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My name is Gregory GOrDon and this Go Fund Me is to raise funds to build a working electricity producing prototype of The Water Engine: Vortex Force Reactor.

About this project: 

"For the Lord shall rise up as at Mount Perazim.  He shall be angry as in the valley of Gibeon that he may do His work.  His awesome work.  And bring to pass His act.  His unusual act."  (Isaiah 28:21)

The awesome feat that we are going to accomplish together will require a little bit of money, some hard work and a great deal of brain power.   My first job is to prove that I possess the required brain power to complete the mission. Therefore, the opening of this project begins with a very short IQ test.  I passed the test.  Can you?  

Here goes:

You come to a fork in the road.  One road leads to Heaven the other to Hell.  At the junction there is a guard who could either be an angel who can only tell the truth or a demon who can only lie. And you won't know if you are talking to the angel or the demon.  You have only one question to ask to know which road to take.

That is the member given Mensa Test.  Mensa is the organization whose members all have a very high intelligence quotient or IQ.  Prior to me, Gregory GOrDon, taking the test it was presumed that there was only one question that could be asked to be sure to get to Heaven.  I passed the test by asking a totally new question along with a response to the answer that would ensure I was taking the road to Heaven.

They say that there is a fine line between utter madness and creative genius.  I know this to be true as I've walked that line.  In fact instead of simply referring to myself as a mad scientist, I've embellished the term and jokingly call myself "THE PSYCHO SCIENTIST."  

My first invention was a way to turn black balloons into laser-like-light.  I used my light form to critical acclaim in a wild and crazy performance art piece in various New York City area nightclubs such as The Gallery, Studio 54, Paradise Garage, Club Cheetah, The Fountain Casino, The Roxy, and the Best Little Night Club in the World: The Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ.

In the routine I played the second coming of Christ using his light to expose then president Ronald Reagan as the anti-Christ; both facets of which I believe to be true to this very day.  On July fourth of 1990, I broke into Reagan's retirement home in a mock assassination attempt / publicity stunt for my act and the books I had written to present my Biblical Theory.  

The publicity stunt was a major success.  It made headline news around the world.  After getting out of prison I appeared on numerous television shows, pod casts and radio programs including the Howard Stern Show which was at the time America's number one syndicated radio program and cable television show. 

My Biblical theory was recently confirmed in an online blog post by Kermit Zarley, a noted Bible Scholar.  And, I was recently told by my case manager that I had finally reached the point of mental wellness where I no longer need therapy.

I mention all of this only to say that now I have used my genius for abstract reasoning to invent a first of its kind perpetual motion machine. Just as with the Mensa Test, prior to my making this invention it was widely assumed that there was no way to create a perpetual motion machine.  I have found a way to build a perpetual motion machine and I need your moral and monetary support to build a working prototype.

It is my belief that this machine is actually spoken of in the Bible and predicted to be part of the awesome work of the second coming of Christ.  The passage in the Bible about which I am speaking is found in the book of Jeremiah chapter 30 verses 23-24.  They read as such:

23 Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.

24 The fierce anger of the Lord shall not return, until he hath done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it.

The above passage is speaking about a Whirlwind or Tornado or Hurricane of some sort.  The actual source of power for this machine is a water vortex or whirlpool that operates in much the same way as would a Whirlwind and is designed to operate as a perpetual motion machine.  Note that the passage references the fact that the Whirlwind is "continuing" as is any device that claims perpetual motion.

One of my many claims is that of being the second coming of Christ and this machine is just one of my many major miracles.  While I am seeking donations to build a prototype of the machine in all actuality I would rather just sell you a copy of my book that details my overall mission and build the prototype from the profits.  So, before I get too deep into the workings of the machine let me offer to sell you the newest  updated version of my main manifesto.  It is called simply: "Jeeses Christ."

Should you after reading about this project feel inclined to GoFundMe please do so to the extent of your pocket book.  But if you only have a small amount to spend let me suggest purchasing "Jeeses Christ"   for $14.97  That will be a true Win-Win.

“In David Mamet’s play The Water Engine, an inventor finds the Holy Grail when he creates an engine that can run on water. Soon, however an unethical patent attorney tries to get the rights, arguing that the inventor’s employer owns the invention. The battle becomes heated and the inventor is killed – but not before destroying his invention and hiding the documents showing how he made it.” (Richard Stim & David Pressman: Patent Pending in 24 Hours).

I, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, have created a machine which I, like Mamet did in his play, have named: The Water Engine. The machine can, among other things, produce electricity simply by adding water to it to start a positive net energy increasing reaction within the machine. The water is not burned as expendable fuel to be consumed in keeping the reaction going as is the case in a hydrogen powered engine but rather as an integral part of the machine to provide a medium to create a sustainable water vortex which is tapped by the design of the machine to produce energy.

Potential Benefit for mankind

In looking around the Internet from all of the material that I can find it seemes that the development of a mass market perpetual motion machine will change the entire structure of the world.  Earths carbon emmessions will be greatly reduced.  Reliance of coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy will come to a halt.  The power structures of the mid-east will change and as I am an American, this will truly make America great again.


The development of The Water Engine came from my earlier studies on the use of flywheel generators in conjunction with methane gas powered turbines to generate cheap natural electricity. The nature of flywheels is such that they can store enormous amounts of energy for a long time by spinning on extremely low friction bearings. The stored energy can later be recaptured with very little energy loss and run through generators to convert the stored mechanical energy into electricity. The beauty of the flywheel is that if a source of energy is applied to spinning the flywheel the rate of speed will continually accelerate.

My desire to develop a cheap source of electricity eventually turned to the building of an electricity producing computer keyboard that would work by having the key strokes converted into circular motion via spring ratchet system and tying that circular motion into a flywheel generation system. In developing the computer keyboard electricity generation system I began to envision a different energy transfer device which consisted of a wind driven vortex. As I was at the time living in New York City I went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum and spent hours studying the motion of the huge Water Vortex in the lobby.

After studying the Ripley’s Vortex I became convinced that I could, with a bit of effort, design a perpetual motion machine that relied on the movements found within the development and sustenance of a water vortex. The Water Engine is my second attempt at gaining a patent on a vortex reaction based perpetual motion machine. While the first attempt was abandoned at the prosecution stage due to a lack of funding on my part to pay for a proper prosecution of the patent, with this attempt I have addressed to the best of my ability all of the patent examiner’s objections and my own doubts with design improvements.

One way of looking at the machine is as an Anti-Gravity machine simulating natures own water lifting rain cycle. Similarly, one way to look at the vortex through which the water is run is as a waterfall. That brings up the metaphor of The Water Engine being a mechanical cloud that lifts water into the air only to have it rain down from on high creating the aforementioned waterfall potential. We all know how easy it is to get electricity from a waterfall.

Controlling Laws of Physics

In my first attempt at building a vortex or Coriolis Force Reactor  the function of the water lifting device was also performed by a grid powered electric pump using unknown wattage.  And as I did not have all of the math available to me at the time I had my own doubts about the energy requirements.  But, according to the patent examiner for the first submission the losses inherent in transforming the power from electrical to mechanical energy and back to electrical energy would create a machine that would violate one or more of the laws of thermodynamics. That along without my capability at the time of building a prototype and my own doubts about the results of the energy conversion math forced me to give up on the patent prosecution.

As far as the examiner’s other contention that the laws of thermodynamics would prevent any attempt at all of building a perpetual motion machine I assert that this contention is invalid on the face of it. As the very name of the thermodynamic laws decree those laws deal with heat gain and heat loss. Hence we have the term thermo for the naming of the laws.

In reality the law that controls the conversion of mass into energy is the “speed” at which the mass is traveling. This is summed up by the famous equation E=MC Squared. The total amount of energy that derived from an object “E” is equal to the mass “M” of the object times the speed of light “C” if that speed is squared. While the total amount of energy that can be obtained from an object is equal to its mass times the speed of light squared. (The speed of light supposedly being as fast as an object can travel). Any increase in speed of an object will increase the amount of energy that can be derived from it.

An example of the phenomenon is this: If one were to get struck by an automobile travelling at one quarter of a mile an hour the amount of energy at the impact would be significantly less than were one to be struck by an automobile traveling at one hundred miles an hour. Another example of this would be the damage done by a bullet if dropped to the ground by hand versus the amount of damage when done when shot out of a gun.

