Stop Bullying Threats Apt Manager

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Raised by 10 people in 10 months

Hi everyone! I'm an infamous early punk photographer and Scroll to bottom to a sampling of my MANY classic, beloved and many rare punk photos. Celebrities and everyone love my photos.

But alas, this is an expensive endeavor. My precious punk archive, new photos and I are endangered.
My archive and I have been financially damaged and THREATENED by my apartment managers.

I'm working on great, affordable, fun, easy classes to teach YOU my secrets
. Photography. Web Design made easy. Content. Social Media. Putting it all together in fun, immersive, affordable experiences. To bring you excitement, inspiration, advice and great tips!

Instead, I'm attacked by these BULLYING HARASSERS. Wow, do I have evidence! Photos, vid, audio, text messages and TONS of emails. Abusive, accusing, punishing, yelling, intimidating, threatening, serial harassers. For six years! 

He literally said: "We don't want anyone to take photos of the trees and flowers. I COMMAND you to stop."

Of course I told him I would not. He said he would call the City Attorney. I told him to do it!

Ha, the City Attorney KNOWS me. KNOWS what is going on. The City Attorney's office encouraged me to sue him!!

BUT that takes money. Which I broke down into rather conservative estimates (scroll down). The more money raised, the better. Something at least to get the ball rolling!

$5, $10, $25 or more: it all adds up. Silly to have to fight him. I've tried everything to get them off my back!

I have EVERY legal right to photograph the courtyard where I live!

In fact, neighbors are so cool! Strangers talk to me when seeing me taking photos. They LOVE that I appreciate their gardens enough to repeatedly photograph them. They invite me into their yard. They cut flowers to give to me. Without my asking.

But where I live? I'm ILLEGALLY threatened. He has NO legal standing to report me. I am not breaking any laws! That is why it's harassment. NO LEGAL BASIS. 

Yet over and over, he yells and COMMANDS me. Then punishes me. WHAT THE ??

Triggering my PTSD and worse. I was beaten and verbally abused throughout my life by my parents. The manager sent me reeling into depression by his insistent, constant bullying. Threats. Yelling. Worse.

DreamingBig.Rocks is my new site. Supposed to be up and running by now. INSTEAD I have to fight these BULLIES!

Plus gorgeous artisanal fine art stock photos: free and low cost options.
You can get photos like below. Add your own text. Plus learn how to take photos like this yourself. On a budge. Cool.

The City Attorney encouraged me to file a lawsuit. I can recover money as part of the damages. Worth doing when the City Attorney is convinced my evidence is SOLID! 

Get them off my back. Be compensated for SIX years of illegal harassment and stress.

BUT that takes money! 

$300-500 Gets this STARTED! MINIMUM for a letter from an attorney to get this started. 

$500 to file a lawsuit. 

[$2500 for restraining order (shocked, but a real quote). Trying to DIY]

$1000+ MUCH more to pay an attorney's retainer.

$500 While I'm engaged in all this stressful crap, I am not working. I am not making money. 

I need rent and things, ya know? COSTS money to be a photographer. Even just posting on FB or Takes time and money. Hardware. Software. Camera gear. Time. More.

These are only a few of the many instances of my photos being published. My photos are in museums, galleries, owned by celebrities and regular folks like you and I, in books, magazines, documentaries, websites, blogs, merch and more.

Scroll down to see photos and notes. THIS is what he won't let me photograph! ALL photos taken by me, in MY apt courtyard. 

STOP THESE MONSTERS. FREE MY ART!! Save my home and sanity!

Please help me!! Donate. Spread the word.

I am available for interviews and can provide photos.

Please write me 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want so much to share and teach.

THIS is why I grabbed my camera today.
Not easy shooting across the couryard, holding my camera up high. But I saw this gorgeous bud against the blue sky. 19 years and I've never seen this! 

THEY WANT TO STOP ME DOCUMENTING THIS BEAUTY. Which I will share with you in classes and stock photos!

I still SHAKE thinking about the fear and stress they are causing me. 

I compiled images and notes of his harassment. MANY more incidents like these. I am so ready for my day in court. I'm going to contact major press, blogs and more. 

Do YOU know anyone in the press? Major blogs? I can provide info and photos. Hit me up: Thanks!

HOW dare anyone stop anyone from creating BEAUTY? They are doing that!!

See what I can TEACH you? Both photos digitally enhanced. Wanna learn? I need to take photos to show you!

HELP ME TO HELP YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For 6 years, my apt managers have verbally and written abusive, illegal threats, intimidation and more. Yelling at me for photographing flowers! Sunsets! Rainbows!

They are interfering with my ability to do anything and everything. Imagine
getting over 500 emails in 5 years.

added harmful stress and triggered my PTSD. I've spoken to therapists. No doubt, managers have caused huge DAMAGE to my photo archive, finances and my mental, emotional and physical health.

Apt manager YELLED at me for photographing these spiderwebs. I was standing on the walkway, and moved any time I heard anyone, even 25 feet away from me.

