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Becca Munroe  Etobicoke, ON
Hi my name is Rebecca Munroe, I'm a single African Canadian woman who lives in Etobicoke Ontario, Canada and I'm a victim of a somewhat unusual crime that no one really speaks about because this crime is carried out by using psychological and mental cruelty. (I've listed 4 examples down below under the heading "Example" if you wish to read them)

I am constantly harassed, threatened, illegally monitored and followed around, (cyber bullied) gang bullied both online and offline while I'm walking on the streets, on the bus, on the subway, at the grocery store and pretty much anywhere that I go. They do these things in subtle and very well disguised ways so that they don't draw any general public attention to the crimes they are committing against me and so only I would know what they are doing, although I've tried my best on my own to speak out about it on a very small scale using my social media accounts (i.e. facebook at Becca Munroe) but obviously it's not enough. 

This crime started from 2012 to 2013 while I worked as an administrative assistant for my former employer Salvation Army who used me to carry out illegal financial activities without my awareness, consent or knowledge (I trusted them) and then fired me for no reason shortly after I started asking questions and raising concerns about what they were having me to do that involved using me to cash thousands of dollars in cheques illegally at their business bank (Royal Bank of Canada - RBC) where I had no bank account. The cheques were always sent by courier from their head office and I was instructed not to open the package if it was given to me by the front reception who signed for it. Ever since then my life has never been the same because they started using all sorts of subtle tactics to follow me around, illegally monitor every aspect of my life through my computer and cell phone, cyber bully, threaten and harass me. 

Please support me and donate even just $5, $10, $15, $20 or whatever amount you can afford to help me send the message that this type of conduct is WRONG no matter who it is....
***You can donate anonymously using a credit card or debit card***

Needless to say, we are now in 2017 and the harassment, illegal monitoring, bullying and threats still continue incessantly and relentlessly all in their efforts to intimidate, scare and destroy my life in order to silence me from speaking out about what they did and continue to do to me in the shadows. Please know that this is only a very brief summary of all the details and facts for the sake of keeping things short here and that I've gathered and accumulated over these past almost 4 years a lot of proof/evidence to support everything that I'm claiming. You can see a copy of the lawsuit I've brought to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (on my own but still needs help) against my former employer and read more details and facts on my facebook account at Becca Munroe. 

This whole ordeal has drained me emotionally, mentally and physically, made me sick, and crippled my life to name a few things to the point that most times I dread going outside or the idea of traveling; so much so that I've been seeing a doctor and I haven't been able to work ever since they fired me as a result of the whole ordeal but with a whole lot of determination I was able to get a position recently that lasted for only one month because it didn't work out and to date I'm unemployed. However it hasn't destroyed my resolve to hold on to hope and my faith in Almighty God through Jesus Christ (which is the primary reason I've made it this far) that somehow the emotional turmoil, mental cruelty, suffering, pain etc. that's secretly being inflicted on me by my former employer and those helping them and the whole nightmare will come to an end. 

Which is why I desperately, need your financial support to help me get and pay for a  lawyer who can represent me to the courts, the police, the media, and the general public because the only way this crime being perpetrated against me can finally come to an end is when it's made public through the news media and when I am no longer alone and vulnerable without a voice or anyone standing behind me as a woman. I've tried going to the police but because of the experience I had with them of being played around with, I no longer trust to go back to them alone and I've contacted the media but it seems without a lawyer representing me it's hard to get them to take action. Plus a lot of obstruction of justice has been taking place.  I desperately need legal representation but so far no lawyer will take on my case without money which I don't have. These past 4 years has been extremely difficult, challenging, humiliating, lonely and painful and I desperately, desperately need your financial support as soon as possible so I can be in a position to help and defend myself effectively using the legal processes along with other resources that are available to me in order to finally be free of this horrible nightmare!! I also would like to effect change in the legal system with my case by drawing public attention to this type of (unspoken) crime so that it will never happen to anyone else again, be it man or woman, and so others out there who might be suffering in silence due to fear will feel safe and find the courage to speak out. I also want to use this case as a means for bringing change to the employment law that gives employers the right to just fire an employee for no reason (without having to give reason) even if there is no shortage of work and that employee is innocent and hasn't done anything wrong. This gives employers the right, the power and opportunity to abuse, misuse and take advantage of their position as employers. This just isn't right and I'm sure you agree. Though, I must say that not all employers out there would be so unconscionable.

