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My name is Suzanne. I am the babies grandmother. I'm doing this for my grandchild, my son and his lady. My grandson, Joshua, was born July 6, 2017. I'm on a small fixed income and cannot afford an attorney. It's a shame that this is happening to our family, but it is and it all started about 30 years ago. This will be a pretty long plea because without background maybe you'll understand. I know even I still don't understand why she did this to us. She, meaning my sister. The one person i thought I could count on to be there for me and my kids, her niece and nephew.
30 yrs. Ago I hooked up with this guy who is now my husband. His name is Joseph. My sister had just met joseph, we all had a few beers talked and laughed, everything was going just right. We had run out of beer when my sister and I went to the store the get another six pk. On the way there and back my sister was telling me what a good guy Joseph seemed to be and was glad that I had found someone that seemed to carry so much love for me, she said she was very happy for me!
When we got back to her home we walked into the house and found Joseph sleeping on the floor of her living room. I had a little girl almost 2 yrs old from a previous failed marriage. Her name is crystal, she's was a beautiful baby. I found crystal on my sister's bed surrounded with pillows so she couldn't roll off the bed sleeping peacefully. I went back into the living room with Joseph when all the sudden my sister yelped out a scream and came running into the living room carrying a bloody wash cloth. She imeadiatly accused joseph of hitting crystal wiping up the blood from crystals face and then tried to hide the evidence by putting the wash cloth in the sink of the front bathroom. What are you saying, I asked, she said she knows that Joseph hit her little niece, made her bleed , then tried to hide the evidence in the sink. First off I said, if this did happen the way you say, how would putting the wash cloth in the sink hiding evidence? I told her she was wrong that Joseph would never do anything like that. Joseph tried to tell us that crystal had rolled off the couch and hit her lip on the coffee table. She cut her lip doing so. He grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned her up put her on my sister's bed and surrounded her with pillows so she couldn't do it again only this time on her bed instead of the couch. He thought it would be safer there because the bed was so big. I believed what Joseph had to say and what he said happened. Babies roll off couches and beds all the time, hell when we were little both my sister and I did that very same thing. We both ended up with a bloody lip or eyebrow hitting the coffee table. We both tried our best to make my sister see and believe that she was wrong. I also said to her, " you honestly believe that I would be with and stay with a man that would hurt my children?" If I had the slightest thought that Joseph would do a horrible thing like that, number 1, I'd be first making my own bloody mess from his face and number 2, I defenatly would not be with a man that would hurt my child or any child for that matter. But my sister would not see the goodness and truth in joseph, and today almost 30 yrs later still holds a fantastic morbid grudge against him and myself since then. Of course if Joseph was like that it would have come out in him at some point. Of course it did not. Joseph is a good kind person and a wonderful father to both my daughter crystal, and to our, 4 years later, son, Dakota. During those years of both our children growing up, my sister planned, put into action, and even recruited others to her sinister plans to hurt Joseph and in turn hurting the whole family. My sister, from the time she believed Joseph hit my daughter till this day has followed thru with anything and everything she can think of to hurt us, or trying to break us up, including plans of murder.
She tried to steal both my children from us several times. The last time was the worst. We were living in Nebraska, doing alright. Our business was starting to look up.
My sister called said there was a really good job down by her home and the person who wanted Joseph to do the job was one of her contractor friends. She said she suggested Joseph because she knew he was very good at what he does, which was remodel homes. My sister who has been working for the state for over 30 years, cal trans. Knew quite a few influential people. She told us we could stay at her home while the job was being done. We were skeptical, but we could really use the money and this job was to pay very well. One of the last things she sent to us via the computer, was this, " if anything happens, it's not my fault, got it."
We knew that statement was probably going to be our downfall,  she's my sister, this wouldn't be another trick , would it? Hurting Joseph is hurting the rest of us I thought. But stupidity set in and we went for it. Everything was telling us not to go. Our van which always started, no problems with it at all, wouldn't start. The U-Haul truck we rented wouldn't start either. We were having all kinds of signs telling us not to go but it was already to late for that, we had already told the landlord we were moving out and had already been packed and all our belongings were already put into the U-Haul and van. So there was no turning back now. We stayed at a friend's home that night before we left, the next morning, more problems. Both vehicles were fighting us on every move, from not starting to Breaking down on the way. What should of taken about a day took a week to get there. It took up almost all of our money and U-Haul wasn't cooperating with us at all on their truck that was breaking down left and right.
Well we finally got there pulled into the driveway of my sister's new home in Hesperia CA. The job started the next morning. Both Joseph and I went to work. My sister for some reason tried to keep me home and from working with Joseph. This is our company I told her, we don't have workers to help us right now so I'm the other half of the company, I'm working... For the next 2 1/2 weeks, every single morning, my sister would plead with me not to go to work with Joseph, she said I shouldn't be doing jobs like this, it was freezing out side and it was basically a man's job and if he was any kind of a man he wouldn't allow his wife to work out in the cold like this. that I should be going back to school or get a waitress job anything but remodeling jobs. She was getting weird about it and it bothered me, alot, it made me feel uneasy like something is up but I couldn't put my finger on it.
(I would never in a million years would think my own sister would stupe so low as to murdering a person. )
Come to find out that the whole time, from the very beginning starting with , " I got a great paying job for you guys," is exactly what she was planning to do.
Joseph was to have an accident. One he would not come out of alive.
I was not to be hurt, I was not to see the accident.
This is why she was so adamant about me not going to work with Joseph every single morning. Well she couldn't stop me from going with Joseph so step 2 of her plan kicked in. She supposedly had the final word for this contractor and by the way was also the one paying for this , ( bogus job) via thru this contractor. She said because she recommended Joseph she would pay us cash and the contractor would pay her back later. This was a cash under the table job. We both felt something was wrong but kept working anyway. All we could do was hope and pray everything would turn out alright. Like I said she couldn't stop me from going to work with Joseph so she concocted a BS story that Joseph was going to work drunk and drinking on the job. So she said the contractor told her to fire Joseph. We got half the work done by then, actually the hardest part was the first half of the job. It was like as soon as the hard part got done they didn't need Joseph any more so this BS story was the reason he was fired. That night it was raining the wind was blowing like crazy it was cold. We were all in her garage having a cigarette, talking. My sister started an argument with me then kicked me out of her home. Only me, mind you. Not Joseph the one she's hated all this time and still to this day hates him.  she still believes joseph beat on crystal that night she first met him. She has told others whom we haven't even met that we were bad parents, that we beat our children, put them in closets with no food etc. Horrible things she would spread.