How it works

The water engine works by greatly increasing the speed of a liquid from its entrance into a specially designed vortex chamber until its exit from the chamber after the total speed of the mass of the water ejected from the chamber is converted into energy by passing the liquid through the vanes of a flywheel turbine. This puts into play the basic nature of another of the laws of motion as relates to both the flywheel and the flow of water through the machine. “A body in motion tends to stay in motion.” It also leads to the possibility of harnessing very small and lightweight, high speed, low torque, low cost, permanent magnet generators.

To my mind and as is the stated purpose of this device, this process will create a natural and sustainable flow of water which for all intents and purposes amounts to me, Gregory Stuart GOrDon, having have created a perpetual motion machine.

What is it?

It consists of two basic components. One component is the Perpetual Electricity Turbine that creates the electricity and the other is a water vortex creating reactor. The overall machine is built upon the principle of using the Earth's Coriolis Force (the force responsible for the creation of hurricanes and tornadoes) to create a water vortex which is tapped to spin a flywheel turbine attached to electrical generators.

I have been working on the project for several years now and have built a working model of the reactor component that sustains a vortex indefinitely. The next step is to perfect the method of extracting more electricity from the machine than it uses.  As you will see in the video at the website my first thought was to tap the vortex from the top by using an impeller attached to an ordinary hydro generator.

How to make it work

Since creating that first prototype I have found a better way to tap the vortex.  Instead of inserting an impeller into the vortex I am now going to tap the speed of the water that has passed through the vortex.  You see, as the water comes through the vortex and is expelled from the hole in the Vortex chamber it bursts out in an explosion due to centrifugal force. To tap that explosion I have created a brand new patent pending turbine and totally new operating system that overcomes many of the design flaws of my first submission.

The Reactor Body

Since posting my first GoFundMe project to build the Vortex Force Reactor I have learned alot.  In order to produce one kilowatt minute of electricity which is equal to a kilowatt hour we need to use approximately 11.69 gallons of water per minute travelling at a speed of 10 miles an hour.   That translates to about 665 gallons of water per hour.  Also in order to tap the vortex force time is of the essence.  The longer the water remains in the tank the more time that the Coriolis Force has to act upon the water.

The math that produced these figures is that one pound of water at 300 ft dam height will produce 0.01 kilowatt minute.  A gallon of water weighs 8.69 lbs.  And a drop of water will fall from the sky at 18 miles an hour.  Although the height of the falling water may be about 1,500 to 3,000 ft the ten mile per hour figure that is used is approximate.

The tank shown above is an 800 gallon 15 degree cone bottom tank with stand from that is seven ft two inches wide and five ft tall from top of the tank to bottom of the stand.  It sells for less than $700.00.  The stand adds another $1,000 to the cost and shipping adds another 400 to 800 dollars.  Although the tank is not designed to be pressurized we will adjust for pressure by wrapping steel wire around the body of the tank. 

As you will see from above the stand will allow for a centrifugal turbine that will be inserted in the space below along with a secret to be patented generator assembly that will produce the electricity.

Centrfugal flow turbine


Using the off-the-shelf reactor body along with the PET insert will help keep production costs and assembly time to a minimum once we reach the production stage.

The total cost to produce the machine will be around 4,000 to 5,000 dollars including the generators.

If we can get one kilowatt hour from the machine at this cost it will be less than half the cost of the cheapest five kilowat solar panel system currently sold on and produce more than five times as much electricity.  And remember, these prices are for the prototype. 

Once we add savings due to standardization and wholesale pricing are costs are going to much, much lower. 

For the bottom tank we are now using an inflatable 8 ft swimming pool that sells for less than $100.00.

Since we are now concentrating on the speed of the water ejected from the Vortex Chamber hole to produce the power we need we can use small high speed generators to create the electricity.  Some of them are very small about the length of a king size cigarette. 

When I say high speed I mean really high speed.  To make the Reactor produce the amount of power that we desire speeds of between 10 and 15 thousand RPM may be required.  Fortunately high speed DC motor - generators don't cost a lot of money.  In fact cheap limited use motors are less than twenty dollars apiece when bought from China.

