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"Cindy has dedicated her entire life to helping others. A string of unforeseeable, devastating circumstances has forced her to reach out. Now is the time to “pay it forward” to help someone who has devoted her entire life’s work to helping others." -Connie Strong
Freelance Writer/Editor
Brenham, Texas

"Cindy Pickard came into our lives during my family's darkest of times. I was only 22 years old, when my husband and I learned...

 of our entire family's stunning diagnoses of HIV/AIDS.....

I am proud to have contributed in such a small way through her life's work and feel that together we not only broke the stereotypical image of a person with HIV but also humanized the disease and allowed others to be educated in our daily struggles"

-Gerri Briggs  *Gerri lost her husband, brother and 2 year old son to AIDS


Below is my story about the work I did for nearly 30 years. People I worked with during those years wrote  stories and letters and so it's a record of some of the work seen through the eyes of others. It's a little bit long but I tried to make it inspiring using photos and video clips.

"Your best friend can be your worst enemy" ~Bob Marley

Because of one friend's betrayl, a friend in whom I had absolute trust and who was also my assistant for nearly 30 years....I lost nearly everything and so in these last 2 years I have been trying to find the inner strength to pull myself out of a very dark hole and tremendous debt.

*Briefly, RITES OF PASSAGE aca/AIDS Care & Assistance, the non profit which I founded in 1988 abrubtly lost all its funding in April 2015. Though this funding was guaranteed to come back, it never did. Since I believed it was coming back, I tried to hold on. This combined with my 'friend's' betrayalcaused me to lose everything....all my savings, my salary..everything.

This had been my life and my life's work so really It's the same as suddenly losing the job you had for 30 years.....with no benefits.

*For a long time, I didn't acknowledge the betrayl but I finally wrote about it here: HERE

So many friends have helped me in these last couple years and their help has kept me from completely giving up. Most recently because of contributons I have gotten,
I was able to get enough solar batteries [I live off the grid] which will ensure that I will have electricity this winter

I am VERY THANKFUL to all those who have helped me as I try to climb out of  this very dark hole....I still have a ways to go.

Currently I live on about $600 a month as I try to pay off a lot of debts.  It is very difficul and humiliating sometimes  but I am making progress and fortunately I don't have all the expenses most people do: I don't have a mortgage, I live off the grid so I don't have utilities...and I have a greenhouse which provides a little food.

My greatest wishes now are
to be able to fix up my FJ Cruiser which is old and needs new tires and breaks...badly and a new windshield
2-to afford a small cell phone for emergencies
RITES OF PASSAGE aca/AIDS Care and Assistance
I founded RITES OF PASSAGEaca/AIDS Care and Assistance in 1988 with a mission to provide hospice type home care for terminally ill people as well as to offer education on death and dying

Jason Matthew Briggs/baby with AIDS

As time went on, we became more involved in offering education on loss, grief, death and dying and later Native American teachings and most recently prison reform.
We made close to 20 educational documentaries, several of which are used by nursing schools, hospices, universities etc throughout the US and Canada. And I gave numerous presentations at National Hospice and Palliative care conferences and created 3 traveling photo/oral history exhibits."Between Now & Forever" Exhibit/Turning Toward the Morning Presentation  U of Wisconsin-Madison
Multimedia presentation  in Little Rock, Arkansas


"Cindy Pickard came into our lives during my family's darkest of times.  I was only 22 years old, when my husband and I learned of our entire family's stunning diagnoses of HIV/AIDS.Jim, Gerri and Jason Briggs/Family with AIDS

Cindy orchestrated caregivers who provided weekday respite care for our three month old son, Jason.... Jason Briggs with his Rites of Passage caregiver

She and her organization helped many other families too, dealing with difficult situations like ours.  Later, her vision encompassed  making educational videos that would reach a global audience touching on many important but uncomfortable subject matters such as death and dying and bereavement......

