Local Legends: Help Venues Affected by Coronavirus

The venues that we love need our help. Many concert venues and dance clubs are facing the threat of closure after being severely impacted by the pandemic. These are viable businesses that bring joy to their local community, and you can help. We may be staying home, but we can still show our support for the people and families working in the hospitality industry through donating. Type in your hometown on the search bar below to support your local venue and give back to your community. Support Local Legends and donate to music venues today.

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Venues play a key role in their communities. They can be a focal point of the local area, offering somewhere to go to enjoy music, and to enjoy community, as well as local jobs. This campaign exists to help you donate to music venues you love.

Covid-19 has been incredibly disruptive, and the live entertainment industry has been hit much harder than most. This is a chance to help venues affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and more importantly to support your local music venue. Research suggests revenues are down 98% due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This fundraising for music venues is more than just donating. Behind these numbers are passionate people and their families. Hundreds of thousands risk losing their livelihoods, and communities across the continent face losing vital venues to drink, dance, meet new people and create joyful memories in. Without our grassroots venues, bands have fewer places to play gigs, hone their craft - and less chance of being scouted.

Without a thriving music scene, our communities lose so much, and you can help venues affected by Coronavirus. The Local Legends campaign is about preserving and supporting your local music venues. Show your support by donating and sharing the fundraisers. You can help music venues today.

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