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My name is Trevor David Heinrich.
I am outgoing, determined, love nature, art, music, and have a relationship with Jesus. I am 25 years of age and currently battling stage four non-small cell magnocarcinoma  lung cancer. I have been married to my very beautiful wife, Stella, for for some of the best and most challenging six months of our lives. She is extremely supportive and has played a huge part of my healing process. The doctors unfortunately don’t have anything else for me as far as chemotherapy treatments go, and they recommend focusing now on whole brain radiation for 10 days. I have undergone a variety of different and new chemotherapy treatments for over nine months which has brought us to this point.

I’m not giving up. I believe that my God is bigger than our circumstances and that he will make a way when all other options seems hopeless. I want to live a long life with my wife and believe that Jesus has more in store for my life than death.

My goal is to go to Hope 4 Cancer once I am finished with the radiation treatments. Hope 4 Cancer provides natural and non-toxic therapies. I will be undergoing a variety of specific treatments that you can see by clicking HERE.   When returning, we plan to follow up with the Lancaster Ann Barshinger Cancer Center.

Hope 4 Cancer is the world’s leading alternative cancer treatment facility in Tijuana, Mexico and in Cancun, Mexico. These are resort style facilities on the beach with a Cancer Treatment Center attached. They have a large track record of safely curing multiple forms of cancer. Their purpose is to provide natural methods, including some methods not offered in the United States, and to give patients the best chance of recovery. The center offers more than 20 treatments that are administered by a highly competent staff of trained doctors and nurses. Along with the treatments that impact the cancer cells directly, their key principles include non-toxic cancer therapies, immunomodulation, nutrition, detoxification, oxygenation, restoring the microbiome, and emotional and spiritual healing. They are also a Christian organization and we are extremely grateful for that.

We are grateful for the generosity of so many families over the last year. Please consider to support my healing of cancer! We are excited to see what God will do.

The cost will include:

● 3 week Clinic Stay: $22,500.00 USD

(Includes lodging, transportation, meal allowance, assessments, supportive therapies, follow up & Core HP Supplements)

● SPDT: $7,500.00 USD

(SDT: 1 year Sensitizer & Device to go home, 3 months Home program Supplements)

● Sunivera Immunotherapy: $12,900.00 USD

(3 month protocol to continue at home)

● Plane tickets: $1,500.00 USD at the moment

(we plan to fly as soon as funds are raised and the price could change)

Out of country hospital fee in event of emergency: $10,000.00 USD

This is a very critical time for Trevor. So we plan to book our tickets as soon as we are funded to leave that day. Please pray with us and deeply consider supporting his life and sharing this GoFundMe with as many people as you know.

Here's a short video about one of Trevor’s adventures and heart for people as a way to get to know him. We are hoping to have another video of our love story and life together, but with time being of the essence, you can be on the lookout on our Facebook Page  as it is on hold along with many more current updates.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving your time to reading and sharing this. God bless.
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A link to our new gofundme:



We are so thankful for all of you that are standing with us in prayer and for cheering us on - for our families, our friends, and for the community around us. Thank you so much for all of your kindness that you have showed to us, for the meals you have brought us, for the money gifts that have helped us pay our bills, for all the notes and cards you have sent us, and for all the encouragement you shared with us. Your support and prayers means so much to us, and we appreciate all you have already done. THANK YOU!!

There is still a lot of healing that I need, and we decided to do two more weeks of treatment when returning to Mexico. During that time, the doctors will also review the CAT Scans and MRI results. Our goal is to detox more, ease the coughing, and shrink the cancer.

Thank you for following our journey and supporting us along the way❤️
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I know cancer is not of God, so I can confidently say I despise cancer. I was always taught to use my words wisely, but I feel this is okay to say right now. I know it’s not God’s plan and it breaks His heart as well.

I also know there are things that it cannot steal - our faith and what God is going to do - and we are so thankful for that. I know that our words have power, so we will keep declaring through it all.

We have been doing what we are supposed to be doing but are so ready to just work, hangout with friends, get involved in a church, and be healthy. Trevor and I are ready for the cough and cancer to leave. It’s hard at times, but he really is such a trooper. He doesn’t complain much and speaks life over his situation. Never once did he give into the thought of God not healing him. It amazes me.

