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David P. & Ronda Griffin

To: Whom it May Concern                                              Tuesday, November 27,

Request for Interview for Maxwell Guesthouse.
I'm making a documentary. Let me make it quite clear I'm not trying to hire anyone for anything. I'm not asking any government official to start investigation.
Filing lawsuits wasted time, asking government to do their job bigger waste of time.
I am simply looking for your comment on Real estate matters in Northeast New Mexico.
Below you'll find my experience and I am looking for your comment on those experiences. And any experiences you may have had.
This documentary will be offered to PBS here in New Mexico as well as national. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other platform that I can pose or sale a 30-minute documentary.
The interview can be done in person, one on one it can be done over a speakerphone. Also we use Skype and Face Time. You can make a written statement with a photograph that I'll have the narrator read.
This is strictly as see if you're interested, the interviews will not be to the first and second week of December and January 2018/2019. It'll all be done over the Internet.
You can participate in many ways or not it all. It won't be the first time I've heard nocomment.I have 27 years in the newsgathering business working for all the major networks. (ABC New, CBS, NBC, BBC, and CBC.)

521 Tinaja Ave. it's common knowledge people come and go out of this property. This property is being used as part of a real estate scam. The Village at Maxwell is it on scam.

My wife of 36 years and I was lured to Maxwell buy the website Zillow, you have to remember in Maxwell or Raton there's no newspaper there's no craigslist the only way you can find out about real estate is Zillow and real which are all owned by the same company the information we found on their website was in accurate false and misleading that's why we moved to Maxwell in the first place.
Maxwell NM to retire. We got caught up in a Range Warbetween three real estate agents who control 80% of all the business in Colfax County. There are two older real estate agents and one newcomer this quite younger works weekend. The other two doesn't work weekends doesn't work at all.
#1 Cindy McGinnis - Associate Broker Quest Realty, LLC 632 South           Second Raton, NM  87740 Cell phone:(719) 623-7570 Licenses:(Unknown)
They do not share their Real estate ID numbers for a purpose.
MC GINNIS, LOUIS License Type: Broker License #: 12064
MCGINNIS, CINDY License Type: Associate Broker License #: 35094
#2 Pamela L. Seneff Home Associates, Inc. 100 South Third StreetRaton, NM  87740 Cell phone: (575) 222-2634 Broker phone: (575) 445-847
            Licenses: 12627 (Qualifying Broker, New Mexico)
 #3Wendy MiletaRealty One of New Mexico, Santa Fe
            1400 South Second Street Raton, NM  87740
            Cell phone: (575) 303-5469 Licenses: 19831 (Broker)
#4 Timothy John O’NeillO’Neill Land, LLC 456 E. 9th Suite B Cimarron NM 87714
            Phone: 575-376-2341 Cell Phone: 575-447-2340
            Fax: 575-376-2347 Email:
#5 Landon Newton Landon Newton Realty
            PO Box 156 Springer, NM 87747 Cell phone: (505) 228-2485
            Screen name: jlnewton56 Member since: 04/19/2014 Licenses: 18568 (Real Estate Qualifying Broker)

You can find all the documents/email/tax Doc. mentioned in this letter on my website
This third (#3)Wendy Mileta real estate agent is quite a bit younger works weekends, pays to have her Internet ads appear before the other two. A real go-getter.

She has told us many stories, how the other two real estate agents/brokers are. How she receive text messages criticizing her work from these two people, emails as well as stories and how clients come to her after the property didn't sell. She looked over the deal and saw it was grossly under evaluated until the new client that she could get more money then the other #1, or #2 were trying to sell the property for.

I have no idea of these stories that number three tells me are true or not? But she is profiting off of the range war. Staying silent only benefits her for two reasons. Number one the state regulators won't do anything and she has to live with these two. #2 She profits from this arrangement willing are unwilling, She Profits. There's only one thing evil needs to succeed is good people to do nothing.
Real estate woman #One (Cindy McGinnis)has rented the house to us on 521 Tinaja Ave. Maxwell, NM for $400 a month well below market value.

After we got here we found a property in Raton. A house on her website and asked her to show it to us. 632 S. Second St. Raton NM 87740.   When she arrived she said that she didn't know anything about this property because her assistant listed the property that morning.
20 minutes later as we are looking at the house with her, she told us she had 1 verbal offer on the property. Although there was no telephone call and just 20 minutes earlier supposedly she knew nothing about this property that was so curious?

As of 10/21/18 Owner Name MCGINNIS, LOUIS Owner Address 30 TURNER RD

RATON, NM 87740. The husband of Cindy, I guess that verbal offer was ESP from her husband.

I have no doubt who ever came to them to sell their property and they end up buying it well I'm sure he got a great deal! I'm sure there are no ethics violations? No ethics at all! 

As we are standing in the yard I asked her about code enforcement the village of Raton NM and how it's quite clear. I asked her about crime she told me her and her husband both carried guns had concealed permits. Well if I screwed over as many people as you have I'd carried guns too. Consider them armed and dangerous.