Anyway that nite, after the fight she started, toI decided to let the children stay in her home until the next morning because it was raining and cold outside. She knew we were out of money and part of the fight was about the pay we were supposed to be getting even tho we were fired we were due some money. She said the contractor wasn't going to pay the money owed therefore she's wasn't going to pay us either. Knowing this I guess she figured i would do exactly that, leave the children at her home at least thru the night giving her time to pull her second plan off. Part of this plan entailed getting Joseph drunk and trying to get him to turn against me. Knowing at the time Joseph liked his drink and to much of it we would eventually get into a fight ourselves and split apart even if it were only for a few hours or the whole night.
At that time you could drive up to her back glass doors looking into her kitchen.
Because she had kicked me out of her house Joseph and I agreed on leaving the children there where it was warm and cozy for them and we'd be sleeping in a cold car not able to get a motel room without any money.
Joseph could have stayed there with them, but he didn't want me out in the cold by my self so he volunteered to come with me.
We figured she wouldn't do anything to hurt the kids personally, so we thought. Because we were so worried about the kids we kept coming back to her house and pulling up to the back doors . I could see the kids they were sitting on the bar counter, drinking something but they looked to be alrite. Joseph went inside for me three times trying to get some kind of information out of my sister. All three times she had some people there whom I or Joseph had never met before. We wondered who they were and why were they there in the middle of a work week so late drinking booze. Joseph went in to check on the kids give them a hug from momma get what info he could get and also maybe get some money due us so we can get a motel room for the night. I told joseph, " look everybody is in there laughing and carrying on drinking, please don't drink any alcohol. If she gives you a drink pretend to drink it. That's what's she's hoping for I said,  to get you to drink so she can pull something, I just know it. " He said he wouldn't. But the drink was to strong for him to just pretend to drink. By the third time he had gone in to ask for our money he was pretty buzzed. ( By the way, Our u haul truck was still in her drive way locked up. ) He came back out to the car the third time, he had a six pack my sister gave him and handed me a small see thru package of white powder. I said, what's this? He said, your sister gave this to me to put in my drink somtime by morning, coffee or coke what ever I was drinking. Call her and let her know when he gave it to me. she said she would get us a motel room if he'd do it.
Of course he said yes just so we'd get the room.
On the way to the motel with my sister following us, along with most of her friends she had over there drinking, ( one stayed back to watch the kids.) he told me what this white power stuff was in the bag  and what he was supposed to do with it, it was horse tranquilizer.
She had 6 horses at the time so she could easily get stuff like this. He told me he was supposed to put it in my drink so I'd pass out and not wake up for a few good hrs. So she can have time getting into our U-Haul truck and search thru all our stuff to see what we had, this way she can take what ever she wants and of course I wouldn't know anything about any of it, so if we were to be missing anything, it was my fault, I must of left it behind . I was totally shocked and appalled that my own sister would do something like that to me, or that she would even want to in the first place. We pulled into the motel drive way and I went to get out of my vehicle when my sister tried to punch me in the face right there in front of the motels clerk who saw everything , they didn't want any kind of trouble there at the motel so they refused us a room. My sister laughed and said, " to bad I'm done and went back to her home. Still with no money we stayed in the car just down the street from her house freezing the rest of the night. In the morning we went to the front door it was locked. Went to the back doors, they were locked. Couldn't open the garage door it was also locked. We called on the phone she answered and told us both what loosers we were and we were not getting our children back.
I called the San Bernardino police. I told them what was going on, we sat there in front of my sister's home calling the police, ALL DAY LONG. The dispatch constantly telling me to wait, the officers were all busy, call back later. ( I kept notes of everything that was said, done, dates, time, names of who I did get to talk to etc. ) I must have called the police for help to get my children back from a maniac that was holding them captive at least 24 times that day. The last thing I said was , " are you telling me, that every single police officer in all of the San Bernardino county was busy and couldn't help me?" Dispatch, paused and said, " yes" then hung up on me. We were both getting angrier and angrier as time went on and with no police to help us. In the mean time Joseph is drinking the alcohol my sister gave him so now we're starting to argue, (part of the plan,) we left for a few minutes to go to the bathroom when are arguments started getting louder and louder. So I ended up leaving him there and went back in front of my sister's home to watch and wait. It was now about 4 or 5 o'clock the next night coming on fast, when I caught my sister running to the next door neighbor's home with her hands both clinched tight to my childrens jacket shoulders. She had them trying to run ,they were on their toes she had their shoulders so high up they could barely touch the ground. I got out of my car yelling the kids names and her name saying those are my kids where are you taking them???
I started to run after them when all the sudden this big tall man I didn't know was running with me telling me I better stand down or he will personally put me down. I'm still running towards my kids telling him, " look I don't know who you are I don't care but those are my kids and my sister is trying to kidnap them. he didn't care what I had to say, and again told me to stand down or he was going to do it for me. I told him to get lost , I don't know who you think you are I don't care I'm getting my children. He said," I know who you are, you the lousy parent of those children, you beat your kids you starve them you treat them like hell and he also knew of the father , Joseph, who was even worse then I was and that we don't deserve those kids and were not going to get them back if he could help it. I said , what the hell are you talking about?  you know nothing of us we've never met you before, how can you say that?
I proceeded to run towards my children when I caught up to my youngest Dakota, I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and said this is my boy not yours and pulled him back towards me as hard as I could just seconds before being pushed in to the next door neighbor's front door, I pulled him back and then tried to reach for crystal when the door slammed shut, all I could hear was my daughter calling out to me, momma, momma.
The guy that was running next to me looked at me and said, " I told you if you didn't stop I was going to put you down, then he slugged me right in the face, my glasses went flying my hearing aid went flying I went flying landing in the mud in the front yard. He proceeded to beat on me , he put his knee in my neck so I couldn't breath or move, he was punching me in my ribs , my breasts, my face. Dakota bless his little heart he tried to get that man off me saying, thats my mom , get off her, he would throw his little body on the guy trying to grab him and hit him,  the guy just plucked him off like he was a bug on his shirt . Now, my sister was outside and the neighbor and her son's and daughter were all watching this piece if work beat on me with his knee in my throat. My sister got in on the action. when It looked like I might be taking over the fight with my sister,  that same guy would jump in put me down on the ground and hold me there with his knee again in my throat while my sister was beating on me at the same time.
It's almost dark now and "NOW " the police finally show up.. He pulls up seeing 2 people beating on me at the same time but guess who gets arrested??? I do, so did my sister. The guy who punched me over and over and had his knee in my neck got away with it Scott free.. I couldn't believe it. Here I've been calling for help from the police for over 10 hrs now and the cop arrested me.
