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$432 of $2,000 goal

Raised by 19 people in 42 months

Please help to build the Luke's Army website . Each year there are about $500 in server fees as well as the money I have to pay a web design expert to continue building the site.

I am wanting to archive the old site to so it will still be visible and upgrade to a new website which will be state of the art. This site alone is $714 AU and then there are the needed upgrades.

The Luke's Army group is a support group for families who have had their children removed by child protection departments. There are currently almost 15 000 members in the Luke's Army group on facebook .

The Luke's Army website was pulling around 350k people a year before it went down due to unforseen circumstances.

The remainder of the funds is to promote the site on online directories and subscriptions to various sites to help run Lukes Army and promote the sites google rankings..

I am sorry to ask for assistance but this kind of money is beyond my reach atm.

The Luke's Army Website

Luke's Story by Luke's Dad

Walk a mile in Luke's shoes. Packing up to move on again, and I take these shoes with me everywhere I go, and a pair of his dirty socks wrapped in plastic to keep his smell in them.
One thing I am grateful for is that I never stopped telling Luke how much I loved him. I would say "I love you more than anything in the world, forever and ever Lukey", and he knew what I meant, because he loved me that much too. I must have said it to him twenty times a day.
Lukey didn't deserve to be dragged off screaming, then moved to twelve different foster homes in six months, until his head was finally smashed in and he was left to die at the age of two!
And now I have to listen to them repeatedly, even at his inquest, telling me how well they looked after him, what a good job they did....
When I first walked into the hospital, the "reunification" bitch was there surrounded by police. It had happened the day before, Luke was left with a fractured skull and wasn't checked until I rang a second time six hours after his 74 year old foster carer told me "He's banged his head and gone to bed."
I begged her to check on him there and then. As soon as I got off the phone I rang docs Qld complaints who told me to ring the manager of Cairns North DoCS Pat Anderson, straight away. She wouldn't answer my calls.
I rang my visit supervisor, the commission for children, I tried and tried, until all I could do was sit in the corner and cry and cry and cry. I had a dream a couple of days before that Luke was in a little boat drifting out to sea, and I was standing on the shore watching him, there was nothing I could do. He was screaming to me, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!"
So the reunification bitch is surrounded by police and I said to her straight away, "I told you to get him out of that house." All she could come back with was "You're raising your voice." I said "Yeh, I get angry, I raise my voice. You get angry and you take people's kids off them."
The police looked away in agreement. I had waited months for a meeting with that bitch, and had it 3 days before Luke's "Accident". I asked for longer unsupervised visits, and a few other things, but at the top of the list was "GET HIM OUT OF THAT HOUSE." The day before at his visit he had huge scratches on his face. The next day at his mom's visit she found a scratch on his penis so bad it had to be seen to by a doctor. He was injured every time I saw him, severe burns and bruising.
He was with a 74 year old foster carer who had four other children. I said to them at that meeting, "He is the size of a four year old but he is only a baby, the other kids are gonna bully him."
The foster carer had been reported before for letting the kids bully the younger foster children, another thing I didn't know. She had many complaints lodged against her.
So I walked into intensive care and there was my little perfect angel, everything I lived for, in a coma. I said to him, "Lukey, Daddy's here." Even though he was in a coma, tears started to roll down his cheeks. He knew I was there.
I stayed by his side the whole six days he was there, singing to him, talking to him, so he knew his daddy was there and he was not alone. I did not want Lukey to die alone.
After three days, he was still relying on a machine to breathe for him, and they told me they were gonna turn off his life support.
