Zippie the Cat

This is my cat Zippie. Over the past 8 months his health has deteriorating as he started throwing up multiple times a day, then beginning to not eat. His weight slowly dropped and he started having more and more trouble jumping or moving. He's about 6 years old and was recently hospitalized after his liver began to shut down. This GoFundMe is being made to help with his hospital bills and give him a happier life. The cover photo is from the night we brought him home from the hospital. He's slowly gaining back strength with the help of a few medications. One to help stimulate his hunger, another to reduce nausea, and lastly a set of steroids helping his body fight back. The doctors did many tests while trying to stabilize him and have officially diagnosed him with Lymphoma. This is very deadly and we were given a 2 month limit without any help of steroids or chemo. We can hardly afford the payment plan to cover his $2,400+ hospital bill, let alone the daily steroids he needs to help his swollen lymphoids.  Our vet said using steroids could give us anywhere from 2 months to 2 more years with him. Chemo is a lot more expensive than steroids with little to no difference in outcome so we are hoping to make his life as comfortable as possible. The price goal I have listed is quite low for all the medication we expect him to need. Our total right now in bills is about $3,000, give or take. With the need for steroids(which we haven't been given a price for yet) our total could go from $3,000 to 4 to 5k.
I suppose to grasp the story of me and my other half, I need to start at the beginning. 
52404380_1604768525131670_r.jpegWe found Zippie in the middle of our street crying out to his mother. He was-at most-a month or so old. From the first moment we saw him stranded, I fell in love... My mom was worried about rabies or him being aggressive and kept telling me to stay back and watch for it to find his family. After some time he walked over to our yard and there was no family to be seen. I scooped him up, awing in his cuteness and found a cardboard box to hold him in while we looked for his home or family.
52404380_1604769430526563_r.jpegSoon we heard barking in our backyard and zoomed to see what the fuss was about. After looking for awhile we finally looked up and noticed a cat in one of our trees.
52404380_1604769158945951_r.jpegThis was sweetie (Pictured in front, Zippie in back). She was about a year old and halfway up a leaning tree. She was pretty similar in color so I rushed for the box and brought him out back. We tried to get her down by calling and holding up the kitten but we had no luck. My dad eventually grabbed out a ladder and got to work climbing up to her. After she was brought down safely we realized how loving she was. She headbutts everyone and purrs every time she is pet. She'll climb up to your chest to lay down as close as she can get. Then we named her sweetie. Our family wasn't the richest, we still aren't... When we rescued the animals we started to realize how domesticated they were and felt awful knowing they were most likely dropped off. At this point we weren't exactly sure why. That was until we finally decided to keep them (After me begging my parents for hours of course. Practically yearning for this kitten I had just met.) Soon I named him Zippie, my brother saying he should be zipper or zip zip. I definitely called dibs on naming that sweet kitten and put an end to his nicknames. After hours of being told not to name him or get attached, I did just that. Knowing we'd probably have to give him up or to another home. When we took them to get spayed and nurtured along with their shots, we learned something very important to the rest of this story. 52404380_1604770111661275_r.jpeg Sweetie ended up being pregnant. After about a month or two she finally gave birth to four more kittens. One of which, passed away at birth. From left to right, Lady, Tigris and Shadow. We finally put the pieces together a understood, sweetie was dumped after being found out as pregnant and although we looked for hours no other kittens were found. This led us to believe whoever owned her threw her and one of her kittens out (presumably the runt of the litter) to fend for themselves. 52404380_1604771306609528_r.jpegSweetie even let Zippie nurse or her, even though he was a few months older. 
52404380_1604771483351908_r.jpegZippie acted like a parent to the new kittens. Helping them use the bathroom, cleaning them and showing them how to play. 52404380_160477178575125_r.jpegThis is him sleeping with one of them.
52404380_1604772231266853_r.jpegSoon once we decided to keep them all I was full of joy. I started to grow very attached. In the next few years I would become accustomed to sleeping with him every night. He would always walk around the corner into my room, wait to have eye-contact  let out a small meow before stretching up against my bed and then jumping up. Just like most cats he'd spin a few times before sitting in my lap. I have hundreds of photos of him sitting up in my lap, looking up at me. He's always had a look of humanity in his eyes. It would almost scare me the way he would look up whenever I was upset and just stare for awhile.52404380_1604773736854393_r.jpeg52404380_160477371583464_r.jpegIt may not look it yet, but this cat has been the most important thing in my life for years. I treat him like my child and he feels like a part of me, through every heartache and pain I've been through, he was right there with me. Every second with him makes me so happy beyond my wildest dreams. Every moment he purrs my heart is filled with love. I sleep with him every night under my arm. He's been with me through a recent death in the family. Through my dogs death a few years back. Through my depressive episode that lasted months. Through my every day struggles. He has kept me alive for so many years, and I want to return the favor. He deserves the world and I wish I could've given it to him. That said, I want to bring him around to parks, trails and animal parks. I want him to feel calm and enjoy every last second he has on this earth. I have so much pain right now in my heart after learning the awful news. Knowing my baby, my child only has a few months left even though he's given me so much more than that, feels my heart with absolute ache. I want to spend every day, as many hours as possible holding him. I want to play with him, give him treats and pet him for absolute hours. I can't convince you to help out or donate. But if there's one thing I can take a second to say... Is that I hope you hold your animals close. Cherish every moment with your animal family. You never know when their last moment will be, so make their whole life full of all the love you can give. I'll leave you with a ton of photos I have sitting with him from over the years.52404380_1604775230989264_r.jpeg52404380_1604775263158801_r.jpeg52404380_1604775979703587_r.jpeg52404380_1604775276885137_r.jpeg52404380_1604776006847843_r.jpeg52404380_1604776017781240_r.jpeg52404380_1604776032131619_r.jpeg52404380_1604776046946601_r.jpeg52404380_1604776079891515_r.jpeg52404380_1604776102380223_r.jpeg52404380_1604776142215785_r.jpegThis doesn't even put a dent in how many photos I have of him. He just means absolutely everything to me. <3


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