer 

Trailer for the docufilm - 'The Magic Pill'
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Update & increased target.

Things have taken a turn for the worse. I've had serious headaches, combined with various types and strengths of hallucinations.

I will try to keep this update a bit shorter. I'm hopefully going to have an MRI next week. I don't know what is going on in my head. I think there is some serious inflammation causing a big problem. Literally non-stop epilepsy attacks.

I started a 7 day 'fast' (no eating) last Friday, but i started a single meal again after 4 days. It did, after two days, see me back into strong ketosis, but the same problems have come around again quickly. It seems they disappear no matter what i eat or how little it is. It doesn't make much sense to me anymore, but it's obvious to me that my best laid plans have all gone wrong.

I've lost another 3 kg's this past week and i'm looking like a bean pole. It's heart breaking. For the last twenty odd years, i've always stayed looking strong and fit in the past, but now, i've lost everything that i have spent my life achieving.

I started having Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions this week, in my local city hospital. They won't give me the pressure i wanted and i'm quite sure that they will also pause it or stop it after tomorrows session. Unfortunately, the doctors there simply don't know what i need to achieve and what help i need. I don't speak enough Russian to ask or answer questions.

It still has to be a better choice than being back in the UK though, because i don't even know if it's possible to have HBOT sessions, if so, where? and it's got to be several times the cost of what it is here.

I'm hoping tomorrows session will help me, at least somewhat. It is a brilliant discovery. Flooding the body with oxygen helps to fight inflammation everywhere and cease hypoxia for the tumor to grow easily...

As Dr Dom D'Agostino has proven, when used with increased pressure and together with strong ketosis, it can destroy cancer cells. The ketosis is to save risking any oxygen toxicity. I've been taking ketone esters and watching my ketones increase greatly just before each session, testing my bloods before and half an hour after taking. It's a life saver.
It seems very much to me that the doctors at the Hyperbaric Oxygen centre, simply don't know this.

I don't know if i'm going to turn this around and everything will be ok? or that this is the beginning of the end. I currently hope that there will be other locations that i can go to and continue having HBOT sessions.

The reason for increasing my target is because i am researching purchasing my own machine, to keep at home. It takes between 3 and 4 hours traveling to and fro the hospital. Add the time there, during the session and it's easily half the day. Now... to spend most of the traveling time in 35 odd degrees, in the various buses and trams, it's more like 40+ degrees and i've felt like passing out various times this week. I am not sure if the benefits from the HBOT sessions is making up for the danger of this heat with an edema full of inflammation.

If i do manage to continue fighting and i recover from this problem, it won't be much fun in the opposite time of the year... Winter, when it will be minus 20+ traveling to and fro to continue having HBOT sessions at the hospital.

I will continue to do what i can, as best as i can on my current budget. My DNA test-kit has been returned to the States in the post. I am still trying to workout which nutritionist and keto specialist i can work with. Unfortunately, Dr.Nasha's bill was also the same as Alison's at $1,750 each ($3,500). I don't know what is the priority, cos i simply don't know what i can afford and which way to turn next.

I wrote to the Prof. Thomas Seyfried. He is a busy man, so it is nice to get his email replies, but none of them are answering what i need to know. All i can determine, is that although i can find suppliers for 'DON' the anti-biotic '6-DIAZO-5-OXO-L-NORLEUCINE', they only supply to companies... it is not available for personal purchases.
That knocks a huge hole in the plan to use that together with strong ketosis to destroy cancer cells. This whole plan has hit nothing but set-back after set-back.

I'm gonna look into using Dexamethasone again, albeit for the short term to hope it will help with the edema problem and i will have to use pain-killers and hope that the headaches will hold up.


I've found Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, for home use. They need to generally be mid-range machines, to achieve 1.5 times atmosphere to repair and fight inflammation. Maybe i can find a secondhand one somewhere in this world, to be a bit more affordable...
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I've just replied a lengthy message to one of my nephew's and girlfriend and it's all relevant to my battle, so i will copy and paste it here as an update;

It's all about stress.

'I think it's a huge part of the problem, not only regarding cortisol levels affecting my ketosis, but in fact, going right back to the origin. It's my 'anxiety disorder' (as i labeled it a long time ago), or call it whatever - being 'highly strung', a 'stressful type' etc as part of my character and that is exactly what leads to a poor immune system, chronic illness's and ultimately, cancer.'

I have a huge problem regarding a stray dog that lives outside this block. He regularly barks viciously at anything & everything outside my window. He disrupts my sleep regularly and it becomes extremely stressful...

'In the short term, it's why this dog problem has got to be sorted out. It's serious when i think about it. It sounds like a joke when i say that it is killing me, but it's not so far from the reality, cos, i need sleep... decent sleep! It is when everything is repaired and the body recharges. A poor sleep pattern means back into that vicious circle cycle. Night shifts is similar. It's a cancer cause. Some people are the relaxed, laid back types though and they can deal with it.. whereas, i would have been in a box years ago!'