Some of these videos included the daily struggles that my family and I were experiencing while others dealt with the pain of the aftermath.  I am proud to have contributed in such a small way through her life's work and feel that together we not only broke the stereotypical image of a person with HIV but also humanized the disease and allowed others to be educated in our daily struggles
~Gerri Briggs


"I had the honor to work with Rites of Passage as a caregiver in the late 1980’s. This was a time when AIDS was not understood by the medical community, nor by the general public. Many people died during this time, and Rites of Passage was there through it all to offer hope and love and healing in ways that were truly authentic and life-affirming." -Ralph Lopez, MAHS Executive Director, Poster Boyz  Santa Fe, NM
Ralph Lopez  

1990-ART CLASSES FOR OUR PATIENTS " Cindy also recruited volunteers and gathered a few supplies to create an art class....
The men, and one woman, attended the weekly classes with enthusiasm, earnestness, and open hearts in order to create something to express themselves.......make gifts to say good-bye to their loved ones, and find community with each other, as by this point, they were often destitute and alienated from families and sometimes friends. It was Cindy’s vision, courage, and fortitude that created an oasis for those who had nothing left.
-Jill Brasch, OTR author of "The Last Gifts"

2002- BETWEEN NOW & FOREVER a traveling photo/oral history exhibit on loss/grief
"A celebration of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit"

" I first met Cindy when she brought her exhibit, Between Now and Forever to Grand Rapids in 2002 for several days.
Some local hospice, hospital, education, and service organizations worked together to bring in Cindy and the exhibit. The impact was phenomenal.

Not only were hundreds of people touched, inspired, and educated by Cindy's work on loss, grief, healing, and the resilience of the human spirit,but that experience.......led to the creation of the Greater Grand Rapids End of Life Coalition in 2003 which is a vibrant coalition of hospice, hospital, higher education, and service organizations dedicated to increasing awareness and improving end of life care within the greater Grand Rapids area. The Coalition has since offered annual conferences for professionals in the community on end of life care"
-Robert J Bos, MDiv
Chaplain at Spectrum Health Hospice and Palliative Care
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"A CHILD'S GRIEF- SEPTEMBER 11TH STORY" [Matthew Rogan, age 16 with his exhibit piece when Between Now & Forever came to Long Island]
" Cindy donated a piece from her Between Now and Forever exhibit to the Houston Fire Department in my husband’s (a career firefighter) honor. ‘A Child’s Grief’ contains photos and a letter from Matthew Rogan to his father, New York fire captain Matt Rogan who was tragically lost when the World Trade Center towers fell."
-Connie Strong
Freelance Writer/Editor
Brenham, Texas
"We would go clamming together and it was just like a bond of our hands grabbing each other and staying together and every time we’d go clamming, we’d talk about everything, everything in the world and we’d take my dog, Sam for a walk..... and every day he waits for my dad to come home.."
Matthew Rogan age 10    9/28/2001
From "A Child's Grief"  The Between Now & Forever' Exhibit
NYFD Captain Matt Rogan


"Cindy's faithful support with the sharing of our ancient Indigenous knowledge through her films has been so critical to our work in bringing a message of our relationship to the Earth, one that supports peace."
-Dave Courchene (Nii Gaani Aki Inini - Leading Earth Man)
Anishinabe Nation, Eagle Clan
Sagkeeng First Nation,  Ontario, Canada

-Dave Courchene (Nii Gaani Aki Inini - Leading Earth Man)

2014- ON THE LAND~Together with the Earth
a documentary on sustainable living, the wisdom of the elders and the music and the art of northern New Mexico

ON THE LAND is dedicated to  Flamenco Guitarist Ricardo Anglada who suffered a severe stroke at age 29 Hi Cindy,
I want to take this time, to thank you, wholeheartedly for dedicating your film, On the Land, to my son Ricardo. Thank you for inviting him to share the stage and play his fabulous guitar. That night, was actually his first public performance since suffering his stroke, 11 months prior.Ricardo Anglda   photo credit: joan david

It was so heartwarming to see his return to the stage, expecially in our hometown. It was the beginning of a long road of building his confidence and endurance to perform live again. Thank you Cindy.

I also loved the film and the other local musicians. Keep up the work. It is educational, informative and entertaining. I wish you much success.


Rick Anglada
Chief Taos Police (Retired]
former New Mexico State Police Lt.

Ricardo and Rick Anglada

Photo from Santa Fe Penitentiary photo credit: Michelle Line

"Cindy consistently exposes the hypocrisies and dangerous paths mankind is on and yet manages to explore positive solutions to deliver humanity from its self-destructive path. She continues to show us that there is always hope, even when obstacles seem too great to overcome. Pickard’s keen skills as a documentarian combine the beauty of her medium with her passion for the belief that film has the power to help transform the world."
-Distinguished Painter, Sherri McGraw
Santa Fe, NM

