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About the Author
My name is Rick Dack. I'm the Founder and Director of Defending The Bible Int'l, a Minneapolis based apologetics organization that has been in existence since the year 2000. I am the sole employee of this ministry. Defending The Bible Int'l is not financially supported by any person or faith-based organization. All of my ministry efforts have been out of pocket (I am the ministry's graphics designer, researcher, animator, public speaker and marketer). 


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What am I raising the money for?
I am requesting funding for the editing, printing, distribution and promotion of my new book, “Hollywood Bible Myths.” This book is the first of its kind with this type of content. I need the funds no later than Tuesday February 28, 2017.


New Book Chapters (Film Reviews and a Scriptural / Archaeological Defense)

-          The Young Messiah

-          The Ark (UP Network)

-          Noah

-          A.D. The Bible Continues...

-          Killing Jesus (Bill O'Reilly Docudrama, Nat'l Geo)

-          Exodus: Gods and Kings

-          The Bible: The Epic Miniseries (History Channel)

-          Son of God

-          The Nativity Story

-          Jesus (CBS miniseries)

-          Mary: Mother of Jesus (NBC film)

-          Noah's Ark: The Miniseries Event (NBC film)

Why this book? Nearly 30 Years of anti-Bible Media Myths and Biblical Illiteracy in the Church!
Since Martin Scorsese’s 1988 film “The Last Temptation of Christ,” anti-faith media propaganda has flooded the marketplace and biblical illiteracy is on the rise (polls via CBN, Igniteus and ChristianPost.com prove this is a fact). Unfortunately, many Christians cannot tell the difference between The Holy Bible and the Hollywood Bible (proven by Amazon.com Bible movie reviews). Can you tell the difference?

This Book exposes Hollywood Bible Myths. This ministry endorses " scripturally accurate" Bible films!
The following are examples of current Hollywood Bible Myths (2000-2016) that are broadcast on the big and small screen ---> they need to be exposed, removed and replaced with Bible movies that aspire to be biblical accurate!

- Noah builds the Ark with the help of exploding rock monsters called “The Watchers” (Noah, 2014).

- Noah is attacked onboard the Ark by Tubal-Cain (Noah, 2014).

- Noah wants to murder his grandchild/grandchildren (Noah, 2014).

- Noah’s Ark is attacked by Lot and is almost destroyed by fire (Noah’s Ark: The Miniseries Event, 1999).

- The Old Testament Joseph never existed (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 2013).

- Homosexuality was not a part of Sodom and Gomorrah (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 2013).

- Egypt’s first plague was caused by a crocodile attack on a boat (Exodus: Gods and Kings, 2014).

- Samson scenes are either missing or have been changed (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries).

- King Darius is missing from the “Daniel in the Den of Lions” storyline (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 2013).

- King Herod is tormented by the ghost of Isaiah in his dreams (Killing Jesus – Documentary/Film. National Geographic Channel, 2015).

- Mary denies the angel visitation to her Mother (Mary: Mother of Jesus, 1999).

- Mary doesn't want to marry Joseph. She allows an occultist to read her palm, her future (The Nativity Story, 2006).

- Mary is accused of sleeping with a Roman/Herodian Soldier by her Father – not scriptural and “out of context in film” (The Nativity Story, 2006).

- An angel disguises himself as a little boy in front of Joseph. God morph’s into Moses’ son (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 2013 and Exodus: Gods and Kings, 2014).

- The Magi use maps/instrumentation “not a star" to find Jesus (The Nativity Story, 2006).

- Biblically inaccurate King Herod and "Massacre of the Innocent" scenes ("Mary: Mother of Jesus" film released in 1999 starring Christian Bale plus other films).

- James (Jesus' brother) locates Jesus in the Temple (age 12) not his parents – contradicts Luke 2:46 (A.D. The Bible Continues, 2015). 

- An invisible demon kills a young bully with a discarded apple – Jesus resurrects him. A murderous Roman soldier stalks the young Jesus (The Young Messiah, 2016).

