All I want for every Christmas...

Dear friends and family,
     Many of you may know how much I've been struggling with my health over the last few years dealing with hyper reactivity to chemicals and EMFs. So much so that I moved cross country from Maryland to Arizona with my partner Sam in 2015 in order to find a place removed enough to get some relief. While I've done better out here I've continuously hit a wall in my healing as every time I start to get better something causes me to regress again.
     We finally got a clue as to why that might be when my already dead discolored front tooth started to wiggle until it was barely hanging in there at all. I had been so sick I hadn't been to a dentist since 2014. (And even then I got a lot of mixed opinions as to whether or not I should keep my two front root canal teeth.) It was too difficult for me to even enter a dentist's office because of the high amount of chemical and EMF exposures there. If any of you are already familiar with the conditions of MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) and EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity) you'll understand just how debillitating the illness is and how isolating. What's especially difficult is seeking any kind of conventional medical treatment as most doctors and dentists are ignorant of these conditions and their treatments are essentially toxic to patients like me and do more harm than good.
      Also the costs are prohibitive for most of us with these conditions. For us personally, we already had gone into debt with the 'exodus' move and had to pile that debt onto exisiting debts. We also lost income giving up jobs and having less opportunities for work at our new location.
     In October when my tooth had gotten worse and was bleeding, we went across the border to Mexico to a holistic dentist there. We did this to save money but also because it turned out I could tolerate the office. The dentist seemed kind and knowledgable however he did not turn out to be as skilled as he'd professesed and the language barrier made a difficult process nearly impossible. The extraction of my tooth met with complications, namely me reacting to the so called 'natural' substance he'd filled my extraction site with. And the procedure itself was a nightmare as he turned out to be a one man operation with no assistant and nothing but novicaine (which wore off during the proceedure) for the pain. And then the two partial dentures he made (first was the wrong sized tooth!) were not just uncomfortable but I reacted to the materials of those as well. (So I have been going without a denture for the missiong tooth since October.)
       The total cost, although less than US dentists, still ended up near 1,000, not even saving us much money.
     We realized going back down to Mexico for further work would be a mistake. So I did my homework and found out whom I should see; a specialist in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Margolis who could diagnose and treat jawbone cavitations (something common at extraction sites, but usually overlooked by conventional and even holistic dentistry) and also help me with properly replacing my teeth. (Two front teeth since I'll be needing the other one extracted as well.)
    I had to wait 3 months to get in to see Dr. Margolis as he is that popular. I just had my first appointment about 2 weeks ago and did all of the needed diagnostic work, including full panel 3D xrays and an ultrasound xrays (Cavitat scans) as well as blood work to test for dental material compatibility. The total came to about 1,200 for that visit and the doctor found 6 sites of cavitations (rotting dead bone in the jaw from infections). One at the recent extraction site, and one at the adjacent tooth (my only other root canal tooth) and at the site of my 23 year old wisdom teeth extraction sites (in one case they found a piece of root still in my jaw, broken off the pulled tooth!), and areas behind my intact wisdom teeth.
    The total costs for the surgeries I will need to clear the infections come to $6200. This includes extracting the other front tooth and giving me a temporary denture for the two missing teeth.
     The total does NOT include restorative work which I will also need (new fillings, etc) and will likely come to at least 1,000 or more. And if I am able to get ceramic implants (we'll be testing compatibilty for that before proceeding) the cost for those will total at $5000.
     I do have some state insurance right now but no dental and even if I had dental it would not cover this kind of 'alternative' care in any case.
     From the research I've done and from talking with others sufferering with EHS and MCS I've concluded that the barrier to my healing is because of these long standing infections. I even think it's possible that having root canals in the first place (dead teeth left in the mouth than can never be fully sterilized and so always attract bacteria) and the poorly done wisdom teeth extractions caused the beginning of other chronic illnesses I've suffered with since then, such as, chronic bowel inflammation, parasite infections, chronic fatigue, chronic sinus and ear infections and inflammation, chronic joint pain, headaches, etc.
   The teeth are connected to all of the organs in the body through miles of tubules, so an infection in the teeth can move throughout the body causing serious problems elsewhere. But even just the infections in my mouth themselves clearly have been taxing my immune system for years (over two decades since I got the root canals and extractions) making it much harder for my body to detox from current environmental toxin exposures.
    I noticed that after my extraction in Mexico, the first week I felt a lot better and then I got worse again and my MCS especially has been really severe since then.
(I attribute this to the infection in the jaw and extraction site worsening after first being relieved to some degree following the extraction.)
    I am a fiercely independent person and don't like to ask for assistance, especially anything financial. We've not asked for any financial help for the move or since then and I would not be asking except that I don't see another way to get the help I need. The only way we can pay for the necessary surgeries at all is to max out my high interest credit card and then I don't know how we'll be able to manage the subsquent added debt.
    Anything you can donate to help me restore my teeth and thus (hopefully!) my health would be much appreciated. The littlest amount can help. I've set the goal to 10,000 because right now I think that is a fair and conservative estimate of the total I will need in the coming months but in the immediate future I'll need a little over half that. If I find the total will be less than 10K I will adjust the amount for my campaign. And even if we make half the goal that would still be a huge help!
    I've been going around without a tooth for nearly 4 months now and honestly I don't mind that as much as I do dealing with poor health and being allergic to the world. But it would be really nice to get a new tooth and soon that will be two new teeth I'll be needing.
    All I want for all of the Christmases to come is my two front teeth!  And you can help me to get them!
   Thank you!
With deepest gratitude ,
  • Michelle Shrader 
    • $30 
    • 41 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $20 
    • 51 mos
  • Susanita Hicks 
    • $50 
    • 51 mos
  • Susan Hicks 
    • $500 
    • 52 mos
  • Peggy Brennan 
    • $15 
    • 53 mos
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