Let's Help Candy's Spirit Sing Again!

The funds raised on this page will pay for the following: 

* Get me into my own place away from an abusive room mate

* Keep OTTBs out of the hands of Kill Buyers

* Replace Worn out vehicles for the safety of all concerned

* Help educate young women out of poverty into independence

* Help pay out student loans

   My name is Candy Harkenreader Ganyo. I had my 62nd birthday in December 2018. Due to not being able to find work, I have been forced to take early Social Security retirement. The Social Security amount is a pittance (less than $625.00 per month) and not enough to live on. I still owe student loans. They say they WILL garnishee my Social Security checks, taking a maximum of 15%. I hate asking for help. There is something I need and for me doing this is necessary. I'd like to tell you about myself and what people I know say about me.

I live in a one bedroom apartment with two room mates. One of those room mates is my best friend, the other is an abuser that takes great pleasure in verbally and mentally abusing me. He tormented me by threatening my cat daily for a year and a half, until she died of other causes. He has called me every foul name you can think of to call a woman and has belittled me and my intelligence consistently for as long as I have lived here. He leaves my best friend alone. I need to get away from this man and his abuse. Finally, with Social Security, I have  a way to do so, but, I need your help.

   When I moved in here four years ago, I brought not only the aforementioned cat, but my lovely Thoroughbred mare. I boarded the mare in a facility close to "home" run by an older "gentleman" who sounded kind and caring when I put my horse on his land. The facility owner waited until I notified him I could not make it out to check on my horse for an extended period of time due to my best friend's cancer treatments and he killed my lovely mare. He repeatedly told me she was "fine" and denied any responsibility for her tragic death. Both of my beloved animals DEAD within a month of each other! My spirit was crushed!

     During this time my best friend was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer (which my cat found). I put my job search on indefinite hold, and, as her medical surrogate, made a treatment plan for her cancer. I went to EVERY doctor appointment and sat through EVERY chemo treatment with her (even shaving my head and staying bald the entire time in support of my best friend)! I sat through her double radical mastectomy and spent three days sleeping on a hard sofa in her hospital room afterward. This is not a complaint. She needed me.

    My friends and the people that know me best would tell you I am the person you want on your side in a fight. They would tell you I am intelligent, resourceful, loyal, honest to a fault, funny and I know how to get things done! They would also tell you I don't mince words. My friends have seen me advocate for those who can't and give my last dime to someone who needs it more than I. One of my former pastors calls me a giver. I will do what I can to help others. Now, I am the one needing help, and believe me, I hate asking for it.

     My doctor wants me to have horses of my own to care for as well as a separate Emotional Support animal, for when I cannot be in the barn with the horses. In my current living situation this is impossible. My abusive room mate has threatened to kill any animal I bring into the "home". After having my horse die at the hands of the person boarding her, I will NEVER board out again! I am NOT taking a chance on my animals being killed.

     I'd like to tell you about the horses and how they impact my life. I am currently horseless. I have loved horses since I was a very small child. My favorites are Arabians and Off Track Thoroughbreds (hereinafter OTTBs). These breeds are known as hot-bloods within the world horse community. You have to be VERY intelligent to work with them because they WILL out think you! Through most of my adult life I've had Arabians. I got my first OTTB in 2014. This is the horse killed by the man boarding her. I was (and still am) devastated by the tragic death of this young mare! Horses are my heart and soul, they are my HEALERS. They make my spirit sing!

     I'd like to give you a bit of background on the OTTBs to help you understand WHY I am doing this. It isn't just for me, but for the horses as well. The average life span of the average horse in North America is 25 to 30 years. The average racing career of the average Thoroughbred in North America is two to three years. What happens to these horses when they retire from racing? One of three things takes place. They can go to the breeding farms if their pedigree and race record warrant. If not, there are only two options. One is hopefully, to be resold or given to someone that will take the time to rehabilitate and retrain the horse for a second career. Sometimes, rehabilitation isn't possible and, hopefully, these horses go into permanent retirement as pasture buddies for other horses. There aren't enough places to take retired racehorses and some end up in horrible places. The American Jockey Club, the registering body for North American Thoroughbreds, frowns on sending horses to auction where there is a chance they will be picked up by "Kill Buyers". Kill Buyers are the folks who purchase horses to be shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

     One of my goals is to pick up several horses coming off the track and retrain them for a second career. This isn't cheaply done! I want to purchase a 20 to 50 acre farm in Ocala, Florida, where I can be close to the larger farms and hopefully, obtain some of these noble animals. Retraining horses isn't easy work! Fortunately, I am very gifted in working with horses, dogs and cats! I have had feral cats walk up to me when no one else can get near them. I've had people's dogs climb in my lap and lick my face ... uninvited ... to the astonishment of their owners! I've worked in close quarters with horses known for savaging their grooms and had no problems whatsoever! My gift is with the animal kingdom.

     I'd like to use my talents teaching young women the skills needed to work within the equine industries in Ocala. I'd like to give these same young women independent living skills and tutoring to keep their grades up and do well in school. I can only do this with your help!

     To do this properly I must have a farm, farming equipment such as a farm tractor and implements such as a manure spreader and mower. My current tow vehicle is a 27 year old GMC truck and my current horse trailer is a 25 year old all steel trailer. This trailer is very heavy and is hard on gas mileage when towed. Both need to be replaced with something newer. I am not talking about purchasing brand new. I am very willing to go with a good used vehicle and trailer. My current tow vehicle is wearing out and parts for older vehicles are difficult to find. My trailer needs some serious repair after being vandalized and the parts are no longer available for the necessary repairs. Both vehicles need new tires as the tires currently on them are not safe to drive on. In my search for property, I am finding the homes available are too large and the barns are either not well constructed or they are showplaces. I am looking for functional, not fantastic! At best, these are difficult to find. I also do not have the funding to do this by myself. I need your help!

     The funds raised on this page will accomplish several things.
First, they will help get me moved to my own place and away from an abusive room mate.
Second, they will help keep OTTBs out of the hands of Kill Buyers.
Third, they will help replace worn out vehicles for the safety of all concerned.
Fourth, they will help educate young women out of poverty into independence.
Fifth, they will help pay out student loans.
    I cannot thank you all enough for helping me  attain my goals and making my spirit sing again! Any donation helps! What appears small to one may seem quite large to another. Every dollar counts! If you are unable to donate at this time, PLEASE, PLEASE share this with every friend you have!


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Candy Harkenreader 
Gainesville, FL
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