Diana Trimble, vocalist/songwriter recovery fund!!

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Created February 23, 2019

My extraordinary and beautiful sister, Diana Rosalind Trimble, (stage name Diana Rosa), creative force of nature, accomplished intellect and wit, is a world class vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, poet,  published author, and stage performer.  Her scholarly  achievements have been recognised; she was the recipient of the 2003 William James Award, was the keynote speaker at an International conference on Globalization and Spirituality in Kannur, India (2006), she was the second cover of famed cult alternative culture magazine MONDO 2000 who dubbed her 'Grammar Queen', starred in the Individuals of Style Gap ad photographed by Annie Leibovitz, was featured in a sports shoe commercial shot by David Bailey and has worked with various prestigious theatre companies, music collectives & luminaries in the music industry, such as Bobby McFerrin and Robin Guthrie (see website below for more details) - while on the writing side, regularly oontributes investigative journalism for Emerald Magazine.  She has composed hundreds of original songs, poems and limericks, plays instruments,  has a style all her own with a radiant smile and livens up any humorous exchange or philosophical debate.

From early on Diana showed all the signs of genius which has found expression through her creative works up until present day.  Diana is also kind, generous of heart and a loyal friend who inspires creative expression in others.   Sensitive and empathic with a  desire to do good in this world, music is at the heart of her life; naturally gifted, she never stops developing and working on her craft.  Over the years, she has also guided  and inspired many in their music and creative expression.  All her life, she has been a powerful, energetic person full of projects with a wide circle of friends.


On or around, 24th January, 2019, Diana was suddenly taken ill and rushed by ambulance to hospital in  California, where she was visiting friends.  She was in intensive care for 4 days with pneumonia, a urinary tract infection, rabdo, inflammed colon and sepsis.  Once these infections were eradicated it became clear, 7 weeks later,  after numerous tests and scans, that she had some kind of gastrointestinal condition or disease underlying the health crisis which has since been confirmed as most likely to be Crohns.  As well, to add to the upset, it has been revealed that she has drop foot which may need surgery. 

As a result of this crisis, Diana has understandably not been able to work and also lost her car to the impound and with that her laptop.  Thanks to this fund and your donations, she was able to buy another, smaller but adequate laptop. 

20th April, 2019 - UPDATE

The past 3 months has been a rollercoaster.  Diana has been in and out of emergency room 4 times since her initial discharge with flare ups and other complications. 

Thanks to the donations made to this fund Diana has been able to stay afloat with accommodation as she needed to stay on to attend medical appointments and was also not in a stable enough state to get back home.  Diana was again in hospital, this time for 5 days and was discharged two days ago.  With the donations, she was able to  buy a plane ticket back home where she will at last be able to have continuity of care.  She is again on a liquid diet and various medications.  It is essential that she have the stability of abode again in order for her health management to proceed smoothly.  It has been incredibly difficult being in another state and having to rent various short term accommodations whilst struggling to stay well.  This experience has been deeply traumatic and it will take months to recover from in all areas, in addition to physically, she will need therapeutic help mentally and emotionally.  Her focus has to be on her health on staying well.  Her freelance business in writing, research and private investigation will have to go on the back burner and will take time to rebuild, while the physical work of house decorating won't be possible at all for some time. 


Diana has medical insurance, which is not the most comprehensive or privaledged insurance.  There is much that it does not afford, such as holistic remedies and she is also going to need healthy organic foods to bring her back to health, something the hospital simply does not provide.  Natural and holistic therapies and approaches will be essential. Her insurance does not cover all of this nor her support, thus why this fund is so crucial. 


If you would like to make a donation towards Diana's health and survival needs to recover and as she recovers in body, mind, emotions please do whatever you can through this page.  Every bit helps and donators are also invited to listen to Diana's catalogue of music and download tracks from:  http://unownedartist.bandcamp.com/

I am also in dialogue with some music industry people about future projects for Diana.  As some of you may know, her voice and originality of music is somewhat legendary in an underground way, with the likes of Bobby Mc Ferin, Robin Guthrie working with her and being lead vocalist in two exceptional and renowned music and experimental theatre companies, touring Europe and the States. 

The donation funds will be released from Gofundme into my account in the UK where I live, then transferred to Diana's UK bank account (we are both with Barclays) from which she can withdraw in the USA using her debit card.


It is not easy to reach out and share this very upsetting situation on a social network.  As a family, we are very private about our difficulties and try to work things out on our own, but this is more than we can manage and afford on our own. I've never done anything like this before and my sister can't and would not reach out for herself.  She is fiercely independent and doesn't like to ask for help.  This is part of why she got into such a state of being unwell.  She was overstretching herself and not taking good enough care of herself. 

Being so vulnerable and dependant upon doctors and nurses  confined to a bed, barely able to walk, has been incredibly hard for someone so active, vibrant and productive. 

