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Dealing with health issues can be overwhelming and scary to say the least. GoFundMe understands this and wants to help make the experience easier. Whether you’re looking to start a campaign for your loved one, neighbor, or for yourself, we have the tools and the support you need to get your fundraiser off the ground. From organ transplants to emergency reconstructive surgery, there is a place for you here. Raise the funds necessary to pay for the medical care so that the focus remains on the things that matter most. Below are just a few ways that others have found success.

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Success Story: Open Heart Surgery Fundraising

  • Coach Long, coach and open heart surgery survivor
  • Amount Raised: $22,000+

A community rallied when the beloved coach at the local middle school needed open heart surgery. In less than 10 days, the $20,000 goal was reached and this coach is on the road to recovery. more

Success Story: Reconstructive Surgery Fundraising

  • Roan, 3-year-old boy
  • Amount Raised: $70,000+

A tragic lawnmower accident left this young boy’s family shaken. As a show of love and support, their family and friends joined together to raise over $70,000 so that Roan’s parents had one less worry as they stuck by his side through nine reconstructive surgeries. more

Success Story: Bariatric Surgery Fundraising

  • Dale, 180 pounds lighter than in 2016
  • Amount Raised: $20,000+

Seeing the frustration on his friend Dale’s face as he battled his weight for years, Todd wanted a way to offer Dale the support he needed for his weight-loss goals. In one month, 114 people donated to show Dale how much he meant to them. After bariatric surgery and a lot of hard work, he is feeling better than ever. more

Success Story: Brain Surgery Fundraising

  • Shariq, student and victim of traffic accident
  • Amount Raised: $420,000+

A 4.0 student at Columbia University, 19-year-old Shariq had a promising future ahead of him. When a hit-and-run left him with severe brain injuries and piles of steep medical bills, his family quickly set up a GoFundMe to help protect that future. They raised enough to cover all surgeries and Shariq is back home and on the mend. more

Success Story: Scoliosis Surgery Fundraising

  • Lucy-Mae, actress, dancer and scoliosis sufferer
  • Amount Raised: £140,000+

Born with spina bifida, Lucy-Mae was no stranger to the operating room. She had found her niche as an actress and dancer but at just 13, a scoliosis diagnosis forced her to reassess her priorities. Her mother created a GoFundMe to fundraise for an expensive corrective surgery, and just months post-op, Lucy-Mae is back on stage. more

Success Story: Infant Surgery Fundraising

  • Jadon and Anias, former conjoined twins
  • Amount Raised: $344,000+

Born joined at the head, these twins underwent a gruelling 27-hour surgery to separate their skulls. Combined with the around-the-clock care to monitor their growth, the family faced large medical bills. Their GoFundMe provided them with much-needed support, both financial and emotional. more

Success Story: Liver Transplant Fundraising

  • Tony, liver transplant survivor
  • Amount Raised: $74,000+

When a doctor visit for some routine blood work resulted in a diagnosis of bile duct cancer and the need for a liver transplant, Tony’s friends and family lept into action. They launched a GoFundMe and one year and over $74,000 later, this loving father is back on his feet. more

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