Sherrie McGraw

a documentary on prison reform

"In her powerful film on prison life, The Light in the Shadow, Cindy shows the redemptive quality art can have on these discarded souls. Knowing my experience with the prison population as an invited art teacher to San Quentin Prison, Cindy asked me to lend my insights to her project. Through this life-changing film, she gave me a chance to share the meaningful relationships that were formed with art students who had obviously undergone complete transformations since their criminal youths. If it weren’t for Cindy’s desire to capture this lost demographic in her film, no one would know the profound effect art can have on these men. For those who watch her films, the dedication to looking at those issues society tends to avoid is the strength and power of her work and what makes her films relevant for all time."
-Legendary Painter, David A Leffel

Legendary Painter, David A Leffel 

Mural at Santa Fe Penitentiary photo credit: Michelle Line
"I have followed Cindy and her remarkable and compassionate work through the years, ... She is now offering me help as I am heading up a group who will open a Transformational House for Women who suffer from abuse, addiction, sex trafficking, and incarceration.  Cindy will, once again, contribute to others as she has done most of her life.

is an example of compassion and healing spirit that is missing in so many areas of our world today. She has cared for those who are the least fortunate, and has given of herself to serve others, no matter what the cost. I am very honored to call her both colleague, but most of all FRIEND.
-Kathy Kaczmarick
Chaplain at Presbyterian Village Retirement Center Little Rock, Arkansas
Former Chaplain/Bereavement Coordinator at Arkansas Hospice
Former Chaplain Resident at UAMS - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Kathy Kaczmarik

Jody Armijo's Story from ON THE LAND ~Together with the Earth

"Cindy has continued to follow her heart and focused on making transformative documentaries that tell the stories of remarkable people who have faced adversity and found more meaning in life.  Since the beginning, Cindy poured her heart, soul, and resources into RITES OF PASSAGE to help others and enlighten us all.  She is one of the most selfless and visionary people that I know.  At this difficult time, she needs help to continue making her impactful documentaries and providing educational outreach.  I urge you to help her in any way that you can."
- Laura Heald, former Assistant Director, U.S. Government Accountability Office
Alexandria, VA
Laura Heald and husband, singer/songwriter Jim Heald

*Gerri Briggs, whose story is above, gave me the title, "The Rainbow After the Storm" She wrote this to me:

"Never lose hope in the human spirit; we all go through things in life not knowing if we are capable of getting through them. But those who choose to face their fears and walk through the storms will see the rainbows on the other side."

As I have already said, I have been living through the most difficult period of my life so has been terrifying, painful, depressing  andconfusing with one loss after another. I have felt forgotten and has been like a storm that never seems to end and in the midst of this storm I have found out who my friends are and who they are not.
If I can get some support, financial support, I KNOW that I can make a comeback.
Financial support doesn't just mean money, it means someone believes in you, cares and understands. It's a kind of humility that says as I'm helping you now, I understand that a time may well come when I will need to ask for help.

I live off the grid so I don't have any of the usual expenses that plague so many people: mortgages, utilities, high taxes, car payments etc but I have gotten into debt paying expenses for ROP as well as my own
With a little help, I will  pay off the debts and the phoenix will rise from the ashes...ready to create again.

This film clip below, a song written by Bob Dylan and performed by the Pines, is very meaningful to me.

WHAT GOOD AM I/Bob DylanWhat good am I some like all the rest
If I just turn away when I see how you're dressed
If I shut myself off so I can't hear you cry
What good am I ?

What good am I if I know and don't do
If I see and don't say if I look right through you
If I turn a deaf ear to the thunderin' sky
What good am I ?

What good am I while you softly weep
And I hear in my head what you say in your sleep
And I freeze in the moment like the rest who don't try
What good am I ?

What good am I then to others and me
If I had every chance and yet still fail to see
If my hands are tied must I not wonder within
Who tied them and why and where must I have been.

What good am I if I say foolish things
And I laugh in the face of what sorrow brings
And I just turn my back while you silently die
What good am I ?
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First of all I am forever thankful to everyone who has helped me in these past 2 very difficult years. I am making progress. My greatest need was to get the solar batteries replaced--the electricity was going fast--and I was able to do that. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THAT POSSIBLE .My next greatest need/wish was to get my 2007 FJ Cruiser fixed.. A week ago the power steering went out and I'm completely stranded and not able to get food for my animals or my human family. I have recently started offering my loss and grief, BETWEEN NOW & FOREVER workshops again in northern New Mexico and I am not able to do these until I have a car again. I am hoping to raise 1500 for a power steering pump and new tires..I can then move forward...i wrote a blog..a short story about the workshops and who I'n dedicating them to
Many, many thanks for any contribution small or I am helped, I will go on to help others...a circle of kindness, caring and inspiration, my commitment CINDY
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I am making a desperate request for HELP PLEASE.
The batteries for my solar system are dying very fast and they need to be replaced or we will have NO electricity here. No electricity means no water, no phone, no computer, no refrigerator. Off the grid, running on solar energy, these batteries run everything. They are our only source of electricity. [Solar batteries are meant to last 5-6 years and mine are now 7 and one half years old.]
*If you really take a moment to imagine what having no electricity would be like for you and how much we all depend on electricity…...for everything really...
Living off the grid, we live as simply as possible, using wood to heat, the greenhouse provides vegetables and we use barter for hay for the horses etc. No utilities except a little propane for the on demand hot water heater.
But we cannot keep going without electricity.
I need about $4000 to replace the batteries…I don’t know how long before everything goes out..a few days, a week..i don’t know. I just know I’m feeling afraid.

