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To All Churches of the Body of Christ:

Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Those of you who know me know I take the call of Apostleship very seriously.  I believe, and have always stated that we, as apostles, should be doing the work GOD established the apostles to do.  This means often we are called to venture out of our comfort zone and walk by faith to the nations, people and cultures GOD has called us to.  Now again if you know me or are at least familiar with my ministry you know that I’m no stranger to travel.  I probably spend 15 days a month going from church to church mostly within our organization.  But that is about to change!  GOD has given me a new mandate!  HE has called me to go on a missionary crusade.  This is also something I’m no stranger to.  The very first crusade GOD called me to almost 20 years ago was the first time GOD raised someone from the dead by my hands through and by the Holy Spirit. (Not that I boast in self.  For I get no honor, but all the glory belongs to GOD.)  I’ve tossed and turned all night wondering what the next thing GOD was calling me to do and after much prayer GOD has once again given me revelation and here are HIS instructions:

“Go and teach the kingdom and kingdom principles.  Preach the Word and that the coming of The Lord is at hand.  Sing songs of Zion.  Lay hands on the sick and command them to recover.  Cast out devils with the finger of GOD.  Restore the saints of GOD to their former glories.  Give them strength and encouragement.  Tear down false altars, bind the spirit of witchcraft and loose those that are captive by it.  Do all in the name of My son Jesus.  Freely it was given, so freely give.  Set no price upon my people, but give them all that is thine.  Take no thought of how you shall be sustained, but in every hour of need I, (The Lord your GOD) will sustain you!  As you go I will cause MY angels to trouble the waters. And by thine hand under the move of MY Spirit shall many be healed, delivered and set free!”

Now GOD was quite clear in that this is a crusade of restoration for the body of Christ.  Certainly, people will be saved, but the true purpose of this crusade is the restoration of churches.  Many of these churches are dying.  Some financially, some spiritually, and some in terms of membership.  GOD is going to restore them! (I am VERY excited about that!)  GOD is going to heal whole congregations binding the spirit of confusion and strife and restoring the spirit of unity!  GOD is going to send home wayward children and those driven away by the spirits of divination and all sorts of witchery, healing the sick and mending broken hearts as a matter of course!  This is a very exciting time for the Kingdom of GOD!

So, why am I telling you all this?  Simple…  Contacts!  I know a lot of people with a lot of churches and I could just circulate through them, but that is not what GOD told me to do.  I need you all to contact me so that I can come to your city or church.  If your church needs healing, finance, deliverance, encouragement or even if you feel the pull of the Holy Spirit to allow me to come into your home or church as an avenue for your city or community, call!  I will travel to you without cost, without obligation, and without requirement.  GOD has told me that If I go, that HE would sustain me so my trust is in HIM.  I want to stress that NO CONGREGATION IS TOO SMALL!  If you know of other small churches in your area and want to partner with them all the better.  I feel the need to stress that I really do mean NO REQUIREMENT!  Whatever is given to me by way of free will and seed offering is what I will joyfully accept.  If you have a new church and would like me to pray the blessings of GOD over it this would be the ideal season and conditions for me to do so.  If I were you I certainly would not pass this opportunity.  Those of you who know me, call your friends ministry partners and contacts in other cities, states, and communities, and let them know who I am.  Especially those who are struggling!  Tell them to call me.  I will accept ALL invitations so long as my schedule allows.  Speaking of which, I will travel to any place time will permit.  1st,  2nd and 3rd week (based on Sundays) Monday-Thursday and further destinations after the 3rd Sunday of each month.  My base is in South Carolina and I can travel 500-600 miles in any direction on any given day.  Now I’d like to see a circle north, west, south and back east before heading home, but this is my idea not GODs’ so it is a dispensable plan.

Like the apostles of the days of old, I will stay in hotels when I can and in homes where it is offered.  I will eat what GOD provides and give HIM praise for it.  Most of you know I have my own business, but during the time of this crusade I will be completely dependent on GOD.  For this cause, I am asking a few churches and individuals who will step out on faith to help support me in this venture.  Your support in any fashion is appreciated, but it would bless me to see 10-20 persons, families or churches that will pledge $100/month for 6 months.  You can give it all at once or in monthly or by-monthly payments by credit or debit card.  Please know that any funds given will be used for this purpose and this purpose ALONE!  I’m going… PERIOD!  I’d love to take your support with me.