I have had numerous slight bleeds on the brain again in the past month. Mostly damage done by straining in the gym and i know i have to stop. Those bleeds and inflammation need good levels of sleep for everything to repair again, but that dog is putting a big obstacle in the way.

I'm struggling to accept my loss of weight and size over the past half a year or so. The fact that i am virtually half the size i used to be is in itself very stressful, but without weight training and eating far less nowadays, i can not do anything about it. I have to accept it (at least for now) and worry about gaining muscle again at a later time in my life. Stress is the worst part of it all.

'Anyway, here's the thing... meditation is a big positive and it doesn't necessarily mean sitting down in silence staring at a wall... all the people and doctors in the know, talk of changing your circadian rhythm so that you go to sleep and wake up with the sun. Going for a walk (or bike ride) as the sun comes up and if possible, walking bare foot in some wet grass (grounding), is incredibly healthy and anti-cancerous. It's my next huge hurdle! I have always loved my sleep and can easily do it until 10:00 every morning, but i've got to start to try to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier!'

'This is a large answer to cortisol levels and de-stressing, but there is another part to it too. I recently realised that being a 'stressful' type, generally boils down to my DNA. There are many other supplements and chemicals which, when they are out of balance, for a prolonged time, cause the adrenal glands to get burnt out. When they can not correspond correctly with the brain, serotonin, dopamine etc, all other levels go 'out of whack'. That is when little problems toccur and for me, become the very time that i can not deal with it normally anymore... the toys go out of the pram, (or even out of the window!) and that's when damage is done each and every time.'

'I have so many friends, who are so laid back they never get wound up and that's key to a long life!) I have recently ordered some real heavyweights to help me. I already had Ashwagandha & Holy Basil, but there are some other likely things that i'm lacking levels of, in my genes and Rhodiola Rosea, Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine (PS) & GABA/ GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID, (all as powders), have the ability to balance things again. After reading about each item, they should all combine to help rectifying and repairing the adrenal glands, thus controlling cortisol and result in my dealing better with stress. Add the early morning meditations (cycling with the sun as it comes up) and that should be a large part of the problem solved!)

The DNA testkit is on it's way still (according to tracking). The next stages are to send a sample to the States and i will start to work with Alison and Dr.Nasha, to find out what i need to be doing for optimum chance of maintaining ketosis. This will involve having monthly blood labs too.

My next MRI scan date is approaching too. After this one, i expect the need to start having Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions, so i need to order some more Ketone Esters from the States, so as to take simultaneously. This is the latest findings by Dr. Dom D'Agostino;


By that time the various 'stress relief' supplements should arrive too and i will start to try and wake up earlier bit by bit and go cycling early every morning as part of my new de-stressing lifestyle. This should aid ketosis levels, cos my current cortisol levels seem to be the biggest cause of all problems.

I have more ideas in reserve, if things start to deteriorate and this is very modern findings by Prof Thomas Seyfreid. Using DON (a type of antibiotic) as a Glutamate antagonist combined with strong ketosis and cancer cells have been seen to die en-mass. He has seen remarkable success finally, with this approach.
I do not know yet, where i can get this antibiotic, if necessary, but at least i know that green tea and bell peppers are reasonable naturals for a start...

Here is a link to a piece referring to what i've just written above;

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After so much testing of various foods, i am still struggling to get into any reasonable level of ketosis. I only reach decent levels when i start a longer 'fast'. ie, when i go without food for 40 hrs+, but then it doesn't last long after i resume eating. Something in my diet is causing this and the task of determining what it might be is a massive one.
I've rewatched Alison Gannetts video (link at the end of this campaign) and i've realised how much i need her (and Dr.Nasha's) help. It involves having my DNA and blood labs analysed to determine what foods or substances might be affecting me and then working through a keto diet to tailor it to me.
Alison is clearly a remarkable woman, who has defeated terminal brain cancer herself through ketosis. She now helps people such as myself to develop a personal keto diet.
The more i learn, the more i realise that i need this kind of help, if i'm ever going to survive this (metabolic) disease.
Here's my immediate problem. This help doesn't come for free.
I need to order a DNA test kit ($299), send it together with blood labs to the USA for analysis and then book in with both Alison and Dr.Nasha Winters for 3 months mentoring ($1,750), to decipher what my DNA proves that i can eat (and more importantly - absorb), together with a tailored keto diet plan and likely follow on teaching, so that i can analyse myself ($450).
That's the scale of my task ahead. So i say again, a huge 'thankyou' to everyone who is or has helped me. Let's keep spreading the word, send this campaign to the four corners of our globe/
Thankyou from my heart.
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Raised by 43 people in 3 months
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