Help Green's Recover from Mold

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Help the Green Family Recover from Toxic Mold! 

Charles and Kim Green, along with their daughters Emma , 17 and Joy, 14 are dealing with the cost of removing toxic mold throughout their house and making it a healthy home for their family. This process includes waterproofing their basement, replacing their roof and insulation, and remediating the mold from the top to the bottom. Once the first steps are completed, the drywall and flooring can be replaced and the final repairs can be made. 

The Greens moved to Illinois in the summer of 2014 so Charles could pursue chaplaincy training. He had been a pastor for over 20 years and it was a step of faith to move across the country with two teenage daughters and a lot of uncertainty regarding where exactly they would live and what employment they would have as he went through the training. For the first year of training, they lived with friends and Kim worked as a special education aide and their daughters got settled in school. After 9 months with their friends, they began looking for somewhere else to live. It was challenging to find a home they could afford. After much searching, they discovered the cutest little house close to where their daughters attended school. It was certainly small!  But it looked to be in great shape, was a good price, and they finally had a place to call their own again. They affectionately called it The Little House.

But all would not be well for long. They began to have sinus problems. Their daughters began to struggle with extreme fatigue and would consistently run low-grade fevers. One of their daughters began to have a persistent tightness in her chest; it felt like her heart was racing at times. Many doctor visits did not lead to any answers. Nothing they tried seemed to help the situation.

When Spring Break rolled around in March of 2016, they looked forward to the much needed rest and hoped they would recover from the persistent illnesses. But as the week went on, their older daughter got progressively worse. The longer she rested, the worse she got!  After two ER visits for extreme tightness and heaviness in her chest, the doctor decided to try a nebulizer. This was the first thing that seemed to help. This caused Kim and Charles to have an inspector come in and test the air in The Little House. The inspector discovered mold throughout the house. It was hidden behind the drywall, which was why they had never noticed it before.

They were encouraged to leave the house immediately! They had to throw out their furniture, mattresses, and anything else that was porous because of the spore count in the air. All the carpet had to be ripped out. Much drywall has come down, with more to come. Unable to live in their own house, God has provided a place to stay temporarily through the kindness of a friend.