Today we are counting our blessings. When things seem hard, we want to remain thankful. We are thankful that this experience only grew us and matured us. We are thankful that a lot of Trevor’s cancer went away in his liver. We are thankful that he doesn’t have headaches anymore. We are thankful for all the support we have had and for the continued prayers, and we are thankful that he didn’t loose his memory while going through full brain radiation. We are thankful that we have days that we can do things that we love to do.

We have the schedule and treatment plan figured out since we are at home, but we are so ready for Trevor to be better. Trevor loves to sing, he loves talking (mainly about God), loves rock climbing, loves making coffee, loves being with people, loves working, and loves hiking. It’s hard that he can’t do the things that he loves. He told me today that he will be able to do them again someday, and I agreed with him. We are taking baby steps, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t get to the top of this mountain and that Trevor won’t be set free. The waiting and the unknown brings out so many opportunities for us to grow and rely on God more. It’s hard at times, but I know it will be rewarding in the end. Nothing can stand against the name of Jesus. We believe it! We live in a broken world, but Jesus came to heal and restore. He can still do that today. He is using the things we are doing to bring healing and restoration. We believe that! Although the journey may be hard, it will be rewarding in the end.

Even though we have a treatment plan at home, it’s nothing like the treatments at Hope4Cancer. Trevor hasn’t been able to do any of the heat therapies and a couple of the other treatments. We feel that we have been doing good, but we miss the cancer center a lot. He was his best with the care that he got at Hope4Cancer. We are praying that he can do more treatments and if we should go back again to Mexico. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to go though!!! It’s amazing how God provided!

Lately we have been watching the Worship Center Online (while doing radiation, while at Hope4Cancer, and so far since we have been home). We miss church and are excited to go back!!

We look ahead with bold confidence through it all - knowing that He is who He says He is! With every step, Jesus is our hope!

Sight and Sound has been so amazing with Trevor as well. They have a plan for him and are hoping to work out something for him to do. Both of our jobs have been so amazing! I started working part time again as a Cake Decorator, which I have done before, but was most recently a Baker. I have been loving and enjoying it! It totally goes against everything Trevor can eat though - haha.

Some prayer requests would be:
-For Trevor as he goes back to work
-That Trevor would get healed from coughing
-A full night of sleep
-For the Heinrich and the Huyard families
-For wisdom about going back to Mexico in June
-That I would continue to be filled with strength and peace
-For continued prayer for Christy and Carson

Thank you again for all of your prayers! We can feel them!
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First week of treatments at home in PA went good!! He is currently going to physical therapy twice a week and “Tree Of Life Health” three times a week. So far, our home treatments are the supplements to boost his immune system, coffee enema, and our diet. We are still waiting for additional things to come in the mail.
Trevor has been sleeping a lot during the day, which is so good! After being on the steroid from radiation, it was difficult for him to sleep. He would wake up often hungry and with a lot of energy. While at Hope4Cancer, his sleeping got better, but he wasn’t sleeping through the night. The doctors want him to continue taking half of a steroid pill in the morning till we meet with Trevor’s doctor from @Hope4Cancer in Mexico again. We are so thankful that he is now sleeping most of the night and following his diet from Hope4Cancer.
We have been successful following the diet for a month now! We are basically eating plant based foods, but can also eat some lean meats. We cut out sugar, dairy, and processed foods. I am a cake decorator, and it has been hard for me to follow it while I’m on the clock, but I’m determined to get healthy too!
We feel like we are doing better with balancing out our time and not doing too much. Taking one day at a time and taking days to rest when we need. That’s also so important when healing!
Thanks for praying for us! We are so amazed that all of this has worked out, and we are already getting into the groove of things. We appreciate your support and encouragement!! It seriously helps!!
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Trevor and I are so excited!! So far since we’ve been home from Mexico, we have been good with following our diet! Nancy will be helping me with meal preparation once a week. I have yet to experiment with juicing, but for now, we have been ordering RiJuice. We still haven’t received the therapies to do at home and are waiting on some supplements to arrive.

Trevor will be focusing on strengthening his lungs, detoxing, and increasing oxygen. He is scheduled to go to physical therapy every Tuesday and Thursday. They will be starting him slow on physical therapy, since the chemotherapy has made him weaker, but we believe that he will build up his strength again. I tell Trevor that he is like Samson in the Bible. He may have lost his strength for a season, but God gave it back to him.