To those of you who would like to have me come to your church or city simply call me and let us form a plan of action.  Singles teaching, marriage classes, ministers training, praise and worship classes, and certainly prayer and deliverance services.  Whatever the Spirit of the Lord is speaking for your house… Let’s do it!!!  (910) 258-6711 (Yes!  That’s my real phone number not a service or voicemail) You may also text me if you like.  You can E-Mail me at RealTalkRadio4U@yahoo.com    I will be glad to answer any questions or address any concerns you have. 

To all my friends and those who are familiar with my ministry… GET THE WORD OUT!  Tell your friends, relatives and ministry contacts in other cities and let them know I am a man of GOD and a man of my word!  Let’s start RIGHT NOW.

Until GOD calls me to be at your side preaching the gospel of peace that causes restoration and love to all whom it touches.  To HIM be all glory, majesty, dominion, and power.  GOD throughout all ages… Church with power, Love without ending from this time forth, even forever.  In the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ…  I love you all… Amen and AMEN!
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Grace and peace my friends! I guess the number one question people ask me is am I still on mission? The answer is... YES!!! In fact, since I began this crusade I have been literally all over the world. Thanks largely to people who have donated through venues like GoFundMe, I have preached the gospel everywhere from the islands of Asia, India and to the furthest regions of Africa. AND the journey continues!!! This year I am planning to reach several countries that I didn't last. Places like Ethiopia, Pakistan, Liberia, Korea and Japan. And that's not all, I've even set my sights on South America, Australia and Europe! Surely the gospel must be preached to every creature and it is my mission not just to do it electronically, but face to face! But I need your help! Won't you please help me by supporting the spread of the message of Christ? Any pledge of any size is great! This makes sure I have food, shelter, and daily necessities. But monthly pledges and absolutely vital! This not only helps me get from place to place, but it allows me to make a budget to PLAN for the places I go in advance... and that opens up a whole other level of ministry! My friend, my brother, my sister... won't you join me in taking the message of the cross of Jesus Christ all over the world? And don't forget, your gift will not be forgotten. For the scriptures have said:
He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again.
Proverbs 19:17
GOD will never forget your labor of love!
Thank you very kindly for your seed!
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The enemy wants me to quit!(PLEASE SHARE)

I've been under deep spiritual attacks since the first time I cast out a demon in this country. My body has been beaten by what seems to be itself in a series of relentless "would-be" illnesses. I had 2 food allergy attacks in the last 4 years, but in the last 5 day(since I cast out that demon) I have had 4. The food I have eaten has turned my stomach to the point I don't want to put anything on it. And were it not for taking benydril for allergy I wouldn't eat anything. We have had team attacks in business and the enemy has "TRIED" (but failed) to start disagreements between me and my team on several occasions. These things are enough to make a person go home, but the list goes on... there is so much more I can't say.

Ive been praying all night and I just now I realized something:

The enemy wasn 't afraid of me before I came here. He was rejoicing with the saints. In his usual fashion of arrogance and pride, he attended the first few meetings dancing and singing along as he has always done in our churches. You see, he thought I was like every other missionary who has come to this country. He thought I would come in and preach a few "hot" topic sermons screaming at the people about how much I have, how much I could do how great my ministry is and how they too can be like me. He figured I would Declare the people would get money and maybe I might pray for a few sick folks. He thought, "maybe he'll give a few dollars to churches just to make himself look good." He thought I'd hob-non with the big-timers who want to be associated with a "big time" preacher from America so they can say they are connected in the states. He thought I would do whatever I needed to get money and leave fat from a people that already has very little. He thought "this is just another one of those preachers who wants to be a hero!"

But Guess what... He thought wrong!

What he didn't count on was:
1. I preach the ministry of sacrifice. You see, I believe GOD provides for us when we do HIS will. Therefore, all we have belongs to HIM. so if I don't make a dime here, and even if it cost me money... I will preach, I will teach and I will pray!

2. My team may not be perfect, but they are anointed. I've discovered in this that each of us has his own gift of GOD. One after this manner and the other, another. And while we don't always agree, we are truly Men of GOD! We stand with each other with character and in integrity.

