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Jim Starr's Faulty Tankchair, helping Jim and his disability's.


All proof can be found here now

this video shows proof that the tankchair company have robbed jim of his tankchair, by means of deception and lies. they lied to the press too. here is Jim on the news about this problem and proof emails / messages/ statements, etc and proof it wouldn't even move a 5 year old child sat on the tankchiar in the end!

 Jim was brought a Tankchair as a gift, for a Christmas present in 2010. It arrived faulty and the Tankchair Company admit they had sold a faulty chair (a Lemon) to Jim. They have taken almost 4 years to get the Tankchair collected and repaired as agreed, then failed to send it back to Jim and his family as agreed. It turns out they deceived him and now want the return costs for the chair paid for again, also the cost to replace faulty motors which need a new chassis to fit (basically almost a whole new Tankchair!). This is so wrong and Jim cannot afford to pay as he would have never agreed to such costs. 

This go-fund-me page is to help get Jim the money back for the faulty Tankchair, that he hasn't had for years now to help get other items needed for his disabilities.

We also want to help Jim with all of his mobility issues he has at the moment. There are other items that can be brought for his needs and to help jim with his autism etc. Any money will be used to help Jim with his disabilities.

Jim suffers from Autism (Asperger's Syndrome) and has multiple spinal problems leaving him the need to use powered wheelchairs. Jim's conditions may and will lead to paralysis.

4 years ago, Jim was able to use the Tankchair whilst on steroid treatments from the doctors, but over the last 4 years, Jim's health has deteriorated and we don't believe that Jim would be able to use the Tankchair again, even if he got it back due to his damaged and worn spine.

We are seeking a refund for the faulty Tankchair, from, due to the incompetence and lack of help from the Tankchair Company and other problems we have had with them over the last 4 years. We have had shockingly bad customer service. (As seen on TV). So far they have refused to refund Jim after a few requests and continue to ignore Jim.

The Tankchair broke down leaving Jim stranded every time he went out on it. It would even break down on his drive since the first day out on it.

Jim is unable to get legal help as he cannot get credit to get the Tankchair replaced / refunded.

We are asking people if they would like to help get Jims life back on track, then please, please donate to help Jim with his disability issues.

His everyday powered wheelchair is unsuitable for him and needs one with suspension with other adaptions as advised by his doctor as the NHS cannot supply a suitable wheelchair for his needs. It all depends on how much is raised in total, depends on how much help we can help Jim.

Jim would like to put this bad experience behind him so he's able to try and get on with his life, with his wife and 2 autistic children in his Dorset home. The Tankchair Company have left Jim depressed over the last 5 years, every Christmas he's depressed knowing his should have had a working Tankchair years ago!

Jim was going to use the Tankchair to help raise money for different charities, enter carnivals and take the Tankchair to places to put a smile on other disabled peoples/ex service personnel  and children's faces. Jim was never able to do so as the chair would just break down every time leaving Jim stranded since the day it arived.

Now he's in need of charitable help himself. He feels bad about this but has no other choice but to accept the fact that he in need of help and support from others. Please help if you can. are refusing to send Jims Tankchair back to the UK from Arizona and have refused to repair everything agreed on before they collected his chair from his home and are trying to charge Jim again! 

This is what Brad Soden sent Jim, before they arrange the collection of the tankchair. Brad knew jim could not afford shipping himself and he offers to repair all faults at no charge to jim.

Brad Soden 
09 March 2012 16:41:40
I got an email from PGDT about what happened.  I am sure we can fix it.  I am wondering if they had tried to switch the modules?  The only way I can suggest to fix this is to ship the chair back here and we will fix it all.  We will reimburse you for shipping costs and send it back with the light system also.  I dont know what else to do as there is no one in the UK that can fix it.  We have other chairs in the UK that dont have these problems, so I will honor fixing it.  I am truly sorry that this one is being a lemon.  lets get it over here ASAP and we will make it right.


Our new shop address is


TC Mobility

2501 w behrend Unit 61

Phoenix AZ 85207

Thank you for your time in reading this go-fund-me page set up to help Jim Starr, Dorset. UK. this page was set up by family  on behalf of jim starr.

Please feel free to share this page with friends, websites and groups etc.

Thank you

please read on...






to be continued... 

brad soden is telling people that on this skype call he got his team into the room and i had agreed cost of repairs / upgrades. please watch this video and tell us where brad soden tells me that jim has to pay for motors and repairs. the only thing jim has asked fo,r that is not covered is a VIN plate. let the truth be known. does this sound like a man trying to sell something or a man telling someone their parts wont fit and they have to have it back as they are the experts. brad soden goes as far as to say their getting his chair back, he don't care about costs!!! let the truth be known. we find it in the publics interest to release this footage that was recorded for a documentary, to be continued... 

this video shows how it broke down on us after a short distance. broke down everytime we took Jim out.

jim was so proud of the Tankchair until the faults started

found this man on wheelchair loves page, on facebook. it's a comment under a photo of a tankchair

B**** L*******
selling mine for a gas powered chair, the ones from tank chair have bad problems, and brake down a lot , the people from tank chair won't fix it unless you send it to them . mine quit working when i was out in the middle of the woods , hunting , had to wait 30 min. for someone to come help me , thank god i had my phone.


