Help Julian Recovery

This is a crowdfunding page to support my brother, Julian, whose repeated forced hospital stays over the past four years have left him debilitated, confused, unable to speak or feel, and more hopeless than ever. We need this in order to fund alternative forms of treatment that are not readily available in hospital settings.

In the medical world, Julian is diagnosed with Schizophrenia, a label that carries with it a pervasive stigma that has only landed him at 'treatment' programs that were not only ineffective, but detrimental. Excessive medication, ECT, and isolation have nearly lobotomized him rather than helped him. He deserves access to the collaborative, empowering treatment that can actually make a difference.

The programs that offer these kinds of humanistic, need-adapted approaches are privatized (not covered by insurance), but all minds matter, regardless of financial situation.

For those of you that know Jules, you know how much he has always loved listening to and discovering new music. Right now, not only can he barely speak or understand language, but he is unable to listen to music.

Let's help him filter out the noise, so he can find what makes music again. Let's give him a chance.
  • Zee Hakimoglu 
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  • J Thomas Amick 
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  • Linda Colson 
    • $385 
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  • Ashley Shields 
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  • Maurice W Hines 
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