As we all know, anyone can fall into ill health for a multitude of reasons and getting healthy again can be quite a lengthy and expensive process.  I have seen  others use this social funding and succeed in their goals, so I hope it will work in my goal to support my sister regaining her health.  Right now, she is hanging on in a sort of limbo state, until there is room in one of the higher care hospitals that has been approached to take over her care.

With a collective effort of people caring and helping, Diana's recovery can and will be ensured for the best outcome!   Let's see her enjoyng her life again, sharing her many gifts with the world and shining in her unforgettable way of being!

THANK YOU!  for taking the time to read and to care. There will be periodic updates to donors as to Diana's status and what your contributions have provided and facillitated. 

Again, you are also invited to go to Diana Trimble/Diana Rosa's catalogue of recorded music from the mid 80's to now  Unowned Artist

For a taste of what Diana was working on in New Orleans before this happened, check out:  Happy Birds of Blueness 

Suzanne Bella Rosa Land - aka Suzanne Trimble,  Diana's Sister


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Dear friend,
I spoke to Diana today and her voice sounded clear. She is really concerned in particular about her foot, as am I. now is on finding out what can be done for Diana's foot. There are lots of questions that have not been answered by doctors to date and which are not possible to get answered onlie. I am inquiring here in the UK and Diana is going to be trying to find out the answers in NOLA.
It is important to find out whether it is best to keep waiting for the nerve to regenerate, whether that is a liklihood or if it better to have an assessment for surgery and what sort of surgery would be necessary. There are two possibiliities, i.e. nerve grafting or muscle grafting. Everything takes a lot of work for Diana to get appointments and referrals. We are not going to be complacent about this condition and assume that there is nothing that can be done. Now that she is settled back in NOLA it is possible to assemble a consistant team.
She is also supposed to have surgery for the partial blockage.
There will soon be a hematologist on board to monitor the blood clot situation. Surgeries have to wait until its safe to do so.
Diana is still flare up free and on the liquid diet, which is quite challenging, but she is doing it!
There haven't been any donations fro 10 days now, so if you are able to pitch in again or ask friends to help, you would be helping a lot. Also if you or anyone you know, has expeirence in making campaigns viral please let me know.
Thanks for your belief and support!

Suzanne and Diana
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Dear Friend,

Diana arrived safely back in New Orleans late Thursday night, thankfully without any flareups during the journey! As of being back in NOLA, she has been resting and thankfully is still flareup free. :-)

Thank you for your prayers and visualizations. I am sure that they helped!

Now, she is focused on seeing a GP there as soon as possible and assembling her team of care. Of great concern right now is ascertaining who can perform the surgery to cure the drop foot. Yet to be known is whether the surgery needs to be a nerve graft, a muscle graft or both, however it is the peroneal nerve that has been affected, possibly as a result of her legs having been so intensely swollen from edema for 6 weeks when she was first hospitalised. The peroneal nerves are quite delicate and can be damaged by compression.

We have done research into drop foot and it looks like electro stimulation would be a good idea (I can't understand why this has not been prescribed or done as yet in these past 3 months) so Diana is going to purchase an electro stimulation machine from a drug store to stimulate the nerves. It would be great if this would awaken the nerves in some way or stimulate them to re-grow. Certainly it could not hurt to try.

The surgerys that address drop foot are complex and expensive ($30,000- $50,000) and Diana is now embarked upon finding out who can do it in Louisiana on her insurance coverage. I am also looking into it on my end. The blood clot situation of course also needs to be monitored properly and not be an issue before doing any surgery. Diana is still on blood thinners to address this matter.

We are putting our heads together to see how we can raise funds using her musical talents and social media, such as youtube. She would love to generate support in this way so that it is interactive and supports her whilst uses her gifts! It would be amazing if we could do something that could go viral. If you or anyone you know is experienced in the area of viral videos, please let me know!

Thank you for being there during this challenging journey.

All love

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Dear Friend,

Today is an important day for Diana as she flies from San Francisco back to New Orleans. I will be calling her morning her time to see how she is feeling and will be in a prayerful state all day visualizing her in a balanced and stable state until she is safely back in New Orleans. Please also keep her in your positive thoughts and prayers today, that she feel and be stable physically and that everything goes well. Please envision her staying well with her blood circulation moving around smoothly, people being helpful and all going in a gentle and calm way! As you may know, envisioning people one loves and hoped for events in a beautiful light along with the positive feelings helps to empower the vision's manifestation. Thank you in advance for contributing to and being within this circle of prayer power!

