Keep Our Chinchilla Rescue Running

We at Sunshine Chinchillas try our best to take in any and all chinchillas that are in need of homes. That said, we do take our time in finding each animal the best home possible for their individual needs. We take into consideration personalities, temperaments, needs, and care when looking for potential adopters. If at any time we feel an individual is not fit to adopt a rescue animal in our care, we reserve the right to refuse an adoption.

Each chinchilla we take in deserves to find the best home that we are able to find for them. Thus, we take great pride in matching our rescues with their perfect future adopters. This process does take time and we will hold onto an animal for however long that process may take. While housed with us, our rescues are treated just like our personal herd of chins. They too get the highest quality pellets, timothy hay, fresh water, apple wood chew sticks, toys, and a fresh clean environment.

Donations made help us to fund our rescue and continue taking in chinchillas in need of homes. We operate on a very small scale, thus any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Here are some things we use donations for:

- Chinchilla Food; chinchillas must only eat certain brands of food, thus we always are stocking up on chinchilla food.
- Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Cubes; chinchillas need the ruffage of hay in their diet, it helps with their digestion and to keep their teeth at a healthy length.
- Water; we only use reverse-osmosis bottled water for our chinchillas, this helps to prevent any water borne illnesses such as Giardiasis.
- KD Pine Wood Shavings; we purchase our shavings in bulk and always have some on hand as a chinchilla safe bedding in their enclosures.
- Anti-Pill Fleece; fleece items are the only safe fabric for chinchillas, we use this as a soft spot for them to sit as well as a material to make hammocks, hay holders, pillows, and tube covers.
- Dust; just like our food, hay, and bedding, we also like to buy our chinchilla dust in bulk for our furry friends to bathe in.
- Apple Wood; chinchillas absolutely love apple wood, this chin-safe wood is a favorite of our herd and rescues to chew on.
- KD Pine Wood; here at Sunshine Chinchillas, we purchase our own kiln-dried pine wood to make all of our own chin toys such as wood chews, hidey huts, shelves, ledges, tubes, and hanging toys.
- Cages; to provide proper living quarters for our chins, we do occasionally have to purchase new cages when surrenders come in without them.
- Water Bottles and Food Bowls; we only use glass bottles and ceramic dishes, sometimes if they break or we need more we do purchase these as well.
- Dust Houses; every chin loves to flip around in their dust in a dust house, we like to purchase metal ones that are chew-proof for our chinnies.
- A/C Maintenance; since chinchillas are from the Andes Mountains, they have a dense coat for the harsh cold temperatures. Thus it is imperative that we have a special A/C unit for them to keep them cool in the hot Florida summers, we are always making sure to clean and maintain their A/C unit.
- Travel; sometimes we do meet to take in surrenders, this does require gas and wear on our vehicle.
- Emergencies and Hurricanes; since we are in Florida, we do also use donations as a backup fund for emergencies such as Hurricanes. This helps us to stock up on supplies as well as provide funds in case of evacuations.
- Vet Bills; sometimes a vet visit is necessary, donations help us to provide this care to rescues who need it.

Every chinchilla surrendered stays in our care for a minimum of 30 days so that we can learn about their personality and ensure they are healthy enough for adoption. Any donations made to Sunshine Chinchillas goes directly into the care of our rescued animals.
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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of Sunshine's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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