They took us both to the police station and talked with us both in the back room. My sister was drunk and baligerent. So the cops held her there for the rest of the night to sleep it off, they let me go. Of course they wouldn't give me a ride back, I still had no money so I couldn't catch a bus or taxi, I didn't know anyone so I couldn't get a ride from a friend. So i proceeded to walk the freeway freezing my butt off in the cold wind and rain all the way back to my sister's house where my vehicle was parked. From the police station to her home it took me 4 hrs to walk there. No one would help me, no one would pick me up either. I finally got to my van when I noticed it had been moved up the street and parked. I opened the door and up popped a person that scared me to death, I didn't recognize who it was at first, his face was bashed in like someone had used his face for batting practice, like rocky in the 99th round. It was Joseph. He proceeded to tell me when I dropped him off earlier, he started to walk back to my sister's home, when he got there I was nowhere to be found, thinking I was maybe inside her home he went to the front door and knocked, the door opened, it was the guy that beat on me earlier, but Joseph didn't know that at the time, and asked for me and asked if the guy knew where I was?. The guy said Shure right in the other room, come on in we've been expecting you, where have you been?. Joseph walked in just to be sucker punched by another guy in my sister's home hiding behind a hall wall. Next thing you know he was tied up with an extension cord , being beaten with fists, anything they could pick up and kicked in the face over and over and over again being told what horrible ,horrible parents he and I were. That I was with his wife and my sister and other doing the nasty with all of them and enjoying it.. I held him close to me and told him how sorry I was that I wasn't there, I was in jail then took him to the closest phone about 1 mile from the house. I called the police, one actually came. He saw Joseph's face I told the officer everything . I gave him the address to my sister's home and told him the people who did this to joseph and myself are still there in the home right now and we expect him to do something about it, go arrest these guys, something. The officer looked right into our faces and said, " I understand your dilemma, but I don't want to go knocking on doors bothering anyone so early in the morning." He said, call back later someone else will take care of it, and left. Can you believe that, he just left.
We did find out that some officer earlier took the children to a friend's home in devore. So we just left Hesperia to devore to get our children we've been fighting so hard to get for the last 24 hrs. Now we're broke, have our kids, and driving to nowhere. Joseph's face was swollen black n blue for quite a few days after.
The only thing I could think of was a friend of my father's who lived in Oceanside , not just any friend but his best friend since he was small. Hank. Hank and his wife has known me since I was born, I just knew he would help us, so we went to his home. He indeed invited us in and couldn't believe the stories we told him about my sister and all the things she has done to us even prior to this last thing with the kids.
We were there a good week  everything seemed to be going good, Hank was helping us to get some tools back to do some jobs, get some money so we can do something for ourselves.
we were fixing his vehicle one evening in the garage when the phone ran, his wife said Hank you might want to come hear this, he went to the phone and we knew right away who it was on the phone. It was my sister. After their talk he hung up the phone, Hank came to us and told us, you can stay the rest of the night but as soon as the sun comes up you need to leave.. we were beside ourselves, everything was going fine , Hank was helping us to get our tools back we all had what I thought was a good week, talks, even some laughs , what happened? He said he didn't want to discuss it any further, just get our stuff and get out of his house by morning.
What the heck could my sister be saying to people to make them do the things there doing to us??? To make them participate in trying to steal my children , now a man and woman who's known me all my life talks to my sister for about 20 minutes and then just kicks us out on the streets like we were some kind of criminals or germs or something. I asked Hank to please tell me what my sister had said to him to make his whole dimmeaner towards us go from good to horrible in just minutes. He would not tell me no matter what I said, or asked, and ordered his wife not to communicate with us either. Well, with nowhere to go, don't know anybody down here in oceanside, We ended up in a family shelter. Where we slept on the floor, because there were so many people there all with children from infant to about 15 years old . There just wasn't enough beds to go around. About 3 days later, we met a wonderful human being, he was there helping to fix the bed frames they did have and to bring in more beds so everybody had a bed to sleep in.
His name is Darwin.. he looked at us and said, " you guys don't look like you belong here in this shelter. That There was just something about us that just didn't seem to fit in here.". He got us out of there and in a nice clean motel within 4 days of going in. He was a contractor also and did remodeling, building whatever you need done, he can do it. Joseph he found out also did the same kind of thing so Joseph worked with Darwin for quite some time after that. we were doing pretty good for about 2 years without interference from my sister. Then a call came in it was my sister, she apologized several times and wished we all could come over and spend Christmas's at her home that year. She called several times before Christmas trying to show she's changed, that all the things shes done to us she was sorry and wanted the chance to prove it to us. So Joseph got a job up there close to her house actually just before the hill and before devor in riverside at a wood shop. The owner really liked Joseph the way he works and handles himself with the people who come in his shop. He liked him well enough to give him the keys to the place so he could open in the mornings. Joseph was happy and glad to be working there. My sister came to the motel we were at to introduce us to her new lover, cindy. We didn't care for her to much, there was something about her that I didn't like but couldn't nail down what it was.
Well for my sister's sake I didn't say anything at the time.
We told her of the job Joseph had and how much he enjoyed working there, the owner really liked him to!all she said it sounds great!  She said,she hope the job lasts for us.. I didn't get that at that time, why she said it in that particular way, at least not until the next morning. The next morning Joseph took the keys his boss just yesterday gave to him to open the shop with and went to work. Within an hr of him leaving, he was back. It seems that his sister in law came and paid his boss a visit. The only thing the man would tell him was , give me my keys, and your fired... He asked why, but the man said he didnt want to discuss it and wanted him off the property before he called the police on him to have him removed.
Trusting in my sister has always hurt us. But we have kept on trying to be family with her over and over again.. Stupidity on my part, love for me on Joseph's part that he keeps trying for me to be family with my sister knowing full well something horrible will probably happen to us. Thru the years it has been a true fact. Anytime we are close to or trying to be a part of, what ever it may be, where my sister has anything to do with it, something horrible has always happened.
Even after all she's done to us, when she broke her back at work.
She needed help to wash herself dress herself, clean her home feed all her animals, clean out their stalls, talk care of the property , trees and bushes etc. Joseph told me to go and help her. She's your sister and needs your help. So I did. For a few month I did everything for her took her to her doctors appointments ran errands, took her to therapy's, took care of her vehicles and road toys. I thought I was doing good by her.
She got restraining warrent out on both Joseph and now my son Dakota without my knowledge Saying they were stocking her and threatening her life.
More BS to hurt us all over again. I can tell you that no one in my family ever not once ever tried to hurt my sister in any form or action. Only tried their best to be family..