Do you FIND these beautiful? Of course you do. AND these will be part of my upcoming artisanal fine art stock photos. YOU could own this!! To use on YOUR blog, your eBook, PDF, webinar, etc. Yes. 


THIS is what the Clash were raging against!

Joe Strummer, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Backstage, March 3, 1980

I spent months organizing emails, txt msgs, photos, audio and vid proving his repeated abuse. Not just to me. Present and former tenants. OVER 100 tenants bullied! Questionable evictions and (il)legal actions. Many will testify on my behalf. Their behalf!

I cannot continue! I have been so depressed for years. Since their continual threats and bullying began. I am realizing the depth of my inability to function due to their continual verbal abuse.

Built a tabletop photo studio
. So exciting. I can't wait to teach anyone how to do that. How to easily take amazing photos. 

Instead I'm gutted. Barely able to function. I was abused physically and verbally most of my life. I'm taking back my life. To share my great online biz, photo, and so much more advice. 

I moved in here in 1997. He and his wife arrived 6 years ago. It's been hell. Honestly, I had a breakdown. No joking.

BUT I love my bldg, the location. and rent control. I cannot move. Nor should I. I love it here. Except for the bullies. 

What can I give you? My eternal gratitude. More photos. Words of widsom. More. The future is unwritten.

These are so lovely. Glimpse into worlds we often cannot or do not see. Imagine using these or similar images however YOU want!

Products, sites, blogs, webinars, eBooks, PDFs. YES, that is why I am working so hard. For YOU!

I have given and given of my punk photos. For decades, I've not been paid. I've not been credited. My work bootlegged. Even now, I find illegal copies of my book on sites. As for my photos, don't get me started. If you think it's easy to track down, take down and be compensated, well, reality is quite different.

I can give you the satisfaction YOU helped an artist. You helped make a terrible wrong very right.

I am working around the clock creating very unique, marketable artisanal fine art stock photos.  

I am creating FAB affordable classes for you all too. I am constantly asked to teach, to share. I'm doing it. But it all comes to a halt if these BULLIES are allowed to keep breaking the law! 

Should be obvious I am in trouble. I need the funds as soon as possible so I can get outta this hell!

MY photos and teaching bring to much value to so many! We ALL thank you!



Spiderweb on my door. W for Welcome!

He gave me grief for photographing clouds!

Yeah, I'm in all this camera debt and can't use my gear? Really?



THEY WANT TO STOP ME DOCUMENTING THIS BEAUTY. Which I will share with you in classes and stock photos!

This was so cool! Taken in tons of sunlight. Who knew? I DO. I know how to turn your background dark. Wanna learn? HELP ME get these MONSTERS off my back! And help 100 other tenants, past and present. 


I just created and posted the night before he verbally attacked me again. My Facebook timeline for the Full Moon Summer Solstice Eve, June 19, 2016.

Debbie Harry, Blondie's LA debut, Whisky, Feb 1977
Runaways Joan Jett and Lita Ford, Whisky, August 27, 1977
Screamers on Bus Bench, spring, 1977
Go-G0's, Starwood Backstage, March 1980
Clash, 16 Tons Tour, England, June 1980
Clash, 16 Tons Tour, England, June 1980
My fave band, X, 1977-1980. Did ya know "She had to leave Los Angeles" named me Jenny Lens? Truth.
Book covers, mags, docs, sites, merch (often bootlegged): MY photos!

ALL being threatened.
I cannot continue to work like this. My photos are languishing. I am slowly dying inside. I've never made money. This is an expensive endeavor. For you.

Please help me!! Donate. Spread the word.

I am available for interviews and can provide photos.

Please write me 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I want so much to share and teach.

The main reason I am shooting so much is for class material. Plus artisanal fine art stock photos. Like these and so many more unique, magical, mystical, rare, dazzling photos.

For you to play with, make money, and we'll all have a real good time. Together. Thank you.

Please help me!! Donate. Spread the word.

(FYI: I cannot license my punk photos. Celebrities and real people require model releases and/or permission. I can only make available other photos. I included sampling of my punk photos merely as reference. Perhaps you are not familar with my name. Many have seen my punk photos and didn't know I took their fave images.)

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Update 14
Posted by Jenny Lens
7 months ago
MAJOR traction against the INEFFICIENT ABUSIVE apt managers. 4th time in 15 months, SAME apt w/chirping smoke detectors.

I sure got the attention of Santa Monica Fire Dept. They are ON it.

Wonder if Donna Gentry will ride the fire engine truck in next yr's 4th of July parade on Main St, Santa Monica? She might wanna pay attention to info I have on her. Which I am making public to the City and the ONLINE worldwide PRESS and MAJOR Blogs.

The worst is yet to come. 6.5 yrs of this shit. COMMANDING me to stop taking photos in the courtyard. ILLEGALLY INTRUSIVE and ABUSIVE.

Ross and Donna Gentry: watch out, I've only just begun to fight.

JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, stop calling me names, stop the accusations, STOP DEFAMING me with City personnel, just DO your work and SHUT THE FUCK UP. It's ON!