A couple weeks later we asked real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)to show us a house here in Maxwell, 711 VERMEJO AVE.  We liked it quite a bit and made an offer on it. Within 20 minutes of making the offer Real estate agent/broker #1 (Cindy McGinnis)called to tell us that we had to move out of the Tenaja house. Stating that the owner wanted her property back.

No collusion, they speak all the time that isn't bad, but one and two rival brokers collude to do fraud their clients well that's a different conversation. A Simple subpoena of their emails & text messages could resolve this issue.

The owner has an art gallery in Taos, New Mexico, according to agent #1.  We researched the owner, Owner Name CASSEL, JANICE M, 2224 US HWY 87 E., TRAILER #18 BILLINGS, MT 59101 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

So if anyone knows this person, please let us know. Does she really exist? Has anyone ever met her? Many citizens have told us, that people come and go out of this place 521 Tinaja Ave. in the last two years there's been over 11 occupants. Does anyone else think that is usual?
Filed open records request to the Village of Maxwell the October First of the month never heard back. No response lawsuit coming for failing opened records request.

Full Disclosure, real estate agent #1 (Cindy McGinnis)has over 12 real estate rental properties herself. There's only one positive review no negative reviews anywhere 12 years in business and only one person thought enough to believe a comment, I'm sure was a relative.

We've been told by sources that people come to them in good faith to sell their property but the scam is they don't tell the owners if there's any offers, we emailed the real estate agent #1(Cindy McGinnis)twice and sent a certified letter saying we would like to make a offer on this property, 521 Tinaja Ave. She never responded and I can only assume she's done this many other times.

The other part of the real estate scam is to rent properties let the renters de valuate the home due to neglect then she swoops in Buys the house for a fraction, cleans it up and sells it for profit. Is she a real estate agent or, is she a predator?

A predator that prays on elderly people like myself 64, my wife 71 this experience is putting her health in risk, sleepless nights, and worry about where we're going to go. As anyone knows buying a house is traumatic. But when you're stuck between three real estate agents well, it's an undue stress. Think of this happening to you're mom and dad or your grandparents we or seniors citizens looking to retire.

Fraud,part of the real estate scam is just out right fraud, in black-and-white. 
With real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)we offered to buy the house at 711 VERMEJO AVE. In the disclosure agreement signed by the owner in 06-20-16. ROUNDTREE, ELAINE 531 W JETSON CIRCLE PALMER, AK 99645 USA. Now the disclosure form Pamela gave us was 2 1/2 years old, # 16 of the disclosure agreement stated no renters. There was a renter in the property at the time this was given to us.  Yes two and a half years ago that might've been true but now it's just another lie. She had opportunities to check yes, or no or I don't know.

The Disclosure document is nothing but fraud I don't know if this woman even exists?
And if anyone knows this person please let him or her know how the renters are destroying their house, due to neglect. The real estate agent has a fiduciary duty, a responsibility to maintain the property for sale.
There're no defects of any kind. In negotiations old real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)stated that the house might need thousands and thousands of dollars for repair. And then I asked her why is that not showing on the disclosure forms? We agreed that I would pay the full 69,000 asking price and all closing fees per exchange of her repairing all damages to the house.
We moved forward with a home inspection which found the house to be totally unsafe, the wiring is a nightmare and the Village of Maxwell should be aware that this house is nothing but a firetrap this is eventually going to kill someone. Day after the inspection real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)blocked Ronda's cell phones and mine; we had to call the office. After discussing the inspection report with real estate agent number two said that the buyer was simply going to back away. We call this a Breach of Contract.
We told real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)that we are trying to use a USDA, loan a federally guaranteed program.  Which requires the house to be in A1 condition. As any real estate agent would know this house could never pass any kind of home inspection for a federally guaranteed program. Yes, the house is for sale for cash only or a conventional loan. Conventional loan means you have to come with 30 to 40% of the value of the home in cash to purchase.
We spent over $350 having the house inspected,A-T HOME INSPECTIONS greg.engel@a-thi.comafter reading the inspection report we decide to decline purchasing the house. In discussions with real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff)she disclosed that there was a previous buyer that had a full inspection done just three months prior, whom she did not disclose, which is illegal under the law.
Hello Ronda and David P. Griffin,as requested here is an electronic copy of the property inspection for 711Vermejo Ave, Maxwell, NM 87728' completed on 09/23/2018 at 10:00AM.
It has been a pleasure working with you and we hope you think of us for.
We wasted over 30 days, $350 for absolutely nothing. When we gave her our preapproval letter it clearly stated the type of loan that we were seeking. Her website says she has over 30 years experience, so why didn't she tell us we're just wasting her time?
Omission is the same is lying. When you do not tell someone the fact that you know and you withheld it that is the same as lying to him or her. Omission of the factual, or the truth.
698 Dwyer? Real estate agent #3 (Wendy Mileta) called in middle of September tell us about a house this coming on the market. Gorgeous little house just been renovated asking 75,000 we are just preapproved for 84,000 I'm a different property so we felt we had a good chance.
Until we realize who was the listing agent was real estate agent #1(Cindy McGinnis) and the primary agent was Real estate agent #2 (Pamela L. Seneff).
We made a standard offer and it was refused no negotiation. No explanation I doubt seriously the owner of the property ever knew there was a legitimate offer. Owner Name LUTHI, TOMMIE JOHN Owner Address P O BOX 1201 RATON, NM 87740. Wendy told us within 24 hours there were two other offers be sides ourselves. And four weeks later it is still on the market.
This is how real estate agents work here in New Mexico. That after these failures we looked around in Wagon Mound at a old bank own by COMMUNITY 1ST BANK LAS VEGAS NM
#4        801 Nolan Ave. Wagon Mound NM,the bank hired a real estate professional, Timothy John O’Neill,O’Neill Land, LLC to represent them. It took several days to get through to him, and Contact him on Wednesday had a good long conversation talked about the           property.
Never once mentioned there was any other offers on the table. You know that word omission same as lying. We ended our conversation we will get together the first part of next week he had to go out of town for a couple days.
The following Monday I emailed, then on Tuesday I called left several messages. Then on Wednesday I had to email his boss at the bank. YVETTE WILLIAMS EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER AT COMMUNITY 1ST BANK LAS VEGAS
The bank responded and told me there was another offer. Can you get back to them in a couple weeks? Maybe!
Now let me make it quite clear I was trying to buy an old bank building that needed heavily converted to make it in to a home and as I was told the bank was anxious to get this off the tax rolls as commercial property onto residential roles.