( I know this is long and I did tell you it would be, but there is now something else that must be said before I can tell you about my grandson Joshua. You see, now it's not just Joseph she hitting on, now it's my son to, the father of my grandson. )

Since all this started about 1989, my sister has managed to get Joseph fired from 4 different jobs, even long distance, like another state, kicked out of 2 people's homes, kicked out of 2 rented homes. Has made sure we were without a way to make money or make sure what money we did have was spent quickly. Has sabatoged the first car we gave our daughter for graduation and the 3 jobs she was holding. By putting sand and sugar in the gas tank. The car ran perfect when we gave it to her. Ran perfect when we were at my sister's home and stayed the night. The next day we left her house about 2 hrs later it started to Mess up then it seized up.
Come to find out my sister was mad because we actually was able to get her such a nice gift for graduation. She didn't think we could do it and thought shed give her her first car , her friend who had just died left her his car, this is the one my sister thought she should have, not the one she got from us.
We know this was done, and knew what was used to kill the car because we had it checked out with a mechanic. These are just some of the tips of the ice Berg. I could write for days some of the things my sister has done to my family that would curl your toes.
from the time my kids were born till this very day, just so she can tell people what a horrible father and husband Joseph is. "He can't keep a job, he has no money to buy his kids anything, he's a drunk, he beats the kids , he beats his wife , his wife can't even buy herself a new bra or panties"... all kinds of BS lies, and people actually believe her lies until they actually meet us and see for themselves were not that way at all. She is right about one thing tho, we don't have any money saved up like she does. We weren't able to stay in one place and make any money because of her interference. It's very hard to have to keep starting over, and over, and over again. The older we get the worse it is for us. The harder it is to get good jobs, the harder it is to get a home to live in. The harder it is to get established. She knows this, that's why she's done something horrible to us thru the years knowing it's getting harder, that we might have to come to her for funds this way it proves Joseph is a lousy provider and  end up on the streets, again.