Challenges lie ahead for the Greens. First and foremost, they need to get their daughter healthy. They have seen improvement in her health, almost from the moment they left the house, but it has been slow. They also need to make their house a home again. Please support them through this difficult time. Thank you so much!
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Hi everyone!
As 2016 comes to an end, I want to update you on how things are progressing here at the Green house! We finally had the house assembled and cleaned in such a way that we could get back into the house just as school was starting in August. Most of our belongings were either thrown away or stored in the pod in front of the house or the garage to be sorted through and cleaned. We gradually have sorted and cleaned and thrown away to the point that we could get rid of the pod in October. The garage is still packed with things to sort through and either get rid of or clean. The girls are sleeping in their rooms now and our bed is currently in the dining room here by the kitchen as we wait for the basement to be finished. In November the contractor was finally available to work on the basement so that we can have a bedroom again down there. The basement was actually plumbed for a bathroom when we moved in, but no fixtures were there, so while all this was being done to the basement we also had him put in a bathroom. We are getting close to the point where we will be able to move our bed down there and have a bedroom again! That will be so great! We are so thankful that the house is healthy again and we are able to live in it. We knew that this last phase would last a while, getting the basement usable again. The house is so tiny that we do rely on the basement a lot! But we have managed just fine and are thrilled to be back in the house at all!
Emma's health is doing really well! She did well through the fall semester at school and it has been wonderful to see her health continue to improve. Joy is doing really well too. In general we have all been physically healthier this fall than in the past I think, and I'm sure the health of our house has a lot to do with that.
We are so so thankful for all the love and support we have received from so many of you through this season of our lives. You have given so much in the way of money, a place to stay for weeks on end, help with construction, and words of encouragement. We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we have received and we are so grateful for your generosity! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Charles, Kim, Emma and Joy <3
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Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post an update! We have been working like mad on the house, trying to get everything fixed so we can move back in as soon as possible. We are so anxious to get back in our own home!!
Last week we had three groups of people working on the house simultaneously. The roofers took off the whole top of the house, the insulation sucker people sucked out all the attic insulation, and then the mold remediators took care of the mold up there before the roofers then put a new roof on top and the insulation people then blew new insulation into the new attic. It was quite an ordeal! The basement has been trenched, some more drain tile put in, cement put back in, another drain moved to a different spot, the basement mold remediated, carbon straps attached to help strengthen the foundation where some horizontal cracks were hidden behind the drywall, a new sump pump installed, rotten pieces of wood sill removed and replaced, carpet torn up, two coats of floor sealant painted on, and I'm sure there are other things that I am forgetting.
Tomorrow the septic system will be taken care of and a company is coming to clean all the ducts. Next week the new flooring will be installed. We still have some patching of drywall and painting to do on the main floor, vapor barrier to install in the basement, some stuff related to water drainage outside, they are going to put an egress window in the basement, rearrange some of the dirt outside the house to slope more, and then of course on top of that we have to do the framing and drywall in the basement, and there happens to already be plumbing piped to the basement, so we may throw on a toilet, sink and shower down there.
We have kind of thought about this process in three phases: Phase One was the big stuff related to the roof, mold remediation, and basement drainage, which were done last week. Now we are in Phase Two, which is the stuff that needs to be done in order for us to move back in, like the duct cleaning, floor installation, wipe down of the entire main floor, etc. Then once we are in the house we will probably be in Phase Three for a while. That's all the stuff that still needs to be done, but which is not a requirement before we actually are living there. Like framing in the basement. Charles and I will probably sleep in the living room or dining room for a while. Which is fine. We are just excited to get back in our own house!
As far as our family goes, I think Emma is continuing to improve. She has another appointment with a specialist in about a month. The real test will be when school starts again and her schedule is full. Also, marching band will begin in full force August 1, so it should be interesting to see how she holds up under all that physical strain. We are so thankful that she is so much better than she was, though, and are hopeful that her senior year will be a healthful one! Joy is doing well, but currently struggling with an ear infection that wants to hang on.
As for Charles and me, we are pooped. We are so thankful for how things are progressing with the house, but still are swimming in so much yet to be done. I guess you could say we are overwhelmed and physically/emotionally exhausted. We don't know many people really well here yet, so we are doing a lot of the work by ourselves, and it goes so slow! It will be good to have the ducts cleaned tomorrow, because then we can turn the air conditioner on, which will help with the exhaustion. I've never sweated so much in my life!
Financially, we are not quite to our goal yet, but we are so thankful for all the gifts we have received from so many people! What a blessing it has been! Thank you again to everyone who has been so supportive of us during this process! We appreciate your prayers so much! Please pray that we can get back into the house soon! And pray that we could somehow figure out a way to enjoy some time together as a family before school starts. This has been a very weird summer, (it's been a weird few years, actually), and the girls have been so flexible, but we really are missing the time to just relax and enjoy playing together. Pray that we would find moments here and there to just enjoy each other. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! We appreciate it so much!
Love, Kim, Charles, Emma and Joy
Roof removed and replaced
Cutting drywall in the dark =-)
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Hi Everyone!
We wanted to update you all on how things are going here! Thank You So So So Much for all your generous support!! I am so happy to report that we are almost to our goal! Between the gifts through this Go Fund Me website, as well as gifts we have received in the mail, we are at about $37,000! Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts <3

Emma has improved a lot since school ended, and we are not entirely sure of which of the various things we are doing have helped, but we are just so thankful to see her health returning and the light back in her eyes! She is not 100% yet, but she is able to get out and do things, which is so wonderful! Thank you for praying for her!!
Joy is doing well and is volunteering at the day camp at our church, which Emma was supposed to work as a staff counselor at this summer before she became too sick to do it. Joy is loving it and doing a great job! She and Emma both went to the first marching band practice last week for the coming school year, and Joy is so excited to finally be in high school and able to be in marching band. I am going to be practically orbital with happiness at watching both of them perform this coming year. I will have a freshman and a senior! Wow!
Charles found out this last week that he will be shifting positions at work a little and will finally have a day chaplain position!! Yay!! And he will be doing those hours primarily at one hospital, which happens to be the one closest to our house! Yippee!! Needless to say, we are thrilled about this!

Now about the house...
We have made several awesome contacts with people who are experts in all this house renovation business, and they have been extremely helpful. We are working our way through all the details and figuring out what we can do ourselves, what we can do with instruction and guidance, and what we need to completely contract out. Work has been started on the foundation issues this last week, with more to be done this weekend, and then next week we have mold remediators and roofers coming. They will completely take the whole roof off, which should be fun to watch.
We are so glad to finally be moving forward and actually completing the work on the house. It is only due to your friendship and generosity that this is possible, so we thank you thank you thank you!

A couple of weeks ago, we moved from the house that we were staying in to another friend's house, who is out of town for about a month. This house is just a couple of minutes from our little house, and we are so thankful that this was available because it makes it so much easier to run back and forth from the little house as we work on it.

