Local Police Officer Falls Off Bridge
GoFundMe Campaign Photo
Kenneth Lewis had only been a police officer for three months when a terrible accident occurred. While performing a routine traffic stop on the side of a bridge, a drunk driver slammed into his parked police car, threatening to pin Officer Lewis to the wall. To avoid being crushed, he jumped over the bridge railing. The car missed him, but unfortunately he lost his grip and fell 30 feet to the ground.

Officer Lewis was then airlifted to a nearby hospital to begin treatment on some serious injuries, including a torn aorta and a broken pelvic bone. As the medical bills began to mount, the Lewis family turned to GoFundMe to ask for help. Immediately, donations started pouring in from all over in support of Officer Lewis’s recovery.

His sister Emily writes, “All the donations received are wonderful! Thank you to everyone that has helped out!” To donate toward Officer Lewis’s recovery, visit his GoFundMe Campaign