Just one more little story before I tell you the worst thing she has ever done to us, that involves my new and only grand son Joshua.

Dakota, had just turn 21 years old. He's never been in any serious trouble, espically with the law. A few speeding tickets that's it. He and his friend of several years , Calib, came to visit Joseph and I and maybe stay awhile and help out with our business . After all the trouble we've had with my sister threw the years he thought maybe now that he's older an adult, that just maybe he could patch things up with his aunt and now possibly be some kind of family. We told him not to go there that she will never ever be family. But he wanted to try anyway. So he and calib went to her house and was invited in . The night went very well better than expected. The next morning she took the boys to breakfast. She told the boys that a girl she knew had a trailer of hers and could use their help to collect it and lift it up to place it in the bed of her truck.
She failed to tell them that the girl has had the thing for well over a year and it's been awhile since shed even contacted this girl to get it back.
So of course the boys agree to help there aunt out. She drives them down to the gals place. They knock on the door. Calib gets a phone call from a friend in another state and steps aside on the sidewalk to talk to her. The door opens and my sister said something to the girl and she tried to close her door, well my sister put her foot in the door so she couldn't close the door, she pushes her way thru the door their both screaming loudly, grabbing on to each other trying to hit each other. Pulling hair etc. Well Dakota steps in and brakes the two apart. He's got one hand on his aunt and the other hand on this girl trying to keep them from killing each other. Calib hears the noise and stops talking to his friends who can hear everything that was being said clearly and desides to record everything she's hearing. Well, the people across the street was having a yard sale herd the noise and called the police. Dakota and calib get the aunt out of the gals home. The people across the street tell them the cops are coming. They did. My sister writes on a sticky note, " your going to be arrested, I'll do everything I can to get you guys out" then she just left them there. They were charged with 7 felonies. 7....... It started out as 6 but some stupid cop desides that calib belt buckle, you can buy right down the street at the store, was a weapon. That it looked alot like brass knuckles so that gave them the 7th felony. They both had a million dollar bond on them!!!!!! Omg. ..they both had just turned 21 years old, look at what she had done to my son... We tried to find my sister and couldn't find her anywhere. Here the kids are locked up in what is considered the most corrupt county in the world, "the world....." with 6 and 7 felonies. No money to get them out no aunt trying her best like she said to get them out. So Joseph got on the computer day in and day out not leaving his seat until those kids were out of there. I wrote the story but he got it out to everyone, every state, every county, everyone anyone that would listen or offer help for these boys. Some of you reading this today may have read about them. The story was called, save the San Bernardino two.... With the help from the hell's angels, anonymous, and two beautiful lawyers from Santa Barbara that volunteered their services, and all the people who called into the judges court room and tied up the lines at the court house, they were released and all charges dropped 17 days later. The judges exact words were, " you have been herd Mr. Barber, get out of my court room" Although all charges have been dropped, they are still on his record. So now when ever he talks with a cop they hand cuff him tell him its for their safety and his and backup is called, every single time. Even today 8 years later. Where was the aunt you ask, she ran to Las Vegas and was sitting aside a pool drinking a vodka martini. She wouldn't do anything to HELP the kids. She Said she wasn't getting rid of her horses, her truck, she wasn't going to cash in any of her anything to help.  The only reason we know this is because her lover cindy lost the aunts phone. It was an iPhone and hers and mine were linked to find each other's phone if ever one of them were lost. I called the phone they herd the phone then answered the phone. I spoke to cindy and asked what was going on? That's when she told me my sister called her and asked her to meet her there, they were just kicking it by the pool and drinking their drink when I called. To this day she will tell you she did her best for the kids, that we did nothing for them. Skipping all the other horrible things that my sister has done to us, this one takes the cake and the icing to...you see so far no matter what she's done has always gotten away with it. She's got the money, she got the job for over 30 years, she knows good and the bad from working with CA trans all this time. She thinks she's untouchable, she knows we can't fight her money. She will always have more, that's just the way it is. Of course with her help , we seem to remain that way.
I believe in carma, I really do, and I hope and I pray every night that some how some way she will be exposed for what she really is.. I don't care how many trophies you have or how many awards on the wall you may have, that don't make you right or a good person....just like those cops I spoke about, just because they got that badge, when most try to shuve the color of authority down your throat so you do everything they tell you to do, with the threat that they will lock you up and throw away the key, don't make them right or a good person either. .

