Saving Archie

I originally started this GoFundMe as a desperate mother pleading for somebody to save my baby. My son Archie was born premature at 27+2 weeks in March 12th 2019, his main diagnosis being a condition called Chronic Lung Disease which is very common in premature babies. Archie however, has a very serious case of it leading to him to fall very poorly for several months. ⚡️ He was from birth at Plymouth NICU on nasal prongs being supported by oxygen and a small amount of pressure, unfortunately due to catching pneumonia this put Archie back onto mechanical ventilation leading us to be transferred to Bristol Childrens PICU. NICU had no more to offer and there last resort would be to end care with Archie. NICU were beyond fabulous but they focus on premature babies, not big 5months old like Archie was. From transferring we then figured out his second condition, Pulmonary Hypotension which if not treated can be life threatening. ⚡️ I took with me to Bristol a protocol from America. A hospital called Nationwide in Ohio use a strategy for children like Archie using a high pressure, low rate ventilation. This had of course never been done before in the UK and was a battle to convince the doctors. After 4 months of being ventilated we opted to give Archie a tracheostomy to support his ventilation through a better way to help him develop. Things got rough and we eventually found out his third and final condition, Tracheobronchomalacia. Months went by, filled with good, bad and horrendous days. In February Archie deteriorated badly leading our Bristol consultants to have no more options and again be suggested, end of care. ⚡️ My consultant said ‘if theres anything you want to try so you dont have regrets please tell me’ and i requested Nationwide settings be done. The first in the UK EVER. On February 22nd 2020 we changed to those settings and Archies life changed for the better. One consultant gave me a small bit of hope and tried it and for that i will be forever grateful. He took a huge risk. ⚡️ To this day (July 24th 2020) as i re-write my GoFundMe Archie has: Got rid of all sedations which he has been on for 10 months, Got onto a home ventilator and defeated all odds given to him. Of course he is still in hospital and any kind of setback could throw us back but discharge planning is in process, we continue to wean his support until we are able to get home and he is the happiest little boy in the world. He did it. ⚡️ All of the money on this GoFundMe that we raise via generosity and fundraisers will be given to the Seahorse Ward PICU @ Bristol Childrens, Plymouth NICU and Ronald Mcdonald Accommodation for all the love and support they have given us. Nurses and doctors truly are amazing - My son is the first in the UK. The first to a long change in medical history i hope. ⚡️ Thank you to that one consultant, I will be forever grateful. Heres to getting Archie home! The boy who lives ⚡️
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