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Dear all family, friends, and valued readers:

For those of you who know Radmilo, know that he is an extremely admirable soul. He is a father, husband, brother, and proud Power Engineer at Ford Motor Company. To say Radmilo is a hard worker is an understatement, he is a passionate fighter in anything life has ever thrown his way. Life was never necessarily a walk in the park for this man, but whatever challenge he was faced with, he took on whole-heartedly and came out a champion. Well, a new challenge has presented itself in March of this 2017 year. Radmilo’s life, and the life of his family has changed drastically due to newly discovered cancer, here is his story.

Radmilo and his wife Ranka went on their annual vacation to Cuba mid-March, and on their second last day Radmilo experienced a focal seizure which was initially thought to be a stroke. After being hospitalized in intensive care in Cuba for 3 days, with several MRI’s and CT scans being done, the doctors over there confirmed they had spotted a mass on the lung and on the brain (which is what caused the focal seizure.) Once Radmilo’s condition had been stabilized an air ambulance brought them back to Toronto where hospitalization would be continued, followed by more scans and a biopsy. After being bounced around from Toronto to Windsor the results had come in two weeks later stating Radmilo’s diagnosis: Stage 4 Small Cell Lung Cancer. What does this prognosis mean? It means that this cancer is extremely aggressive. It means that there is NO cure for this type of cancer, it means that conventional treatment can be given (chemo, radiation,) but that will only work for a little while until the cancer re-grows and becomes non-responsive to that kind of treatment. In other words, this cancer is terminal and did not come with a good prognosis.


What is being done now? How is he doing? What are the next steps?

Radmilo has been through so much in such a small amount of time. He has gone through a craniotomy (brain surgery) to remove the tumor that was causing the seizures. His left leg and arm were weak post-surgery so physio therapy has been implemented to help regain that strength and motion back, and is still currently being done every day. One round of chemotherapy has been done, and five radiation treatments to the brain and lung. Scans have been done post-chemotherapy and the tumours have shown shrinkage! Now we wait for the second round of chemotherapy and hope for more shrinking and more good news. Although this news is good, the combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation has been really hard on Radmilo. He has lost weight, but he has not lost his will to fight and beat this dreaded disease. The family has been looking for all kinds of alternative treatments throughout the world, and is not settling for the “no cure” option. A trip to Biomedical Clinic has already been made by Milica, Radmilo’s daughter to Tijuana Mexico (an alternative treatment cancer clinic) to get a special herbal ‘Hoxsey tonic’ and supplements that have been curing all types of cancer patients for years. This has been brought back and is currently being used in combination with current treatment to help. Due to the nature of this type of cancer, and its aggressiveness, Radmilo will need to seek treatment at one of the alternative cancer facilities the family has been in contact with. The current ones being looked at are the Burzynski Clinic in Houston Texas, Chipsa in Tijuana Mexico, and a private cancer clinic in Canada. All of these treatment facilities have high cure rates with all types of cancer, including this type of Lung cancer. They also have a high price tag, ringing in at around $50,000 USD. But, NO price is too high if it means saving a human life, saving a loved one. The current goal is to support Radmilo in his battle of his cancer with chemotherapy now, and to continue with one of these alternative routes post-chempotherapy in order to actually find a cure so that it does not continue to grow, and can hopefully, with the grace of God, be eliminated.


This is where I would like to reach out to you, to all of Radmilo’s wonderful family, friends and supporters, to try and help us raise the funds needed to help him. Please reach into your hearts, and there are so many ways to do so; a prayer, a donation, or a share. Anyone/everyone can share this story in the hopes that others might be able to help as well.


**When Radmilo was being told to fight hard and never give up by one of his buddies, his response was so encouraging and brave:

“You know why I’m going to beat this?”


“Because Cancer Picked the Wrong Guy.”


Thank you all for reading this and for all of the love and support, it is appreciated more than can ever be expressed. Let’s help Rad beat this and support him every step of the way to the cure he deserves!



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