Mission Work in Mexico City in June

Fulfilling a dream I had from Jesus. Mexico City June 2- June 11th. Dreamed I took a plane from US and landed at Mexico City Airport. Jesus gave me this dream. I don't dream much but when I do dream it's serious. My dream told me I was in the capital of Mexico which I don't know or remember knowing it's the capital. I haven't talked of Mexico City or read news on Mexico City in months. So to have a dream on Mexico City was downloaded by Jesus. I walked around the capital which had a big Mexican flag flying. Then went into a place below the ground and I kept seeing people who were lost and it was dirty at first then become a nice underground part which resembled a underground convention center. From the underground convention center, I then catched a ride on a underground train or subway. Then ended up on a bus that drove through the city. While on the bus people were being healed, laying hands and told the truth about Jesus. The Mexican people were very accepting of me and others that ended up meeting me on the bus. There was others there with me that came to Mexico City. Somehow food was a distraction while I was there. I kept trying to put the food away. Specifically a hamburger and trying to hide it (Hence I just ending a fast the day before this dream.) There was still a lot of things in English in Mexico City. I think this was telling me language want be a issue and don't worry even though it's a majority Spanish speaking city. Seeds were planted and spread across the metropolitan city of it's 22 million people .

I did some research after this dream and took what I perceived in dream and related the dream to my research of Mexico City. What I researched astonished me.
1. A big Mexican flag flys near the Mexican Capital. I mean a huge one.
2. There is a huge underground Culture of underground Malls, living and shopping.
3. What I perceived to be a underground Convention Center was really The Underground Santa Fe mall in Mexico City. In fact the inside looks like the inside of a convention Center https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_Santa_Fe
4. There is a subway that connects to the mall. Like in my dream when I thought I was leaving from the convention center when it was really the Garden Santa Fe underground mall in Mexico City
5. There is a huge poor population underground that lives in the Sewer. Hence the dreams emphases on being underground after I arrived in Mexico City in my Dream. The underground seemed dirty at first then became clean. There are clean underground parts of Mexico City and dirty parts where the poor live in the city.
6. Mexico City has one of the most efficient and technically advanced bus system in the world. With very high riderships. Alot of life happens on buses in Mexico City.

Mexico City has Metro population of 22 million people median age 28 mostly Roman Catholic. 84 percent of total population is Roman Catholic who mostly have a barrier view of Jesus because of the Roman Catholic Church. The only religion allowed until 1920s was Roman Catholic in Mexico. Most of the young adults in Mexico view there religion as there grandparents religion not there's. So most young lost. To think of the seeds of faith that could be planted in such a concentration of people. Seeds planted, Just by laying hands and praying for people showing the love of Jesus . Amazing just to think about.

IThat money is going to be given to me and Jesus told me that I want be paying for it. I know it. ThankYou Jesus.

Peter followed Jesus immediately. If he thought about the dangers in Israel (Mexico City in my case) they would face he wouldn't have gone. Matthew 4:18-22 18As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 19"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people." 20"At once they left their nets and followed him." Jesus is going with me and others will follow I'm confident.

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