3. My body is important to me, but honestly, it's not that important. If I get sick, I pray and trust GOD. If I'm in pain, I pray and trust GOD!, if I'm down, I pray and trust GOD!, if I eat, I pray and trust GOD! If I don't eat, I pray and trust GOD! I wanted to lose a few pounds anyway.
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Thank you all so much for supporting the crusade! I have 10 more days in the Philippines then back to the states for a short time before going to Ghana, Togo(The Congo), Benin, and Kenya so your continued support is not only appreciated, it is VERY much necessary! No amount is to big... or too small. Again, thank you
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Continue from my earlier post: PLEASE SHARE:

This is one of the families who's children come to one of the churches at which I came to minister. They sit blissfully with their mom laughing but apprehensive as we approach. The entire lot is about 30ft x 30ft with 3 structures made of wood planks and covered with tin prices and plastic tarps. The home of the family of 5 is a 20 x 20 plank shack with one small area seperated by a curtian. It is also made of planks with old tires on the roof to hold the tarp that keeps rain from coming in. The small center of bricks in the photos is where they cook because even though they are one of few families in this township fortunate enough to have a wood stove, this time of year, it is much to hot to lite it. The Bishop explains that I'd like to take a few photos and that they are not for any "official" purpose and Mama agrees with a sigh of relief as "Officials" taking pictures is never a good thing. In the one picture you see the out house, a 5 x 5 shack with a makeshift camode in the center and old magazines all around. It sits about 8 feet from the front door. None of the houses in this village have indoor plumbing or electricity. The kids sit joyfully eating a spread sandwich of something like margarine. I had It for breakfast as part of my meal and While it's quite tasty, at home we'd hardly call It a meal. But for them It about dinner time. Along The wall in The doorway, which by The way doesn't have a door, but a curtain, and a small glass tabletop that keeps out the dog and chickens, you'll see what look like tomatoe plants. Although right now, there is no fruit on it. The house its self would never withstand a South Carolina thunderstorm, but for here it is secure enough. In another picture you'll see what looks like the family's main source of income... chickens. Their coop, the 3rd structure on the lot is about half the size of the home its self. The washtub, wheelbarrow and half grocery cart are tools for earning. If they can pick up a few rand doing odd jobs these items may make that job easier. A small garden on the side will provide meals in season and from time to time. It is a blessing to have. Dishes stacked in cupboards can be used or if time are extremely hardship, SOLD at yard sales for a few rand each. Painted numbers identify the house for visitors, but of course there is no postal service. The house is to its best ability neat and clean and the beds are both made. They live poorly, but with pride. There is a dog who seams to only laze around, but he alerts them if something is wrong or someone is coming in unwanted.

They are honest and hard working and though they strive for more, they praise GOD for the little piece they have.
There is another house made of bricks, but still no indoor plumbing. The bathroom a separate structure(outhouse). the washroom is inside, but supplied with water purchased from a vendor down the street whose storefront is also a shack.

Before you say I've chosen the worst of the worst to show you, look also at the pictures that show groups of houses. You'll see they almost all look the same. This township is a 10 minute stroll, less than 2 miles from my hotel which you've seen my earlier pictures. Also, as i talk to the Bishop, I've learned that this is low, but there are many many others so much lower than this, they cannot be shown.

The brick house is about average housing in this region. Just a step above the place we saw, it is for people who have "regular" jobs. That make about R3500 (Rand) per month.(that's about $255 USD)

STILL... In all this... The gospel heals, the gospel saves, the gospel delivers!!!

And the Word of the Lord came to me saying...

Do the poor need prophecy? Do there people deserve the Word of GOD? Is there a prophet among you that will go to them and place no bounty or tax on them for coming? Is there one who will sacrifice themself to preach and teach the kingdom to these, the least of my little ones? Will a man rob God? Where is the TITHE of your time and ministry? Was it given to you that you might be fat? And when I heard the voice of the Lord, I said, "here am I Lord! Send me, I'll go!"

On yesterday, I prayed for and ministered to about 200 people. Not preached to that number... The crowd was about 4-500... but prayed for and ministered to them directly one by one and declared in their lives thus sayeth the Lord thy GOD. Now from here I go to Kenya, Ghana, Togu, East Africa, West Africa and South Central Asia(the Philippines) this over the next 6 months. I am a Servant-Son, and I have been arrested for the sake of the ministry!!! I am not my own. For I have been bought with a price! This is why I must preach the gospel!

Please help me to further the kingdom of GOD with your seed offerings and pledges.

Before you say GOD will provide and move on... Remember HE has given it to you, so that you may release it to me!

To GOD be the glory!!! And thank you!

#TheMasterReset #Crusader4Christ #TMR #NoCrowdNecessary

Please Sow:
Small village in Vaal
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$808 of $120,000 goal

Raised by 16 people in 23 months
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