The Economics

What puts this invention in the realm of a miracle is that it produces electricity at an extremely low price.  As designed it is meant to compete with home solar and wind power systems.  A standard eight kilowatt home solar system can cost anywhere from eight to 25 thousand dollars and produces electricity only during daylight hours.

Therefore as our system runs 24/7 we can get the same amount of electricity using half of the rated kilowatt hours.

In addition, in all of the cost estimates I have been able to come up with we can get the same amount of kilowatt hours as a solar power system for half the price.  Combining these two factors produces an overall cost of one quarter of that for solar power systems. The total cost may even be lower than that of the wholesale rate that huge electric companies pay for their electricity.

Ideally I want to get anywhere from one to ten kilowatts of electricity out of this particular reactor body.  Using four small motors rated at between .25 and one kilowatt each would achieve this goal in this particular reactor body.  Each kilowatt of power is worth 72 dollars a month at $0.10 per kilowatt hour.  That is what the power is worth when sent back to your electric company under the nation's Net Metering Laws.

Net Metering is the process where consumers can produce "green" electricity and sell it back to their power company.  As of now 43 states and the District of Columbia have Net Metering Laws.  While most of the laws are directly targeting solar power some states such as Florida also include "hydro" or water powered systems.

On a whole the average American household uses about 10,800 Kw hours of electricity a year.  Thus a one kilowatt system can produce almost all of a family's electricity needs for a year. A ten kilowatt system will be way more than enough.  And it should pay for itself in about ten months.  

Market Potential

In order to fully understand the market potential of The Water Engine I have chosen to answer several of the more than 50 Tests of Invention Marketability as taken from the book Patent-it-Yourself by David Pressman and Thomas J Toytschaevers.

1. Cost – The cost of the preferred embodiment of The Water Engine, a water tank heater sized version is much less than comparable Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Wind Turbine Power Installations of similar electric output. For example the cheapest five kilowatt Solar Panel System selling on Amazon at the time of this writing cost $11,995 and at maximum will produce a total of no more than 8,000 kilowatt hours per year in Florida. A five kilowatt Water Engine will produce 8,680 kilowatt hours per kilowatt each year if run full time. That is more than five times the amount the Solar Panels. Plus, as an early estimate The Water Engine should cost around half the price.

2. Installation – Installation is much simpler than both solar and wind. A water heater sized Water Engine is designed to be indoors and attach to the local Electricity Grid. This is to take advantage of the Net metering Laws now available in 43 States and the District of Columbia here in The United States. Net Metering Laws may now or soon be available also in other countries. The net metering laws allow utility customers to sell electricity produced by “green” or “sustainable” sources back to the utility company at the retail price up to the amount consumed each year at retail rate and all electricity above the amount consumed to be sold at the wholesale or “cost avoided” rate. What this means in terms of dollars and cents is that at a wholesale rate of $0.05 per kilowatt hour, a five kilowatt solar energy system is worth about $400 to $800 a year with government and utility company incentives added to the income. A five kilowatt water engine would be worth $2,000 to $4,000 a year given the same incentives. Thereby producing a payback rate of less than two years on The Water Engine.

3. Ease of mass production – There are no new materials needed to be made. Most parts can be molded and cast out of plastic or similar materials and although custom made motor / generators that convert machine produced energy into electricity may be both feasible and desirable at some point in time, there are many existing motor / generators that can be purchased off-the-shelf right now to minimize early mass production costs.

4. Easy-to-make Prototype – The custom made parts of the machine are easily crafted which will allow for a low cost easy to make prototype that will assist in demonstrating the viability of the machine and will help in the process of raising funds by attracting investors and help in obtaining licensees in the early stages of marketing the device.

5. High sales potential – The number of people to whom the device can be marketed is very large due to the universality of the most useful end product; electricity. Other known by products of The Water Engine are heat and torque. Both of these other end products can also be harnessed easily using current technology. By adding more than two vortex portions of the machine dedicated to producing optional work of the machine we can actually increase the overall power output of electricity, torque, heat or other useful work all at the same time using only one water return pump powering vortex which is a mandatory part of the machine from which the term “Double Vortex” is derived in the subtitle of the device that describes its makeup and operation.

6. Commodity Value – Due to the existence of current net metering laws and the assurance of payment by law for the most valuable end product; electricity, The Water Engine is a asset whose given value can be predetermined by very simple calculations. Therefore financing for end consumers who adopt the product early should be readily available through mortgage companies and / or licensees as they are certain of a built-in source of repayment.