(How silly do ya have to be to push me? They don't believe I can do this. THEY don't believe I have worldwide influence. LET'S ALL PROVE THE CITY, the owner (Roberts Co/RHB) and especially ROSS and DONNA GENTRY who's boss. WE THE PEOPLE.

If we don't USE our laws, we lose 'em. Not on MY watch. I didn't earn my ABA Paralegal Certificate from UCLA (got an A of course) for nothing!

Again, all the money raised is sitting in a separate account at the bank. ONLY used to fight to save my home and restore peace and quiet here!

Pls share and give whatever. EVERY dollar counts! Thank you and love you!!
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Update 13
Posted by Jenny Lens
8 months ago
Called ALL the City Fire Inspectors and Fire Chief. Got his email to send some interesting data.

Apt manager Donna Gentry rides in the Fire Engine Truck on the annual 4th of July Parade on Main St, Santa Monica. Will she AFTER I share what I know with Fire Chief?

Told one of maintenance men about issue. Called bldg owner and left vms to several people.

Wow, it's QUIET. ONE month of chirping every 30 seconds. I can hear birds, leaves, planes, car, ppl working and talking. NO fucking chirping. THAT is just the beginning!

Ross and Donna Gentry: leave me alone, do your job or all hell fire is gonna break loose. I've got more evidence than any judge or mayor or city manager wants to see. MORE than I ever wanted to know about.

NEVER push ppl to the breaking pt. They just might break you.

Ok, now can I please get some work done and be left alone to create and teach?

Sadly, won this battle but the war is still ON!

Thanks for yr help and support and most of all, belief in me and your friendships. Much love and gratitude.
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Update 12
Posted by Jenny Lens
8 months ago
Preparing MAJOR email to MAJOR ppl in SM govt. TWO defective smoke detectors chirping every 30 seconds. Been recording them for weeks. I reported this last year to manager. Resulted in my being threatened, insulted, demeaned and worse.

I filed Complaint with City Attorney. Who are sitting on their behinds. WTF. I'm gearing up for war. IN a BIG public way.

One reason I've been quiet here.

I still need money for legal help. EVERY penny donated is set up in a separate checking account. I won't touch it except to fight these MONSTERS.

Thank you for your belief in me. And the 100 past and current tenants, suffering under these dictators.

IF anyone doubts what I'm saying, I'm preparing to make HUNDREDS of emails very public.

Plus vids, photos and text messages. A lot of scary racism and threats. They are equal op offenders.

Ok, other than that, I'm reading like crazy. All from Library: watercolor books, a fab book on Color (I want to buy it!), great book on Hemingway's Sun Also Rises, Rules for Radicals (another I want!), new book on Grit and one on Fermentation.

Never checked out so many library books. Alas, some will go unread cos of ALL this wasted time on these MONSTERS!!

But I gotta turn to art and good reading to keep my sanity. Otherwise I just wanna cry. They are such a drag on so many levels.

Hard to breathe. BUT I believe the TRUTH sets us FREE! And punishes those who trespass on others. One can dream, right?

Lots of work to be done ... BLESS you all for BEing the FAB folks you are. Many thanks. Now walk tall! Never be afraid or give into irrational, power hungry, illegal words and deeds of people who think they have the right to bully you!
Manager called Chinese students PIGS
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Update 11
Posted by Jenny Lens
8 months ago
ASSHOLE manager is at it again. I just sent email to owners. I am so tired of his constant silly nonsense and unacceptable behavior. But I am no longer afraid!!

I will make it public before they take me down. I am praying it doesn't go that far.

Thank you all for supporting me. I still have my GoFundMe. ALL the money in a separate checking account. But I could use more to engage the BIG guns.

SO hard to be focused when that man is constantly harassing and insulting me. Threatening too. So tired of his nonsense.

Oh, he doesn't like ME swearing. ( told him, in my living room, "Fuck you. Go to blazes" COS HE ACCUSED ME of "practicing law without a license." ANYONE can cite code. I'm an ABA Certified Paralegal from UCLA, and Certified Legal Secretary form UCLA. Earned As in both, of course.

WE hear him swear at tenants LOUDLY and OFTEN. In the very public courtyard. WE all can hear him!

As I told him, He can go to blazes!

Thank you. Please Share!
Do ya ever wanna just SCREAM[ers]?
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$525 of $2,500 goal

Raised by 10 people in 10 months
Created June 20, 2016
David Jones
10 months ago
Michelle Ghaffari
10 months ago

Go get 'em, Jenny!!

Mark Martinez
10 months ago

protect your negs/photos, insure them as that coo coo might do something coo coo.

Michael Angelo Torres
10 months ago
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10 months ago

Good luck, Jenny.

10 months ago
10 months ago
Lousie Stowell
10 months ago

For My Jenny. It isn't much, but I hope it helps!

Chalkie Davies
10 months ago

With love to my dear friend.

Dino Everett
10 months ago

Got your back my good friend...

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