The last couple days, Diana has been resting, trying to allay and prevent a flare up from happening as there has been abdominal discomfort. She did not want to go to hospital again. She is on a liquid diet, no solids, but unsure of what to ingest for sustainance as it is not an exact science as to what will or won't trigger a flare up. She is already doing all the right things based upon her research and experience so far. She is in a very positive place mentally regarding the pulmonary clots and clots in her legs. She feels confident that as long as she moves about the cabin frequently, all will be well. I have been feeling concerned yet at the same time, since I cannot change the situation and she is set on flying today, I am consciously aligning myself with her positive view and must trust that what the doctors have told her is so, that she is fine to fly and have confidence that all will be well.

It's the being immobile for long periods that is the risk factor in flying (or any form of travel) rather than the cabin pressure, so the doctors have told Diana and she in turn has impressed upon me.

Diana has a magnificently strong spirit and has assured me that she is going to get up and walk often. I know that she will. The drop foot situation makes walking not as easy as before all this happened and she is wearing a brace which helps to some extent. She will do her best. That's Diana, she is a warriour in the best sense.

Plane journey is safer than taking the train back. The flight is 5 hours in total with an hour lay over whereas train ride would be a 7 hour journey, plus she would have to go from LA.

The lay over is a good thing in a way, as it provides more opportunity for Diana to walk around and exercise her legs. Previously, I discussed with Diana the idea of finding a way to stay in California for a while longer and not travel, but she explained why it is impractical and not feasable as she doesnt have anywhere to live there, can't continue in limbo, needs stability of abode in order to have consistancy of care during this crucial stage of recovery, to say nothing of the stress involved in staying here and there, in and out of ER, various doctors & nurses, differing opinions, no help with her foot etc. It's also not possible financially for her to keep living out of her suitcase especially in her state.

I should add that also in the last couple days Diana had to go to Santa Rosa to get things she needed out of storage to take back to NOLA. Her good friend came and got her and took her back to San Francisco. It's all been so challenging and exhausting. She has also stayed with three different friends, since coming out of hospital two weeks ago, first Berkely and now San Francisco. Being in limbo, even if one is staying with good friends, is tiring. She needs the sanctuary of a room of her own again, as we all do!

I am going to be in a prayerful state all day keep Diana in your prayers and envision her in stable condition, send her love and ask of loving spirit creator that she be encircled by protective energy so that everything goes safely and smoothly! Also that everyone she comes into contact with is helpful and in right action.

Many would have crumbled by now from the stress of all that Diana has gone through these past grueling months! She has a strong sense of personal mission, of a good she wants to impart, a music career to nurture, so much to give and do and a long life ahead to fulfill her purpose! I must add that Diana also has a strong constitution which is hereditary and has allowed her to get through all this intense medical stuff . Ultimately, it is going to be coming into balance and self healing.

Diana's indomitable spirit and the energy of all our love, moral and practical support which has become a veritable circle of strength, is going to get our Diana through this!

Diana wants me to give you her love and thanks you for keeping her in your thoughts and good energy!


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Dear friend to Diana,

I write to let you know that Diana was discharged from Sutter Hospital in Berkley the day before yesterday. Whilst there, she had CT scan, MRI and a colonoscapy. The latter had not been done by any of the hospitals up until this point. It was confirmed that she likely does have Crohns and that she still has a partial obstruction, which had flared up. It is thought she may need surgury on it, but not until the blood clot situation is not at large. She has to take prednisone for some weeks and is back on a purely liquid diet which she will have to maintain for the next two months as she simply cannot take in solid food due to the inflammation.
She is still in the Bay area where an old friend is putting her up until she leaves for NOLA on Thursday. Thanks to the donations to this fund, including yours, she was able to purchase a plane ticket to fly back home. The doctors tell her that the blood clots will not be an issue, since it is a very short flight and she is on blood thinners which she is supposed to stay on for months.
Diana has already made medical appointments in New Orleans and is looking into getting an orthopedic appointment. It's a lot to try to coordinate.
The foot may need surgery and there is apparently a 3 month window to get this addressed surgically. I am not sure how safe surgery would be with clots in her legs. This needs to be assessed. There is a surgeon Diana has researched with whom she would like to have a consulation. Unfortunately, her insurance is not accepted by his practice, so if she is a good candidate for the surgery to be successful, we have to find a way to pay for it.
Diana looks very much forward to being back in New Orleans where a lovely room awaits her. She will be living in the house of a good friend for as long as she needs. There she will be able to establish her medical team and have the monitoring and continuity of care she needs to pilot her to make a full recovery.

I need help to raise funds for this gofundme campaign. If you would be interested to be an unofficial ambassador by sending messages to your friends and/or family each week or day, that would help greatly! Please let me know if this is something you might be able to do. I have come to the conclusion that I do need help in order to help Diana through all these challenges!

Thank you for giving a think!

With thanks,

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£2,794 of £20,000 goal

Raised by 63 people in 2 months
Created February 23, 2019
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