Now for the reason I'm here.. My grandbaby was born July 6th of 2017. He's almost 1year old now. I've been able to hold him once since he was born. It was only for a minute but my heart was his imeadiatly.. I got to hold him once when he was about 5months old and it was supervised for that one whole minute.
He was taken from the hospital way before he was to go home with the parents.
The mother was told they were going to take him, AFTER, they took him. the reason why, they were homeless, they would be abusive to the child if it were to go home with the parents. The child would be neglected and abused in one form or another if taken home with the parents. That they were drug addicts and drunks. Oh and by the way so we're the pertutnal grandparents, Joseph and myself. The babies parents still to this day don't have the copy of discoveries. We have all asked and asked , all they do is give us the run around. There has been I think, 4 court hearings so far. The first one which was an important one we tried to make but we couldn't get there in time. But, we did call every son of a gun that may have something to do with what's going on with Joshua. To let the courts know we are here for our grandchild. No one and I mean no one ever called us, or investigated anything about us, nothing. They just overlooked us and went the other direction , never to talk with us at all about holding on to Joshua to help keep him from being in the system. Now my sister was there for the first court hearing along with the babies momma. For all kinds of reasons, we believe that this was started long before the momma even gave birth. A lady named Wanda swore Infront of a standing judge that all the foregoing was true to the best of her knowledge and even signed a statement saying so. . No one has had their due rights given to them. No one has had the luxury of due process of law. No one has been able to face their accuser's. There going by hearsay and conjectures. No one knows or has ever met this Wanda lady before. None of us. There has been no investigations at all of the kids or for the pertutnal grandparent's. My daughter in law was at the home of a friend who was letting them live there until they can do for them selves in victorville . That is where they were living when she had the baby. One of the reasons they say they took the baby was because they were homeless. My son again found himself in a situation that can be proven, that he did not do. He missed his court date so they put a warrent out for his arrest. Well other circumstances had happened to me, and my son was blamed for something he did not do. We have it on video. But the courts would not use it. I don't know why but he was incarcerated at the time that this same lady wonda brought several police to the house where they were supposedly" not" living , because they were homeless, to try and find Dakota for the warrent. This wonda asked where Dakota was, she was told she didn't know. Wonda turned to Challie, the babies momma, she told her to sign the paper telling the judge and the PCS that they were right.
Challie said she didn't want to sign the papers because they were not true.
Wonda used the color of authority and threatened her . Said she will have her arrested if she did not sign the paperwork. Challie scared she was going to be arrested, and not knowing her rights, reluctantly signed.
I have personally gone to every court hearing I could go to concerning Joshua. The first one I couldn't make, the second one I didn't know about at all. The third one it was an old man who was  standing in for the original, a lady judge. I asked to speak he said yes go ahead. I told him that the due process of law was not given, that there's been no proof of any wrong doing, he stopped me right there and said, he didn't want to hear it and I wasn't supposed to talk about that in his court room. That all charges have been proven. I said , what? Show me, even the mother has no proof. Then I was escorted out of the court. We still don't have the copy of discoveries, the judge said the momma does have it, even the momma is shaking her head, no I don't.... Her case worker wrote a bad review on the babies momma, said she didn't do all she Was supposed to do. Like parenting class , talking to a therapist, etc. I know for a fact that she did I personally took her to 98 percent of everything including visiting the baby.she had all the awards and and paperwork with her to court that day to prove it. That male judge gave us another court hearing because the case worker, sandy didn't submit these papers to the court only a bad review. Sandy was a constant no show for Challie. She called and called leaving messages for her. She went to her office just to be told she don't have time to see her and would get back with her. But didn't. At that court hearing my sister had picked up Challies mother from the airport a few days earlier. She lives in up state NY. She is the only grandparent that had been notified and asked if she would be willing to hold the baby. They were both at that court hearing. The next day charlean, Challies mom, went to speak with the case worker, Sandy, she got to see her right away. She called her daughter and told her where she was and asked if she would join in on a meeting the following day. I drove Challie and Dakota to that meeting. And Again, my sister was there. Challie and her mother were outside talking when the case worker, sandy,  finally came out from the back, she looked around and walked directly over to my sister and started talking with her like shed known her forever.
As many times that ive been there with Challie, I've never even seen her much less met her. But yet walked directly over to my sister and started to talk , then they went outside for a moment to get charlean first. I told Challie I would like to be in on this meeting if possible. I was. After she already spoke to my sister, charlean and later Challie by herself. There was another meeting set a bit later that same day for the dad ,mom, and myself. My son was surprisingly very cool and calm during the whole meeting. Sandy asked him to sign papers so they can go ahead and have him do all the things Challie was doing. He refused to sign the paperwork saying he's never been charged or served with any thing, he wasn't signing anything that said he did. Sandy didn't care for that at all. I was asking most of the questions. I was the one that was getting a little loud and perturbed. She wouldn't answer not one single question. All of her answers were this," I don't know, I can't answer that, these papers are all about you but you can't see them , there mine. "
What ended the meeting a little short was this one last question....
" How do you know my sister, zale harris?"
Imeadiatly she stood up opened the door and said, " meeting is over leave my office"
Then there was the last court hearing, where the original lady judge was presiding. Unfortunately I did not catch her name. My husband was at this court room with us also. Before court started they gave out some paperwork concerning the last meeting with the case worker. Sandy. THERE WAS NO MENTION of me even being in the room. She lied about everything that was written on that review to hurt the kids chance of getting their baby back. It said the father was baligerent and rude. That he was loud and refused to sign the paper work. That the meeting was called to an end early because of the father.. all lies, I was there. Like I said earlier. Dakota was surprisingly cool. She said that both the kids were demanded to take a drug test and they refused. That is an out and out lie. There was no such demand that day by her, or any one else. The whole report was bad mostly against the father. Giving false accusations to help cps, my sister, and charlean to get the baby away from the natural parents..why??? Why would someone do that to another? Espically to their own family...??? (My sister and charlean have been talking and plotting about this for months., LONG BEFORE Challie even gave birth. My sister has been helping the cps by telling horrible lies to them from the very beginning. Making Shure the baby would be taken from the kids. By lying about where they live to being drug addicts, to any abuse that the child would be going thru, that Dakota was crazy and beats on Challie and would possibly hurt the child. Neither of them have jobs so the baby would starve stupid shit like that. Instead of investigation of anything she said to them , they took everything she said as gospel. She told them it was the same way with us the grandparents.