Nancy and Robin have suggested to us the Tree of Life Ministry. They do some of the same treatments as they did at Hope4Cancer, including hyperbaric oxygen, infrared sauna, and light therapies. So in addition to physical therapy, he is scheduled for treatments at Tree of Life Ministry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He is hoping to be able to continue these treatments weekly until June.

We will be sharing this GoFundMe again to raise money to go again in June to Hope4Cancer in Mexico for treatment and to meet with Trevor’s doctor. This is important to see if his needs have changed or if the treatments should be done differently.

We are also in the process of trying to get a home oxygen treatment that he can do while sleeping.
Thanks to all of your help, we were able to purchase an ozone therapy, radiation protection phone cases, and supplements that we needed. Thank you so much!

Trevor’s current treatments at Tree of Life Ministries will cost:
-$270.00 unlimited monthly for the light therapy
-$360.00 for ten sessions of the oxygen chamber
-$20.00 for one treatment of the infrared sauna treatment
-$160.00 for 10 of the infrared sauna treatments
-We aren’t sure yet what the expected cost will be to go back to Hope4Cancer in June 2019.

These are our treatment plans for the next three months, with the hope of going to Mexico for more treatment in June 2019. We want to do our best and continue to trust the Lord with the rest. So far, we have started physical therapy, our diet, getting used to the new supplements, coffee enemas, spending time in the Word, and laying outside in the sun for a couple hours a day - it has been so refreshing! We are so thankful to come home to such beautiful weather.

Trevor has been missing his treatments at Hope4Cancer and has been short of breath more. Physical therapy and the other treatments will help strengthen his lungs.

I plan to go back to work tomorrow, 4/10/19. I enjoy working as a cake decorator, and I am excited to return to work. At this time, I will be working part time so that I can help with his special diet and meal preparations , treatment schedules, keeping the house clean, and having personal time for myself through this as well. Trevor is also hoping to be able to return to work again soon.

We are so grateful for all of your help over the last nine months since Trevor was diagnosed in June 2018 of last year. We enjoy reading your cards, appreciate your help with rent money and groceries, and all of the prayers!! Prayer is so important! This is not our burden to carry. Only God can bring complete healing and restoration. He is using the treatments, but He has the final say and always has the victory.

We have been having devotions and praying together in the morning. It’s been so cool starting our day off like that and setting our eyes on Him. We believe this is going to be a season of healing, freedom, peace, and blessings. He is our provider and our healer! We trust Him! He always knows what is best for us. While figuring out our treatments at home, we keep praying to God for his help and guidance; He knows what our bodies needs and He is the one in control. This peace can be our portion at all times and in all circumstances. “I trust you, Jesus,” can be our response to whatever happens. Adverse circumstances become growth opportunities when we continue to affirm our trust in Him no matter what. We can achieve a victorious life by being dependent on Him. He is able to do far beyond all that we ask or think or could image. He is in control,and we trust him - to provide financially, for Trevor’s healing, and to be in control of our situation.

This has been a difficult yet beautiful journey that only is molding us and growing us. It’s teaching me patience and that He is working even if I feel at times He may not be. That’s just me doubting, which isn’t having the mind of Christ. We are continuously casting our cares and anxieties on Him because He cares for us!! We will not be discouraged because Trevor hasn’t been completely healed yet. We know that this time is only training us and teaching us to wait upon Him. When big things come up, God says to me, ”Do you trust me and know that I got this?” That doesn’t mean calling the doctor and making plans isn’t important. God wants us to do that! Trusting Him along the way is going to Him and asking Him to work out every detail. He’s totally got this! “Keep your eyes wide open to all that I am going to do,” says the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement along the way! We will continue to speak life and praise Him for all that He has done!!! We will praise him for every breath and each day filled with life!

Our hearts are also hurting for my friend Christy, a great friend of mine from high school. Please pray for a miracle for healing for her husband Carson, who was injured from a fall. You can follow them on Facebook “Pray for Carson Stoltzfus!”
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$19,255 of $54,400 goal

Raised by 188 people in 2 months
Created March 1, 2019
Fundraising Team
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