We have been so blessed in so many ways! God has been so faithful in taking care of us and providing for our needs. Thank you for for your prayers and your financial help as we make our way through this crazy time! It has meant so much to us to have such caring, supportive friends and family!
Thank you all very very much!
I will post another update soon to let you know things are progressing!
Thank you!
Kim (for Charles, Emma and Joy too)

Carbon Armor Straps on foundation
Chaplain Charlie does construction too!
I can't figure out how to rotate this...
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Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you receiving this are already aware of our situation or have already donated to the Go Fund Me page that was set up or sent support through the mail, and we want to say THANK YOU!!! What a huge blessing to be supported by so many wonderful people! There is no way we could adequately express our gratitude to you. We are blown away by your love and generosity!
For those of you who don’t know, around the middle of April we moved out of our house because we discovered it had a lot of mold. Emma had been sick for a long time and was getting progressively worse. During our second trip to the ER, we discovered that she received some benefit from a nebulizer, which prompted us to consider the air quality in our home. We finally had the house inspected and air quality tested, which turned up the mold, and we were encouraged to get out of the house. We spent 10 days in a hotel and since then have been living in a house owned by one of Charles’ coworkers. In a couple of weeks we will be leaving here and staying with some other friends as this house will be being remodeled and getting ready for the owners to move in themselves. We have been so blessed to have this house to stay in during this time of being displaced from our own house!
We have learned a lot about mold! It can be pretty devastating! We had to throw away our furniture, mattresses, and other porous material which are hard to clean of mold spores. Anything we keep has to be wiped down before bringing it back into our living space. Emma is a little better, but is still not well. We are meeting with different doctors and are going to be trying some different things now that school is out, hoping that we can start getting her healthy again. It is a long, slow process!
We have spent the last month peeling back the layers of the house situation, uncovering more and more things that need to be addressed. Many home inspectors, mold remediators, roofers, contractors, foundation experts, and basement moisture control workers have filed through our house giving expert advice and bids for work to be done. We have met with insurance agents who have confirmed that insurance will not cover any of this, and we have met with lawyers who have confirmed we do not have any legal recourse in the situation. We have also met with many people, including lawyers, to determine the best course of action, whether in our situation it would be best to walk away and pursue foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, something like that, because of the enormity of the issues with the house. Without going through the whole process of our discussions about all these things, we have decided to move ahead with fixing the house. We are really investigating what things can be done ourselves and which things will need to be hired out. If you have a skill that you would like to donate to the cause, we are accepting those too! =)
One of Charles’ supervisors at the hospital where he works suggested a Go Fund Me page be set up so that people would know of our need and have a way to help. We are so uncomfortable asking for help! It has been a very humbling process! It’s such a difficult, expensive situation, and we just don’t see any other way of getting through this financially other than accepting her suggestion and making you all aware of the need.

Also, if you would prefer, here is our address:
Charles and Kim Green
1n454 Center Ave.
West Chicago, IL 60185

We are still picking up the mail at our house, even though we are not staying there. We are getting closer to being able to start the process of fixing the things that need to be fixed!! And we are looking forward to someday being able to be back in “The Little House.” Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! They mean so much to us!!

Charles, Kim, Emma and Joy Green
Our Little House
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Sarah Reum
17 months ago

Charles, as you know I'm one of your Dads old church bunch in Prescott.. when I see this I remember when your grandparents took me in for a bit when my Dad had surgery in Phoenix..I did love those sweet people.... may our Lord keep you warm and safe. Sarah

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$17,790 of $41,000 goal

Raised by 89 people in 25 months
Created May 15, 2016
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Sarah Reum
17 months ago

So glad to get an update... I'm so thankful you're able to be back in your home .. great Christmas present!!! May God bless you..

Gary Kearley
23 months ago

Praying that your health has continued to get better and stronger. I know that the Lord will see fit that you may soon be able to rebuild the house so that you can move back. Keep trusting Him each step of the way.

Mac & Amy Smith
24 months ago

So, sorry to hear about this. Wish we could do more.

Lesley Osiek
24 months ago

Hope things are getting better!

Junko Cheng
24 months ago

God bless you and your family!

24 months ago
24 months ago
Sarah Reum
17 months ago

Charles, as you know I'm one of your Dads old church bunch in Prescott.. when I see this I remember when your grandparents took me in for a bit when my Dad had surgery in Phoenix..I did love those sweet people.... may our Lord keep you warm and safe. Sarah

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