ZhuAi's Cardiac Surgery Donation

Notice: Currently, Zhirui Wang who is living in US and a friend of ZhuAi's family, is on behalf of ZhuAi's family to receive the donation money of this GoFundMe account since ZhuAi's family are still in China and do not have an US Bank account to receive the donation directly.

Dear Brothers and sisters,

         Greetings from Shanghai, China! Zhu’ai Zhang (Jedidiah) is a three years-old kid. His parents, brother Chao Zhang and sister Jinli Yue are members of Shanghai Grace-in-One Bible Church. Jedidiah was born with “right ventricular dysplasia syndrome” which means the baby’s heart can’t function properly, and has been suffered a lot ever since his birth.

          Jedidiah was found to have severe heart and lung diseases when sister Jinli was pregnant for 6 months. Because of the low survival rate and high surgical cost, doctors strongly suggested them to abort the pregnancy. Being young and inexperienced, the expecting dad and mon were faced with a lot of pressure from Jedidiah’s grandparents who are not Jesus followers. However, with the fear of the Lord, and vision beyond the worldly values, they finally kept Jedidiah with the encouragement and support from the church.

         Jedidiah was moved to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) right after his was born, and has experienced four major heart surgeries in his three years. But thanks to God’s amazing grace, Jedidiah’s life has been preserved till today with those surgeries.

•          On the 23rd day after his birth, he had an open chest B-T shunt surgery at Shanghai Children's Medical Center, to relieve the hypoxia condition.

•          Turning two months, he had a pericardial effusion removal operation at Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

•          A cardiac catheterization surgery was done on him at Shanghai Children's Medical Center when he turned 13 months. At that time, Jedidiah had to have the surgery due to a low oxygen saturation condition. However, the settlement of a stent scaffold in his pulmonary vein failed during the surgery.

•          Turning 16 months, Jedidiah had a cardiac reconstruction Glenn surgery at Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

          Now Jedidiah survives, with only an atrium and ventricle, hence predicted to be able to live a very short life. The experts of Shanghai Children's Medical Center believe that only two children's hospitals in the United States may be capable to do the cardiac reconstruction surgery for him. Praise to the Lord, after months’ of seek, we finally got response from Boston Children's Hospital, who kindly offers to medically help Jedidiah.

Jedidiah Fund and Fundraising

         In order to support his medical treatment in the long term, Shanghai Grace-in-One Bible Church has set up the Jedidiah Fund when he was born, and personnel was designated for special management of the fund.

          The medical expenses for Jedidiah quoted from Boston Children's Hospital is $235,000. Based on the medical treatment and related expenses, together with the assessment of the household income and assets in all forms of Chao and Jinli (Jedidiah’s parents), the fundraising committee estimated that a sum of 290k dollars will be needed. Deducting the previous funding left amount of 70k dollars, there is still a gap of 220k dollars. (Please refer to the table attached below for details).

          Although this large amount of money is far beyond our capability, we still look upon the God and seek for his provision. The fundraising will be jointly supervised by the church pastor and the deacon. The whole process will be updated and posted in time, and the surplus is to be reserved for unexpected situations after surgery. After Jedidiah’s full recovery, all the left-over (if there is any) is to be transferred to other families with kids suffering from heart diseases. If the treatment in the United States does not work, the fund will also be transferred to other families for their kid’s medical treatment.

Message from the Pastor of Shanghai Grace-in-One Bible Church:

      ..   Chao Zhang and Jinli Yue (Jedidiah’s parents) were not so strong willed on learning of the sad news about their baby. I had an in-depth conversation with them just before they were ready for abortion. I know some couples with similar situations, who finally end up an abortion. But Chao and Jinli persisted and made it in their faith in the Lord.

           Chao and Jinli hold fast to the principle of faith. As a member of Christ’s body, we shall support them with love as the scripture says, “If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.” (1 Corinthians 12:26)

           Somebody may ask if it is necessary to raise such a huge amount of money. But we believe that love is beyond calculation by physical money. In my opinion, the suffering of Jedidiah is like an altar, waiting for us to offer sacrifices. Isn't God delightful with our generosity? as Paul said: “And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. As it is written, ‘He has distributed freely, he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.’ He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.” (2 Corinthians 9:8-11)

          Thus, we are also raising fund for the medical expenses of Jedidiah in the name of Grace-in-One Bible Church, by which, we receive God’s grace in Christ. At the same time, we also deeply hope that on Jesus second coming, Jedidiah will enter the glory of the Kingdom with us; by then, you may hear Jedidiah talking about the amazing grace in his life. Praise and glory to the Lord!

After ZhuAi was born:                                                  

After the fourth surgery(two and half years old):

Current ZhuAi (almost three years old):      

Details of Jedidiah’s medical expense and related expenses:






·      出生23天时,在上海儿童医学中心进行心脏中心开胸B-T分流术,缓解了他当时的缺氧情况;

·      2个月时,在上海儿童医学中心心脏中心进行心包积液去除手术。

·      13个月时, 在上海儿童医学中心进行心导管手术。


·      16个月时,在上海儿童医学中心进行心脏改造Glenn手术。









 章超和岳景丽持守了信心的原则,作为肢体我们同样当以爱支持。正如经上所记,“若一个肢体受苦,所有的肢体就一同受苦;若一个肢体得荣耀,所有的肢体就一同快乐。” (哥林多前书 12:26 和合本)

 确实也有人疑惑,是否有必要募集如此高额医疗费用。但我们深信爱不是精心计算出来的。在我看来,主爱的苦难如同一座祭坛,等待我们献上祭物。神岂不是喜悦人的慷慨吗?又如保罗所言:“ 神能将各样的恩惠多多地加给你们,使你们凡事常常充足,能多行各样善事。如经上所记:他施舍钱财,周济贫穷;他的仁义存到永远。那赐种给撒种的,赐粮给人吃的,必多多加给你们种地的种子,又增添你们仁义的果子;叫你们凡事富足,可以多多施舍,就藉着我们使感谢归于 神。” (哥林多后书 9:8-11 和合本)



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