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Update 5
Posted by Emma Starr
1 month ago
still no news
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Update 4
Posted by Emma Starr
4 months ago
for 5 years now jim has been severely depressed and unable to cope because the #tankchair was robbed from him by #brad #soden, #liz #soden and the #tankchair company, still nothing from them.

they have now had to relaunch their company as #iron #horse #devices due to these faults.
jim is struggling with autism and depression. brad soden admitted all his chairs were faulty and has left many vets without a useable chair as they are all faulty. brad soden was told this but he failed to listed we have since found out. this company has been robbing people of their independence since 2010
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Update 3
Posted by Emma Starr
5 months ago
still nothing from the tankchair company. they stop talking to you when you quote them word for word!!
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Update 2
Posted by Emma Starr
10 months ago
brad soden has released this statement on facebook. he is the maker of the tankchairs. he has not made any contact with jim and he is still not returning jim's tankchair. his faulty chairs have been made since 2010. in the meantime, jim is severely depressed over this issue and has shut himself away from the outside world. he has no social life at all atm. brad sodens statement is as follows as even more proof of even more issues with their products

Brad Soden
8 June at 20:59 · Chaparral, AZ, United States ·
Apology and Redemption
I need to apologize to all my Tankchair clients. In December 2013 a client, a troop from the FEW called me and said there was an error code on his tank and that it didnt work right anymore. When I asked him for the error code number, he read it to me and there was no record of that number even existing on my OEM chart. I did not know it at the time, but that was the beginning of a nightmare for my business that I have yet to fully recover.
I switched to a new power module system for the new line of chairs. This is basically the "brain box" of the chairs that let it function the way it does. I buy these from a company that makes these for 80% of the wheelchairs in the world. When I called that company on that December morning, the VP of the company said he didnt know what it was and that since no number existed, it must be my programming or design flaw. He then quit taking my calls after that although I do admit calling him a few names before the call ended. This is the same company that makes modules and control systems for the military systems like helicopters so I assumed they would not want to have one of my troops stuck in the snow with their gear broken. I was wrong and from there on out I was referred to their legal dept.
Please understand, no matter what, it was a Tankchair that was broke and therefore it is ultimately my responsibility and not anyone elses. While I have legal representation for what happened now, I cannot talk about anything else regarding that company.
After multiple systems started to fail, I had to issue a recall and Ill skip forward awhile because it was all the same story. Chair was working great, then it feels like it lost all power for no reason. My business went south and cost me all the money in my business and Liz and I had to drain our savings to keep it afloat.
When asking for help from all the smart business people i know, I needed guidance as I never envisioned this happening. I got the same answer all the time. The best thing to do was to claim bankruptcy, start over, and build again. Otherwise, I will lose it all.
When I first made the first ever Tankchair in the world, my wife was the only one that ever believed in me. When I would talk to myself and be up for days at a time in the garage, she would put up with my weirdness. because of her unshakable faith in me, the world now has an industry where wheelchair bound people can get off the sidewalk. I know there are other companies out there that are very successful, but please understand I did it first and they used my model for what they use today. One company even gained access by touring my facility under the guise that they were from a non profit group that was buying my chairs to give to vets.
I never started this to make money. It was strictly so Liz could get out and be a part of life instead watching it go by. We have never been whiners or one to just roll over and take it when things got bad. Being a victim is not in my DNA. While I have a lot of faults, I was never one to give up and when things got bad, I never was one to sit back and watch things happen. I had to dig deep and try and keep this attitude and the only way i did, was my wife telling me she believed in me still and she knew I would fix it. When our back accounts were in the negative and I was selling stuff I have collected over the years to pay the bills, she kept believing in me even though I could tell she had been crying. To those of you that dont know me, the fastest way to piss me off is to make my wife cry. So when it was my own fault that she was crying, I wanted kick my own ass.
Bankruptcy to me was never an option. People had put their faith in me and bought my chairs using their own or donated money from people that gave because they thought it was something they wanted to help and they help by donating. My line of thinking was that if I claimed bankruptcy, I would always be a loser of peoples money that were like minded in wanting to help people. I would never be able to look at these people in the eye again if all their money and goodwill went for nothing. I asked them all to please be patient and Ill make this right.
A final fix is in. I will be starting to take all existing chairs out there and upgrade them with the entire new power module, joystick, and other parts of the batteries and wiring that will get an overhaul. With the new fix, there will not be another track based chair on the planet that will come to the speed an power of the new base. Whether my clients chairs have broken or not, I will be working to replace them all. Out of my own pocket.
I have partnered with good people that will be in charge of the business end of Tankchair and all the products that have its name. They will be setting up distribution and support for all these products. They are good people and are good at running a business. Ill have a role in the company Ill go into later but I want all my clients to know that thanks to your patience, i will make it right and you have the baddest ass chair on the planet. Bar none.
I am starting over financially. I have zero money to start this but have made a deal with the future of Tankchair and I am using that money to launch this. Mongo is a great chair and I never had any problems with it or its predecessor, Speedster. You will be seeing more of Mongo in the future. I have had it out for a while but I could not sell or advance it until I knew Tankchair was fixed. I could not, in good conscience, make money off a new product when my trademark chair was still broken. I know other companies do it all the time but it would not be right. Its all good now and you will see more by the end of summer.
I am putting this on facebook first because a lot of my clients are friends and I wanted you to see it first. There will be a more professional and PR company approved version of this letter later and it will be made public.
Thank you for being patient. Thank you for your understanding. I know it was not what you signed up for, but because you stuck with me, I will be able to advance this and other projects now that will help disabled and also my brother and sister vets. Your money and your faith in me will be rewarded. Always remember this is America and when we get knocked down we pick ourselves up and get back up. We dont stay down and whine about it. That is what makes this country so great.
I have so much more good news on whats coming and things I making for other people but this is not the time. Just be advised I will coming to see you soon or arraigning for your chair to be picked up for the overhaul.
Thank you all again for believing in me. I will not let you down.

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Campaign created 28 months ago
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Emma Starr  
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