I walked in there and for the first time ever I yelled at my Lukey Pookey. I told him, "Breathe Lukey, Breathe. Breathe in...... Breathe out....' and I breathed in and out really loudly so that he could hear it.
Low and behold, my little champion started breathing for the first time since he was in the hospital. I was so happy, I knew he could hear me the whole time, but no one knew for sure because he was in a coma.
So there was hope, and they dismissed their plans to turn off Luke's life support. He breathed mostly on his own all that night until the next morning.
But Lukey's brain was dying. He had been left for six hours with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain which swelled and starved his brain of oxygen, the coroner would not acknowledge any of this. A blatant cover up of the negligence which caused the death of a baby, my baby.
So as Luke's brain died off in sections, he would lose control of each of his organs one by one. I asked if I could sleep with him and hold him through the night and they let me.
When I woke up in the morning Luke had no reflexes at all left, it was like he had died in my arms during the night, only the machines were keeping him going.
I wouldn't get out of bed. It was 11 o'clock when the nurse came to get me. She told me the doctor wanted to see me. I told her I knew what it was about and I didn't want to go.
The doctor cried when he told us it was all over for Lukey. I begged them. I said I didn't care if he was a vegetable or in a coma, I would look after him and watch over him for the rest of my life. If they wanted to do experimental surgery, take my brain, anything, don't let my boy die.
They said they would leave him on life support until 10am the next morning. I asked if Luke's mother could sleep with him until midnight and I could lay with him until it was time to go, it was agreed.
Midnight came and the nurses came to get me. I told them to leave Luke with his mother, I just wanted him in my arms when they turned the machines off, it was like he had died in my arms the night before anyway.
A sick child wants to be in his mothers arms, but I am sure a boy would die in his father's arms should he have a choice.
So Lukey's family all gathered round the next morning, they left it til 11Am so I could have more time with him, then they started to unplug everything. Lukey's heart kept going even after everything was unplugged, my little champion had a heart like a horse.
Then when I couldn't feel his little heart beating anymore, I took him into a room and laid him on the table, he was terrible to look at after having been such a beautiful child.
Then all of a sudden I felt him come into my heart, and he was so happy, and he was saying to me, "I love you too Daddy, I love you too", over and over. I said I love you too Lukey Pookey so much, now you go with the angels now bubba, you go to God, he will look after you.
At Luke's funeral, I started off by playing Puff the Magic Dragon on the church piano as I sang it, it was our favourite song. I thanked Lukey for giving me so many things, more than I had ever known in my life my Lukey gave me.
Then when we all gathered around his coffin, I told everyone to lift him up on our shoulders and carry him out, because he is a champion and should be carried out like one.
Take a walk in Lukey's shoes, and then tell me your child protection system is working. You are desecrating families, children's lives, parents, making them give their whole life earnings, their children's inheritiance to solicitors, in your sick game where you get unlimited legal funding, fake psych reports, and you make any false allegations you choose without and proof needed, and then you hold no ACCOUNTABILITY when your have ruined these kids for life.
So Lukey never got a sorry, and after all the sorries, which are still dribbling out, I see no change, I see corruption openly flaunted by vindictive hateful managers of child protection and their minions, the reunification bitches and nasty caseworkers who gleefully take out personal vendettas on an decent parent who fights for what they love most in the world, their children.
And the politicians, the media, the DoCS workers who witness the corruption and say nothing. Just as guilty. You are all going straight to hell.
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The Instant Solutions Scammers

