My City My Shirt...fight hate with love

Hi, we are raising funds to cover the cost of repainting Butetown’s magnificent,
#MyCityMyShirt mural of Cardiff’s ‘Mona Lisa,’ the beautiful Maimuna Indjai, by @unifycreative_.

The mural was created to celebrate the diverse communities that make Cardiff one of the oldest, multicultural city’s in the UK and promote positive conversation around racism in football.

Unfortunately last week it was racially vandalised.

It is hoped that we can collectively show, hatred has no place in our city and racism has no place in sport, by working together to raise funds and restore the art work for all to enjoy. #unify#community
#ShowRacismTheRedCard #Cardiff #AntiRacistWales
Fighting hate with love ❤️

Any additional funds raised will support Unify’s mission of art for good.
#StrongerTogether #Cohesion #Art



Sarah Bowen 
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom