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Pablo Garcia faces 25 years to life. He was accused of a crime he did not commit. DNA tests that originally said he was at the scene of the crime, have in fact been debunked. 11 years later, he is still in prison and we don’t know why.

Pablo was accused by another suspect and received gratuities for naming someone else, anyone else. Then an experimental DNA test was used on his and thousands of other cases. These tests were later debunked, only a handful of convicted persons were released. Thousands including Pablo still sit in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

This is where #FreePabloGarcia comes in. Want to dive deeper? Continue reading and visit FreePabloGarcia 

We're also looking to hire a specific lawyer whose specialty is FST cases. She has read Pablo's case, and is confidant she can help. 




Pablo was a purple cow in the middle of the Bronx. His "goth/punk rock/metal head/spiky haired” look never matched his and overall demeanor which is/was a loving, considerate, and sensitive artist. Like most of us growing, he was judged based on how he presented himself and faced a lot of prejudice within his own BIPOC community because he didn't fit the stereotype of "Puerto Rican man from the Bronx, who grew up in the projects”.

Pictured is Pablo’s high school portrait. He always felt torn between what people expected this young Puerto Rican kid to look like, verses what he wanted. Pablo has always been an introvert which didn't help while growing up. He also one to avoid the camera, he preferred to be behind it.


After high school he moved to Queens, NY because he knew that he wanted a different life for himself. He wanted to break a pattern that his beloved family seemed to be snuck in. The family is from the Bronx through and through. They all went to their local high schools, didn’t go to college, and many are still in the projects. He knew his potential superseded the environment that most people get stuck in due to hopelessness and complacency. Pablo is an altruistic individual who had allowed the wrong people to be in his company. He is now facing 25 years to life for a horrendous crime that he didn’t commit nor would not even imagine being part of.


“I’m innocent” is a commonly abused claim when someone is incarcerated. Therefore, it is almost impossible to be heard and considered. We, Pablo’s family, friends, former co-workers, and teachers, know he is innocent; but if you don’t know him then… why should you believe this?

TOTALLY FARE! That’s why we’re here.

The first 5 years of Pablo's arrest, incarceration and duration of trial (which did not start until Pablo had 4 years of incarceration); we were all indigent (still are). The indigenous are often taken for granted and society is manipulated; let alone the victim(s), their family, suspect(s), their family and the jury. However, we were hopeful because we naively believed that the mistakes would eventually be acknowledged. 5 years after trial, we learned that it is not mistakes being ignored, it is misconduct being ignored.

The misconduct is being overlooked and swept under the rug, with the courts claiming "overwhelming evidence". The "overwhelming evidence" being statements from individuals whom were suspects with no credibility; but were bestowed gratuities from the prosecutor. The DA kept letting other accused persons go as long as they gave a name, Pablo’s name was given. Even the judge questioned what the DA was doing.

"Occasionally, however, a prosecutor might quite sincerely and reasonably, but incorrectly believe certain "facts" to be true, and might make it clear to the "accomplice" that there will be no deal unless the "accomplice" incorporates those "facts" into his testimony- The risk is substantially greater that a supposed "accomplice" might falsely incriminate one or more defendants in order to have something to offer the prosecutor and thereby obtain a deal more generous than he deserves." - Clifford Fishman

The other "evidence" was conjured over two years after Pablo's arrest. With the impending pressure of trial and no evidence to support his arrest, a new/ controversial DNA test was conducted/ experimented on Pablo. This test (Forensic Statistical Tool) was created by two individuals whom had to resign/ terminated from the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME-lab); after an investigation from the Attorney General unraveled their inability to follow protocol (misconduct with DNA samples and reports). Let alone the fact that one of these creators handled Pablo's reports. This DNA test used on Pablo had inconclusive DNA results; however, the results were still allowed into trial because, again, there was nothing else to justify Pablo's arrest for over two years. Nonetheless, three years after Pablo's conviction, the test that was used on him got debunked in 2017 and is no longer utilized. There were a few individuals other than the creators of the Forensic Statistical Tool, such as officials and experts, that resigned, was terminated or "relocated their job"; who dealt with Pablo's case. Not the prosecutor though, the prosecutor was promoted a month after Pablo was sentenced.

On June 24, 2009, detectives went to Pablo's mother's residence (South Bronx) inquiring about him. When Pablo found out, he called the precinct twice and was later ambushed in his home (Queens) by the detectives. Pablo was indicted on the statements of individuals he had disassociated himself from for a couple of years. The flawed inconclusive "DNA results" was not conjured until over two years after Pablo's arrest. However, because Pablo did not cooperate, he was depicted as a “lowlife murderer”. Eventually after two statements (from one suspect whom received full immunity and the other suspect whom received a plea deal), one mistrial and five years, Pablo was sentenced to Twenty-Five years to Life in 2014.



Q: Does the prosecutor have a problem with Pablo or why else would they do this if he is innocent?

A: No not really. Pablo just did not talk from the moment he called the precinct until the moment he was arraigned. This "lack of cooperation" caused the prosecutor to dignify the statements of the individuals involved; therefore allowing the prosecutor to feel justified in forcing a conviction.

Q: Why did Pablo get blamed if he is innocent?

A: Any answer to this question will justify what has happened. The only answer is that it worked out for those who had shifted the blame.

Q: Why didn't Pablo put up a fight?

A: Pablo and his loved ones were for the most part, relaxed and felt everything will come to light in the end. Pablo was unaware of the fact that it truly does not matter if a person is innocent. With trial, all that matters is who tells the best story. Hence the old saying "you can indict a ham sandwich".



We’re not just seeking monetary support for legal fees, which we really need. We are seeking to help get our story out there. Advocation. It has already been over a decade. Do we have to wait another ten years to be considered? Does our story have value if/when Pablo gets exonerated? Should this be another one of those stories we only pity after 20-plus years of something being covered up? Or may you be able to be a part of his story of vindication?

"One wrongful conviction is one too many. there have been numerous exonerations stemming from wrongful convictions. These convictions derail the lives of the wrongfully accused and cause tremendous pain for their loved ones. The impact is also felt by the general public b/c every time it is proven that an innocent person was imprisoned, public confidence in our justice system is further damaged." -Michael Miller



Actually a few people. The main person is Pablo's long time family friend EC. He's been at this for a while. I, Rani am jumping in for tech/"marketing" to help the word get out there. I'm just extra support for the family and Pablo's needs. We don't want to connect our personal Facebook accounts so we are building this out from scratch. Any questions? Email [email redacted]

The DA kept letting other accused persons go as long as they gave a name, Pablo’s name was given. Even the judge questioned what the DA was doing. At the end they claimed to have founded Pablo’s DNA at the crime scene, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years - life in prison. Years later, this DNA testing was found to be faulty. DNA tests were debunked but Pablo is still in prison 11 years later. Who knows how many people in New York State are still in prison for a crime they didn’t commit because of this test.


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