7. Franchise Ready – While the manufacture of the machine may be best handled by one or a few licensees it is easy to envision distribution and servicing through a world-wide franchise operation that would allow for rapid broadly distributed investment and growth opportunity. Using the franchise model consumers could pay a percentage of their monthly income to a franchisee who would take care of installation and servicing needs for their Water Engine or Engines.

This is where it all gets exciting.  Imagine thousands upon thousands of homes using PET Vortex Force Reactors and producing enough electricity to offset their electric bills.  That would take a lot of pressure off of electric companies to use fossil fuels for their electricity.  At the same time it would reduce America's carbon footprint and help curb global warming.

The Math

Again, the mathematical principle upon which the Vortex Force Reactor is based is Einstein's famous E=MC2.  My version of this equation is this: The amount of energy that can be extracted from matter is equal to its mass times its speed.  Therefore if we can increase the speed of an object we can increase the amount of energy derived from it.

When one looks at the flow of water through the vortex one will notice that the speed of the water coming out of the hole in the vortex chamber is significantly faster than that of the water coming in. So much so that the water when it escapes through the hole actually goes out sideways due to centrifugal force. Yet over time the vortex remains stable and the level of water in the Vortex Chamber neither increases nor decreases.

I still can't figure out how this happens but that means that the same amount of mass over time is escaping but all of it at a much faster speed.  Tapping that speed is what produces more power than it takes to raise the water from the bottom tank back to the top tank, which is all of the excess power that we need.

In real life terms think of water flowing out of a hose.  Normally the water coming out of the hose can't do much work.  Yet when you squeeze the end of the hose the water can wash windows and sidewalks.  Or think of the same principle when using a power washer.  The vortex acts like the motor on the power washer increasing the speed of the escaping  water. 

The pump that raises the water from the bottom tank to the top tank uses only fourty five watts and at a rate of 730 gallons per hour should allow the water in the top vortex chamber to be acted upon by the Coriolis force for more than an hour at at time.

The process of acceleration takes place over a long period of time, perhaps as much as a week or even longer.  That is why the machine is called a reactor.  It reacts to the processes of the earth's Coriolis force also known as the Corioils Acceleration as well as the processes inherent in the other parts of the machine.

In addition to the speed of the water entering the Perpetual Electricity Turbine the turbine itself is designed as a flywheel.  It is heavier than the total weight of the generators attached to it and uses low friction bearings.  That way when set in motion the whole contraption will continue to accelerate as long as the force of the water exceeds the friction of the bearings and the generators.

That part goes back to Newtonian Physics which states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion.

The above math shows me that it should be no problem to make the Vortex Force Reactor produce more electricity than it uses.  As long as we can do that we will have a successful prototype.  But can we get the hoped for one to four hundred kilowatts out of a Reactor of this size.  Time will tell.

Once we have a working model it will be time to get them out to the public.  Supporters of this project will contacted first and be offered the opportunity to purchase one at cost plus shipping.  As of now I am living on a government SSI check once a month and I am doing my part.  In October of 2017 I moved out of my group home in Washington DC into a homeless shelter in Orlando FL that I may have extra funds to help build the project.

Your support is needed and will be greatly appreciated.  I can't do it alone.  This is a project that when successful will help billions of people around the world.  If you have a bit of money that you can see your way to use to help support this effort that would make me very happy.  But even if you don't have any money you can help by simply sharing this project on your social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram or any other social media platform that is available to you. 

Or if as I mentioned in the project description you want to help but would like something in return simply purchase a copy of my newly revised main manifesto; "Jeeses Christ." 

Please help build The Water Engine: Vortex Force Reactor.  It means more clean energy for the environment and more money for those who could really use it.  When the project is completed we will be able to say: "Look, we did it ourselves."  Thank you very much.  

The Vortex Force - "...Coming with Power and GREat GlORY."  (Matthew 24:30)

For information on the other facets of "The Psycho Scientist's" work including his discovery of a cure for HIV/AIDS and the Trillion Dollar Colemak Keyboard Miracle.  Click Here
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$25,000 goal

Campaign created 6 months ago
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