Zorba - A true story of a spiritual warrior

My name is Zorba, and this is my story.  In 2015, I went on a spiritual journey of self discovery... and somehow I found myself in the middle of the jungle of Mexico in Playa Del Carmen, where for the next 3 years I was living in a commune and building an Ashram, a modern meditation resort.


There were about fifty of us that all came from different walks of life, all coming together for a common goal, to build a spiritual utopia for enlightenment seekers to come together to celebrate life through music, meditation, yoga, ceremonies. We wanted to share with the world our findings and way of life, and leading this was our master Ozen Rajneesh, a self-proclaimed enlightened guru.

The work was intense - six days a week, we work incredibly hard. But at the same time we had a lot of fun. We felt as if we were destined to do this work. My work varied: from doing construction, to cooking in the kitchen, to building their website.

After being there for about one and a half year, we finally open our Ashram to the world. Twice a month we would hold weekend festivals, where you can come learn different types of meditation, and participate in yoga programs.

Ozen, our master, would also come out and sit in front of all the people, and he shared his wisdom and his enlightenment.  We worked hard to build this ashram for our master so he can finally do his work and share his love to the world.

In the night-time, we would have beautiful concerts with musicians.  Other times, we would throw rave parties - they were incredible experiences.


As luck would have it, I found love in the commune. I met a beautiful girl in one of the festival and we fell in love. After a year of dating, we got married twice, once in a church, and the other in a beautiful Mayan ceremonies. I was on cloud nine. This was the paradise that I always dreamed of: having my wife, my master, and my best friend and living in what I considered to be a utopia.

After six months of my marriage, we were hitting a rough patch with our marriage. She asked me for a break, not really giving any reason. She end up moving out and staying with her friend, while still living in the commune. I went away for two weeks, attempting to gather my thoughts. Once I came back to the commune, i found out that she moved on with somebody else. At the same time, they kicked me out of the commune.

In the blink of an eye, I lost everything.

I've learned that my destiny isn't tied down to someone who walks away. In fact, this relationship was never meant to work. God never intended for it to work. This was God's plan, and its purpose is my self-discovery and enlightenment When all doors are closed, and everybody has forsaken you is when you get to discover who you are and what you possess.

It's funny how pain has a certain way of bringing people together. Once I left the commune, I connected with old friends through social mediawho also left the commune with a bad experience. We all shared our stories, and I came across some of the most horrific stories that I ever heard. From Ozen uploading revenge porn of an innocent 18 year old ex-girlfriend, to covering up a dead body in the commune (the mother of this poor individual still to this day doesn't know what happened to her son), and, of course, stealing money from dozens of people to built his ashram.


I could not believe all these things that was happening. The man i trusted, who I devoted 3 years of my life to, could even commit these horrific crimes. I realized now my problem must serve a purpose, and I must warn others about what I know, even though I know I am putting myself in danger by exposing him, but I'd rather take the risk then to keep quiet and betray my own values.

I decided I was going to put a website together. I was going to put all the information on there -I would be the voice for everyone who had a story to tell. So everyone who got cheated, betrayal, who was a victim of esvil... they all wrote their statements with screenshots, emails, evidence. In the end, there were almost two dozen people whose lives he destroyed, the mother with the missing son, death threats with ex-girlfriends, sexual abuse, and dozens of people who he stole money from.  This website was full of tragedy.

In December 2017, I launched the website:


Immediately, it went viral. The first week it got 10,000 hits, the whole
country now knows about this criminal. We even got the biggest newspaper in the country QUEQUI to cover our story. They put his face on the front page with the headline being: "PERVERTED HINDU GURU".


After our website came out, they had to cancelled all their upcoming events and festivals. Half of the people in the commune left, and the celebrations were over.



But one thing you can count on is that the devil doesn't back down without a fight. In fact, this is when you see the beast comes out, and he goes on a rampage.  First he hired hackers to get our website taken down. Then he tries to go after each victim and threaten them to remove their story, but we all had to stood our grounds, there was no backing out now.  Then he takes revenge on every single one of his victims. For example, he uploadedall the revenge porn he has of his ex-girlfriends. He created escort websites of his ex-girlfriends, putting their face up on the website along with their names and addresses. He created fake instagram accounts and uploaded their private pics, their voice conversation on Youtube, threatening their very lives - anything and everything he could possibly do to destroy the lives of his victims.

Now, his reputation is completely destroyed in Mexico, and his back is against the wall.  In our investigation, we uncovered that he has put his commune on the market. He wants to sell the commune for seventeen million dollars and now move to India.  Now this criminal thinks he can run to India and do it all over again.


This whole year 2018 has been a battle...and it's not over yet.  I have been working on a feature film this whole year.  This film is a  weapon that I can use to destroy this beast.  What's special about this movie is everything is captured in real moments, no scripts, no actors.  All the years that I was living there, I was always recording with my camera, phone, etc... and with all this footage, I was able to put together a story about love, betrayal, and slaying a dragon.  Now I have completed this film, and I have only shown it to a few close friends of mine, and they are blown way by it. The reviews I received were beyond my expectations.

My plan is to release this film and try to get millions of people to see my story, so no matter what happens this beast will never be able to succeed in spreading his darkness to this world.  There is no place for this beast in this world, and I will do whatever I can to make sure the world is warn so he can never harm another innocent victim and to bring justice to all those people he has harmed.

Once I release the film, I am planning to use all the money that I've raised to promote it on Facebook and on Youtube.  Because I know I have a beautiful inspirational message in this film, there is a good chance that this movie can go viral.  For this to happen, I would need to create an initial explosion.  I have to buy Facebook and Youtube ads and get it in front of people, and from there people will see it and spread it, but the initial explosion is absolutely mandatory for this message to go viral, and I can only do that with the money that I've raised here.  If i can get this movie in front of millions of people, then I've won this war, and he will never be able to succeed with his plans.

A spiritual warrior is somebody that is here to make this world a better place. He is here to cut down the forest of darkness, and to help raise human consciousness, he is here to give to life, not to take from life..and to shine a light at those who are shinning their lights.  

I'm here to reunite all the warriors to come together, so the battle of good and evil can finally begin.

God Bless!


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Zorba Warrior 
North York, ON
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