This is why no one ever contacted us. We talked to several people on the phone, were promised a call back, but never got one.
They are close NOW To letting charlean the other grandmother who lives in NY to have the baby.. supposedly the paper work has already been sent there.
Now, if there really was an investigation of everyone they would see right away that the man she lives with is a criminal several times over. He's been in and out of jails all his life. He a drunk and has been caught so many times that they finally sent him up for a couple of years. But like a true alcoholic, he's drinking again now as we speak. There home is one of the filthiest homes I've ever seen and I've known them for almost 30 years. She takes care of her boyfriends mother mainly because it's her house. When she dies then charleans boyfriend gets the house. Their dogs all three or four of them are allowed to piss and crap all over the carpets, the cats , several of them, do the same. The cat boxes are always over flowing and looking at them, have been that way for a long time.
Last I was there just a short 2 years ago, they had chickens down in the basement in a tiny box, no room to move or even eat. There must have been 50 chickens down there. The fumes from the piss and poop from both the dogs and the cats and now the chickens really got to me, I told charlean I got to get out of her house because my eyes were burning and watering up, it was so bad in her home, I said ,  I don't see how you  can stand it , she said, I guess im just used to it and can't tell just how bad it is..
so if there really was an investigation on her part,  like they say there was on us and our children, then the courts would never allow any baby in that horrid smelling house. They would see it would be a mistake. Charlean is a very filthy person, you can ask any one that knows her, anyone... Talk about alcohol and drugs.. they do both, her boyfriend is worse at it, but they both do it... My sister talked to me on the phone in July of 2017, she told me that she was asked by Challie to pretend she was me that way she didn't have to explain to anyone where we were, why we weren't there, and this way, she'll get hold the baby. I asked Challie if that were true, she said no, never. Boy would I love to get all that was said to me on the phone by my sister in July of 2017.
When Dakota got to the hospital that night of Joshua birth and saw his aunt there,  he was furious and told her to leave that she was not wanted there nor was she invited. She got mad at him and yelled out loud for all to hear, "" if I can't be a part of that babies life, neither will you, I'll make Shure it. ""
Ever since then everything has gone bad for the new parents, the baby and for us the grandparents.)