I or anyone who's a victim of this type of crime may not show any noticeable physical signs such as bumps and bruises and most people may not even speak out for fear of not being believed or thought to be suffering from some sort of mental health issue (which is also part of the perpetrators agenda) because there are no physical signs but that doesn't mean that they're not a victim of a crime and that it's not real along with the crippling effect, humiliation, emotional damage, pain and mental anguish you suffer with it. In fact, amazingly I actually ran across a Youtube video by chance about a woman named Kay Griggs who spoke about similar experiences (some years ago) under different circumstances (of course) while she was being interviewed by a pastor who was trying to help her make her story public. She described that for the reason of not being believed or thought of as crazy, she never went to the police. Please use the link below or search for Kay Griggs (She speaks more about it in part 1 but there are 4 parts): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQNitCNycKQ

Without proper and sizable financial support, my chances of defending and liberating myself from this type of unusual crime being carried out against me by a wealthy and powerful giant like my former employer Salvation Army is very unlikely and they will basically be free to keep on secretly abusing their power and position, obstructing justice and breaking the law by harassing, tormenting, humiliating, bullying, threatening and illegally monitoring my life amongst other things for as long as they feel like or until they take my life or bring harm to anyone of my family members, so the support you will be giving me would mean the whole world and so much more to me because it will empower me as a helpless poor woman and give me a fighting chance against my former employer who has had their way with me for far too long now and counting. This is Canada/North America where women have rights and are supposed to be protected and not like other countries where women have no voice, rights or protection.

So, I would be so grateful to you if you could find it in your heart to please help me accomplish this goal as if I were your sister, mother, aunty, or any vulnerable and helpless relative or friend who found them self in this kind of unfortunate and horrible situation...I am human, I'm suffering, I'm tired and my life and well being is seriously at stake. Please help me to save and get my life back!! Please support my cause.

I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for whatever amount you are able to help me with towards reaching my goal and I promise you your support will not be in vain and you will see the fruits and rewards of your kindness and generosity. 

Also, apart from the updates that I will post on my GoFundMe page, if anyone wishes to leave any kind of contact info when giving their financial support, I will make sure to reach out to you personally and keep you posted and updated on the progress of my situation and the difference your support is making.

Once again I ask you to please support me and donate even just $5, $10, $15, $20 or whatever amount you can afford to help me send the message that this type of conduct is WRONG no matter who it is....
***You can donate anonymously using a credit card or debit card***

Thank you so much and God bless you and your family.

If you're a lawyer or know of one who would be willing to represent me on a contingency basis, you can also connect with me at brecco_07@hotmail.com and please don't forget to share my post. Thank you.
An actual example of what I mean, is a time recently on March 7, 2017 at around 5:39pm while I was having a time of praying, fasting and worshiping (as I'm a practicing Christian) in the privacy of my room where I'm supposed to be alone and private and during that time I read a scripture from the King James bible (Exodus 14:13-14) which talks about Moses parting the Red Sea through the power of God while he and the Israelites were being pursued by the Egyptians and then I even made a note of this specific scripture in the back of my devotional book and then moved on with my time of prayer, meditation and worshipping. Then, after not having been on the internet at all since early in the morning between 9:40am to 11:00am on March 7, 2017, I decided to go on the internet the next day on March 8, 2017 and while on the internet I logged into my Facebook page and as soon as I logged in, I was met with the video of the movie "The Prince of Egypt" playing at exactly the part where Moses and the Israelites are standing at the Red Sea while the Egyptians are pursuing them (this is a cartoon movie depiction about the story of Exodus) on the feed page (which is what I think it's called). I took pictures and recorded the video immediately when I saw it along with pictures of the note I wrote in the back of my devotional book the day before.

