Sebastian is HOME

Sebastian is finally  HOME!
It has been a long journey for him as it has been for me, his mommy.  
Sebastian was born at 23 weeks and 6 days (1 day short 24 weeks gestation) and weighting only 1lbs 9oz 11inches. He has endured and fought more than anyone I have ever or will ever know.  
I spent 6 days in hospital recovering  and getting stronger to fight along side my son. He has been a true warrior through 5 surgeries and  other minor procedures. He has surprised many doctors and nurses for his fight to live. ( Ive always had faith and known in my heart it was the hands of God protecting and healing my little one). 
I took 6 full weeks out of salon to be by Sebastian's side every single day.
At that moment I didn't want to think about finances. Somehow, again, with all your support, prayers I  did it and survived.  I finally  went back to work in January to less then half of my schedule . Though it was  financially and emotionally difficult, I learned to live my new normal way of life. 
Now, Sebastian is finally HOME! 
He is 6 months and weighs an amazing 12lbs. and is 23 inches. 
I'm excited, nervous and anxious to  live our lives at HOME with all our loved ones. 
My plan was to take 4 weeks away from the salon which has extended to 8 weeks to settle us HOME and to attend his many doctor appts and therapies. He will also have a planned surgery in September and will require me to take additional time off.  We are starting our new and amazing lives together, but this time I realize the importance of accepting help.  Having my own business has been amazing but has it's downfall as well.  My income is completely dependent on time I can physically be there.  
Since I've always been independent it's humbled me today to ask for financial help .  I have found a new voice within me that will speak up and reach out when in need. I will be the strong and hard working women and now mother that I have always been. 
Sebastian and I have been showered with many gifts and support that we will cherish for ever and words of encouragement that will always stay in my heart. 
I am greatful for every single person that has traveled our journey  with us. In advance I want to thank you for helping  our transition into a less  financially worrisome time and giving me peace to fully enjoy my son at HOME! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am blessed to be Sebastian's mommy. He has been a blessing to all our family.
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