Back at the last court hearing... As soon as Joseph started talking and was told he could speak, he was tried to tell the judge that the due process of law had not been followed and ------, that was as far as he got before they shut him down and thrown out of court. I introduced myself she replied she knew who I was, if I had something to say, nows The time. I started to tell her about the , tender years act. That the cps job is to keep the family intact, to preserve the family. Not to remove the family. ------- I was going to say, if they can't do that then I will be filling a complaint to the federal government to pull their funding. But I to was yanked out of the court room. But before i was kicked out, the judge said, "" I know who you two are, you gave me a problem at the last court hearing, get out of my court room she said, bailiff get her out. "" I said excuse me ma'am, but I've never seen you or met you befor in my whole life. That was said twice before the bailiff grabbed my arm..and this is true, we have never met before that day, but yet the judge seems to differ... I wonder why?
I wonder if we will ever find out.. On the way out the door I did manage to yell at the lady typing everything down . I said, " to the lady writing everything down, I hope you get this, everyone in there including the judge are wrong, there is NO PROOF OF ANY WRONG DOING.....

" Since then I was told about the go fund me app. That I might get lucky and get enough money in donations to get my kids a real lawyer, not one that is appointed and hopes one day to be the next DA.
We need enough money to get the very best we can find. One who isn't afraid to go against the San Bernardino county cps and others involved. We need somebody who actually cares for their client and their rights as a human being. We need someone , man or woman with big balls, balls enough to hit these people head on and make Shure due process will be done, make sure the accusations given by wanda to that judge and the paper she signed swearing all was true, is brought out for all to hear. I want to know and face the one who told her in the first place. I want that person to stand in front of everyone and present any truths with proof of what she says are true. All of it... we need someone who's tough and wont back down. someone who will do their very best to keep Joshua from getting adopted out or going all the way to NY where none of us will ever get to see him. charlean has already said to her daughter that Dakota will never see his child as long as she is his guardian. she continued to say, even you will not see him if you choose to stay with Dakota.
This is wrong in so many levels.
She's telling her own  daughter who she can and can't love or be with. She's telling her daughter that the father will never see his son weather they stay together or not. This is cruel and unusual punishment that she has no right to do to them and their son.
If their was any kind of investigation they would know that when charlean had a baby girl several years back that HER mother did the same to her, she took her child and wasn't allowed to see her. It wasn't until the little girl was around 16 or 17 yrs. Old before they even got to talk or give each other a single hug.
I remember she told me once, if something like this ever happened to one of her daughter's, she would NEVER do to them, like her mother did to her.
Hummmm. Go figure.

It is unfortunate, that people have to go thru something like this because of others who are just jealous or had a grudge or just plain mean and don't care,  and or the greed that comes with it.
The money the cps get for children alone is fenommenal. They don't care if it hurts you, your kids their kids. It's the money. Plain and simple, the money...

When it comes to my sister, the Lord I hope will take care of her.

I also hope that who ever the lawyer is that we get for the kids, some how is able to make sure we all get to face our accusers, I'm positive the one who started it all in the first place is my sister, with wanda blowing her cover and exposing her for what she really is.
A asociopath that seems to just want to hurt Joseph, and our son Dakota but don't care who else is in the fall out of her rath.
The only reason she is trying so hard to get Dakotas little boy, is probably because  she tried so hard way back when to steal my children when they were little. She couldn't do it. So now she's after my childrens, children..

she needs to be stopped. She needs to be put in jail. She needs to get some kind of help other than all the drugs and alcohol she consumes. She needs to be put in her place, finally..

I want to thank you, if you read this whole story to the end, you must be a good person that really wants to see justice served to the one that most needs it. That someone is Joshua Konrad Barber.

They are giving the babies momma until Aug . 8th 2018 to finish drug testing .
She was never found to have a problem with drugs. She had taken a couple of hits off a joint before she went into labor. She says it helps with nausea, and if I remember when I was pregnant it helped me to with the same thing. So because she was found with a tiny bit in her system I guess shes now an addict and needs drug testing and therapy..
Oh and by the way, her therapist, was fired.. for what??? Drug use... Boy I'll tell ya. Here they are calling Challie a drug addict, and there own therapist they want to send her to,  is fired for using drugs. There is so much more to this than meets the eye.. I hope we can pluck it out with your help.

Please give to the charity of these kids. They need help, real help from someone anyone that believes in the constitutional rights of others and the belief that if you screw up, espically someone working for the federal government like the cps. If your found cheating , lying, stealing, doing drugs, trying to hurt others just because you can, or doing favors for others like someone has done for my sister, Your fired.... With no pay or benefits due you.
Please search your heart, what would you do if this kind of thing was happening to you and your family????
Please help and pass this along to all you know, somebody out there I know is just waiting for a big break, I think this may be the break that person is looking for.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and soul that you took the time to read this whole story and the fact that you will pass this on to others that will pass it, and so on.

Together, we will get that special lawyer and get Joshua back home where he belongs. From one grandparent to another, from one friend to another, thank you...

Suzanne Button Button3377@yahoo.com

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