I joined a reputable website called fiver and found a company call "The Instant Solutions" to help me with my website,

Things went well although they were a bit overpriced and insisted on not following the site rules which was that all payments were to be made through the sites automated payment system. The Instant Solutions didn't want to pay the commission owed to Fiverr for getting them the work. It was a mistake to take my dealings with them away from fiverr.

They were over the top about leaving a five star rating on Fiverr and everywhere for that matter. They asked me to go to different sites and leave five star reviews about them.

Eventually they would trick me into giving them my fb password and my gmail password, saying they needed it to work on my site but it soon became obvious they were using it to post five star ratings all over the place promoting “The Instant Solutions” company.

Evidently, one of these sites was Google Maps as I went there today to put up a review about them and surprise, surprise... There was already a review made under my name which was not made by me.

They would soon direct me away from the Fiverr site altogether. I went along with it as I didn't see that it left me unprotected and just did it to keep them happy because they weren't paying any commissions, and they told me they would do it cheaper but as time went on there prices became more and more exorbitant.

It came to a point where we were well into the project and I was at their mercy because if I refused to go along with their demands and went elsewhere all of the work would have to be started again. They started asking for ridiculous prices for their work but what could I do?

The project was to migrate my website, from the drupal gardens platform to drupal 8.

The payments were made in increments as they completed each task as it presented. I can’t complain about the work they did at all, except that what we would agree on doing at a certain price would not be completed and they would ask for extra money for the tasks that were supposed to be included but weren’t done. I was over a barrell so had to just go along with it.

Well the site was almost complete, and I had paid around $4500. At least on Fiverr the job is completed before payment is authorised and they repeatedly asked for money up front. Sometimes I did it and sometimes I buckled.

So the site was almost done and then ****** (Not his real name because the name he used for the Western Union transfers was *******.) and I owed $500. I had paid every time, sometimes it took a week or two but it was paid, but he demanded the money that day.

After two days he told me that I now owed him another $5000 and that if I didn’t pay it he was going to claim my site and all my data, and that he could make a lot of money from it.

My friend that I spent a year next to built “Matilda” search engine from scratch. Matilda was the main search engine before Google took over when my friend went broke when the blue sky bubble burst in the 80s or 90s, I can’t remember.

Anyway Google took over from my friend’s technology. I sat beside him for a year and learnt a lot about google. I used everything I had learnt when I built my site from the ground up and it was google candy. My record on Google was in a search that resulted in 5 600 000 000 results, my site came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th.

Google has changed a lot since then and it wouldn’t happen again, but the site was still a strong site.

I never ever made a cent off the site, I built it in memory of my son who died at the age of 2. The site helped tens of thousands of people over time and I was told by many people that it stopped them from committing suicide as without it they had nowhere else to go.

I never charged anyone for helping them and funded the whole site out of my own pocket. These guys wanted to make money from my dead son. This was part of the reason I went along with it for so long, I would do anything for my son while he was alive, and that still hasn't changed.

So it likes we are back to square one with the website, and a whole new site is to be built. Once again I will be asking for donations to help build the site as I am depleted of funds although rest assured what little money I do have will go towards the new site.
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I desperately need help funding the website. I have spent about $4000 on it in the last couple of months and owe 1150 USD which they have given me until Monday to come up with, otherwise I lose it all. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.
The web site developers demand money
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My apologies to everyone but the site is down again. It will take some money to get it back up to standard, if you would like to help please give a little towards generating and running the site. I estimate it will probably cost between 1-2k to get the domain registered again and have the site worked on. Thankyou to everyone who has donated in the past.
The Lukes Army website is currently down
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Your donations help with the up front payments of the Luke's Army T Shirts. If you would like to order one please contact me through the GoFundMe website.
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Read a Previous Update
3 months ago

Well as you can see I was being pressured to pay the money within a week by the parasites at "The Instant Solutions." That low life upped it another $5000 straight after this for no reason so I have lost the whole website through extortion. Do not go anywhere near these predators.//

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Michael Borusiewicz
15 months ago

Please visit the Lukkes Army website

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$432 of $2,000 goal

Raised by 19 people in 42 months
Created December 17, 2015
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Davina Italiano
3 months ago

A multibillion dollar child removalist industry is actually still running today. The stolen generation never ended, it just changed form. I will try donate again a bit later. Just helping where I can. Michael is a survivor of his sons kidnapping, then murder, no charges laid, hiding this stolen generation & we the world don't stand for child kidnappings from parents for any reasons (except abuse with evidence by BOTH parents). & we parents, families, & our children demand worldwide recognition.

Kelly Habib
14 months ago
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14 months ago

For Luke

Adam Reedy
18 months ago
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26 months ago

Every night I pray

Peter Mills
27 months ago
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27 months ago
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28 months ago

People Power

28 months ago
3 months ago

Well as you can see I was being pressured to pay the money within a week by the parasites at "The Instant Solutions." That low life upped it another $5000 straight after this for no reason so I have lost the whole website through extortion. Do not go anywhere near these predators.//

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Michael Borusiewicz
15 months ago

Please visit the Lukkes Army website

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