Does this sound desperate? And all I am doing is getting screwed around by real estate agents and brokers here by John O’NeillNew Mexico. PO Box 156 Springer, NM  87747 Cell phone: (505) 228-2485 Screen name: jlnewton56 Member since: 04/19/2014 Licenses: 18568 (Real Estate Qualifying Broker)

#5        Landon Newton Landon Newton Realty
            PO Box 156 Springer, NM 87747 Cell phone: (505) 228-2485
            Screen name: jlnewton56 Member since: 04/19/2014 Licenses: 18568 (Real Estate Qualifying Broker)

We looked in the Springer area ran across Newton signs called him he had nothing available. Nice conversation and he said he'd keep his eye open for us. On the same trip we ran across a sign home for sale by owner. We called the number started dialogue and then we realized that we needed a real estate professional so we suggested Newton, they agreed and we never heard another word since.
From: VINCENT VIGIL <> Sent: Monday, October 1, 2018 11:19 AM
To: Ronda Griffin                                             Subject: Re: Yes we need to talk.
Ronda, I've hired a local realtor (Landon Newton).  He'll be contacting you soon.  This way the process will be smoother as we're comfortable with him, as we know him since we lived in Springer.  So feel free to discuss with him your thoughts, etc.  I'm waiting for him to send me some forms and as soon as he does that I'll complete them and send them back to him.  As far as the appraisal we're not willing to pay for that as we've already contracted with a home inspector and have agreed to pay for his services. Vince

This is the great real estate agents or brokers whatever you want to call me here in Mexico, yes I did misquote, there's nothing old or new about this place it's just Mexico.
We moved here from Austin, Texas, in 1st, July now by the first of November. I hope to be living in Shreveport Louisiana. In this short time this has been my experience with Real estate agents and brokers here in New Mexico. Definition of real estate broker, start with the lying politician like Hillary Clinton then add a little used car salesman with just a dash of Bill Cosby for creepiness. Add it all together and that's what a Real estate professional here in northeast New Mexico looks like. Does everyone have these problems? Did someone single us out for this abuse?
Never did receive our $400 dollars deposit back, I was given no explanation they just stole my money. Video of how we left the

property at

So I am working on a documentary these have just been our experiences. What have been years telling me what's going on?
You can find all the documents/email/tax Doc. mentioned in this letter on my website

As I stated before I'm a retired filmmaker, News photographer and producer for CBS News ABC, NBC, and the BBC.  I work for all the alphabet soup in 35 years of Newsgathering electronic news, traveling all over the world. I've been awarded an Emmy for newsgathering with Bob Simon CBS News.

The information that I'm gathering will be used for a documentary. You must remember if you live in Colfax County, New Mexico. There is no newspaper, no television station, and only a two-hour radio show.  
There is no investigative journalist and these real estate agents go unchecked. The Colfax County DA is nonexistent on the Internet. I googled several times did not find out his name or anything about the Colfax County district attorney simply an address for his office.  Some other things these Real estate agents have done have been just bad and dishonest but some, have been felony crimes! 
So I would like to use this information to benefit all.

David P. & Ronda Griffin               emails:

If you want to help there is a go find me campaign simply put in Ronda Griffin or Maxwell Guesthouse
All donations will help with this documentary to spread the word Watch out for evil real estate brokers no matter where you live in United States
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$480 goal

Campaign created 4 months ago
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