This past Year-2016
It’s been one of the most difficult of my life. I have felt fear like I’ve never felt before. Not knowing if I’m going to be sued by credit card companies for money that I owe, if I’ll lose my home and be homeless.
I look at homeless people in a different way now because maybe that will be me. I look at poor people in a different way too because now that is me.
My story on this gofundme site is old but it is what changed everything for me and quickly too. It could happen to anyone…like the spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle says, “If life is not challenging you now, just wait a little. It’ll come.”
Since I can’t do the work I used to do, I do what I can which is to write a blog about what I have learned from teachers such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD, from Native American Elders and from my own life experience of dealing with a lot of death, loss, grief especially early in my life.
And whenever I can, I try to offer help to people who find themselves in difficult life situations such as the loss of a child. I have our documentary films to offer and other resources.
I have just recently started an Etsy store which I named LA CASA DE ROSAS and things are beginning to sell. The store features the altars and sacred art pieces made by my partner, Jody Armijo [the Brown Piglet in my blog].
Through a debt relief company I am slowly paying off my debts. In the meantime I live on $600 a month which is nearly impossible.
Some days I have felt like giving up, feeling like I cannot go on this way. Some days I feel hopeful.
Because Jody, my partner spent a lot of time in prison and jail when he was young, he does not focus on the difficulties life presents. Rather he appreciates the smallest things and I have tried to do this also.
I have made a lot of new friends this past year and some of them have done wonderful things for me which I have written about in my blog. I have also lost friends and I have learned too that “your best friend can be your worst enemy.”
There was more I wanted to say but I think this is all for now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Everyone who has helped me in these difficult times.

We have several rescued animals
Solar Batteries
Sacred Art for Sacred Space
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Week before last I was interviewed by 2 reporters from CNN MONEY. They are doing a story on charity bingo fraud and were looking into a lawsuit RITES OF PASSAGE filed against a corporation in Texas whose sole purpose was to destroy charities involved in bingo so they could buy up successful bingo halls. This was the beginning of the end for us and what led up to all my current financial problems. This company was involved in extortion and in an internet search there were several references to racketeering..they used death threats etc to get what they wanted. The suffering that this company and specifically the director of this company caused, there are no words BUT like Willy's song says "A little Old Fashioned Karma Comin' always does
It's been 5 years now...maybe justice will be done
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First of all, a million thanks to everyone who has contributed...I will never forget you...never! Things are getting a little better for me...I'm slowly getting some debts paid off and I've discovered I can live on a lot less then I thought. My biggest concern right now is feeding my 2 horses Redman and Puck [Redman is a rescue]...Winter is coming and they will need more hay so if anyone can relate to this and wants to contribute toward this, I will be very grateful. For those people who have told me to get rid of my animals or my home, before you say something like this, think about whether you would be able to do it yourself. My animals are my family and my home is all that I have. One thing I hope I have learned during this very dark night of the soul is not to give advice. I can share my experience but I cannot judge another' s. One other way you can help where everyone benefits is to buy something from my online store called POOH'S STORE Christmas is not far off and we have some great stuff. I wrote this bog post about our 7 teachings hoodies and t-shirts.
Once again I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped me out. Asking for help is a hard thing to do!
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Raised by 39 people in 27 months
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Stewart Warren
8 months ago

That video of Jody on the land is what it's all about.

8 months ago
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Stephanie Kaylan
8 months ago

I will continue to do all I can to help you...because you help others. Blessings. It's all working out!

Betsy Klein
8 months ago

Thank you for saving the two wolf dogs and for all you do to help those with their grief.

Susan Weidel
8 months ago

Paying it forward in memory of Blaze.

Katy Tackes
12 months ago

May blessings be plentiful, always.

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