Another recent example, is one day (I believe it was on the Sunday) during the Family Day long weekend I had a very private conversation with my young daughter on the phone and during that conversation she told me certain things about a young boy that she had met but no longer talks to by the name of let's say, Mark (but that's not the real name) and following that conversation after not having gone out anywhere during the weekend, on Tuesday after the long weekend when the stores opened again for business, I went to No Frills to purchase a few grocery items and within a couple minutes after I joined the line up to cash out, a male employee arrives at the closed cash register at line number 2 next to line number 1 where I was and starts to make an announcement on the PA asking "Mark" to come to cash register 2 repeatedly, 3 times. I actually went up to him and spoke to him about it while recording the conversation as evidence.

Another example, is also recently when I went to the Albion Mall on Sunday February 5, 2017 in the evening and purchased a distinct looking blue and black gym bag and then the next day on Monday February 6, 2017 sometime after 7:00 am while I was on the train in the subway sitting by myself with no one beside me or across from me and with only a couple other people sitting in the car where I was, a young woman came and sat right in front of me in the seats that were along the side of the train next to the doors wearing a blue coat, then opened up a blue covered book to read (all very similar to the blue color in the bag I purchased) while holding a bag that looked exactly the same as the gym bag I had bought on Sunday evening with the only difference being that it was black. Again, immediately when I saw this and realized what it meant, I took my camera out and discreetly and quickly took pictures because that's the only way I can prove what's being done to me and what I'm claiming. 

 Another example is when I went to Sheridan Mall at Jane and Wilson one afternoon and purchased two new identical bras with one being blue and the other being black and both in tact with no damages or anything wrong with them (otherwise, I never would have bought them), only to discover later on in the night that same day, that someone had somehow entered my room and removed one of the undamaged straps of the black bra and replaced it with a strap that was separated from the hook that's used to secure it to the cup of the bra all without the strap being cut with a scissors which is the only way it could have been removed if I wanted to remove the hook from the strap. Again, I have the original bras and straps with the hook that is separate from the one strap that cannot be reattached unless I cut the strap with a scissors and replace it and then sew it back together again so that I can use the bra. As well, I have pictures of it that I've posted on my Facebook page at Becca Munroe with more details about this particular occurrence.

 Now, I will stop here with these 4 examples, although I could go on for months not even just days with example after example and description after description of all what I'm claiming is being done to me because I've been trying my very best to document as much as I possibly can when I'm able to as these things and situations take place but I hope that these examples can give you, as an out sider, a small glimpse into the world of psychological and mental cruelty that I endure at the hand of my former employer and all those willingly helping them to carry out these inhumane and illegal acts that cause me mental anguish, emotional pain, and torment amongst other things because there's nothing worse than knowing that you're being bullied, illegally spied on, followed around, monitored, threatened, harassed, humiliated amongst other things and there's nothing you can do to stop it because you're poor and helpless. In addition, I must mention that one might say that the first three examples that I gave are just coincidences but please ask yourself, how many coincidences have to take place before they stop being coincidences and I've lost count of how many situations and occurrences like these (that I've documented) have taken place to date starting from 2013 when all these strange situations and occurrences started taking place. In fact, how does one explain the fact that I moved from one address to another address where there's not supposed to be any connections whatsoever between the two locations or owners of the properties and I end up discovering recently, after having been living at the address from last October 2016 that the same internet provider network name/number profile that was on my computer at the previous address where I lived has been created on my computer in the manage wireless networks located in the network and sharing center along with the new network profile that I created (and that has a different name and password which was given to me by the owner of the property) at the new location in order for me to access the internet? This results in 2 networks being active on my computer but there's only one modem that I know of that sits in the hallway of the house across from the room I rent in the house (where two other people rent rooms as well) and this network profile that I discovered has to be physically created on my computer by someone and I know I didn't do it!!!. When I moved to the new address and entered the name and password given to me by the owner, there was only one network profile on my computer. For as long as I've known myself to have internet access or service at any home that I've lived, I've never ever seen or heard of two networks being set up in the manage wireless networks window and I imagine a second modem would be needed to accomplish this although, I'm no computer techi. Plus, what would I or any private home need with 2 networks set up on their computer in order to access the internet? I've also taken pictures of everything I discovered.
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$5 of $25k goal

Raised by 1 person in 1 month
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