- Jesus (age 12) has an identity crisis about being the Messiah…then he doesn't (Mary: Mother of Jesus, 1999).

- Jesus kills a bird and then heals it ("Jesus" starring Jeremy Sisto, 2000).

- Jesus raises Lazarus with a kiss to his head (The Bible/Son of God, 2013/2014).

- Jesus is shocked about his upcoming death during the Last Supper. Note: Jesus on numerous occasions told his disciples he would die – no surprise at all to Jesus (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, History Channel, 2013 and “Son of God” companion film, 2014).

- Jesus’ trial before the crowd: Barabbas is missing and is now Simon the Zealot (What?). Same actor (Fraser Ayres) played both parts from previously associated miniseries “The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.” Were Barabbas and Simon twins? (A.D. The Bible Continues…2015).

- Jesus' words from the cross cannot be heard or were fictionalized. The mourners were too far away? The disciple John is absent from Golgotha – Note: If John was absent from the site of the crucifixion then parts of his gospel are lies (Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Jesus," 2015. Risen, 2016).

- Future allusions to Jesus’ body being consumed by wild animals (The Young Messiah).

- A discussion about Jesus’ body being cremated (Risen, 2016).

- Thomas sees Jesus with the other disciples at Jesus’ first post-Resurrection appearance – not biblical, see John 20:24. (The Bible: The Epic Miniseries, 2013. Risen, 2016).

- Pilate forces Caiaphas the High Priest to eat dead Roman soldier ashes (A.D. The Bible Continues…2015).

- A disciple of Jesus (Simon the Zealot or is it Barabbas?) is drugged by Zealots (A.D. The Bible Continues, 2015).

- Caiaphas’ wife commits suicide or is murdered (A.D. The Bible Continues…2015).


Harsh yet necessary words > The Silence of the Lambs and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
For decades Bible myths on the big and small screen have been met with either deafening silence from the church or endorsements from well-known Pastors and Christian Celebrities. Apparently, praise and influence amongst filmmakers overrules scriptural accuracy for some of the wannabe “liked” and wannabe 
“famous.” It’s time for the church to decide whether the Bible is the historically accurate “Word of God” or simply a nice book that is acceptable to manipulate, sometimes act as a paperweight, doorstop or a dusty textbook in your home, church or school library. Perhaps some clergy and their congregations do not know how to defend the Bible from media attacks (this book is for them). This author knows for a fact that some behind the pulpit do not care if the scriptures are fictionalized. These “wolves in sheep’s clothing” need to go! In other words, “don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya” or maybe it’s a good idea. Hmm? This author has waited twelve years for someone else to write about these overt “Hollywood Bible Myths” - an instantly recognizable problem - if you read the scriptures. My patience ran out!

How the money will be used
Raising $10,000.00 may seem like a lot of money over the next 3 months but look at the minimum costs of printing and promotion…

- National Religious Broadcasters booth, convention, book signing ($5,000.00)

- Editing/Printing  - trademark, ISBN, hard copy, e- book etc ($1,500.00 – $2,000.00)

- Marketing group ($3,000.00 – $5,000.00 minimum).

- Promotion (Radio = 4 days a month, I hour show cost > $1,200.00), E-Blast (minimum of $1,000.00)….so you see, $10,000.00 is the minimum this ministry needs.

 If I had a publishing deal this request for financial help wouldn’t be necessary. It is necessary.

What you receive in return
 - A donation of $30.00 or more you will receive a copy of the book plus an additional copy for your Church library.

- Your donation will be deducted from a “live” class/presentation conducted by Defending The Bible Int'l. -----> Contact this ministry with your name, email address, donation amount, name of Church/School, City, State and contact phone number. We want to keep a record in order to fulfill this offer.

How soon I need the funds
Tuesday February 28, 2017.

Thank You
Defending The Bible International appreciates your consideration and donations in order to make this unique book and it’s proper promotion a reality.

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