world peace tarot readings

we are fundraising to purchase cases of miniature tarot cards to give away for free with free readings to demonstrate to the public how tarot works to help people to heal their own lives.

we will tell all.

we intend to teach people all of the insider tricks and tips about tarot.

we intend to help people keep themselves safer from scam artists to always get the very most out of any reading, even amateur readings or scams.

it is our intention to teach people the very best uses for tarot cards as toolkits for healing people’s hearts and minds with metaprogramming.

the roots of metaprogramming go back more than five-thousand years to ancient india and may have emerged independently within every civilization on earth.

not so long ago, the art of metaprogramming was a spiritual science and services that were all about self-improvement and stronger social integration.

they called all of this occult stuff alchemy back then.

the goals of alchemy have always been self-improvement and healthier societies.

tarot is one of the most excellent tools with which to teach alchemy or metaprogramming.

turning lead into gold was only ever a metaphor for self-transformation until a poorly initiated public mistook the meaning just a little too literally.

as a consequence of many people asking for help to learn how to make real gold out ordinary lead the door was opened for scam artists to step in to sell lies and misinformation for hard cash and worldly goods such as social or sexual favors.

in short, too many people jumped to the wrong conclusions and then very greedy people took advantage of their confusion to scam them to make money.

you would think people would know better than that these days, but they don’t.

so we will help to demystify tarot and the world of occultism to strip-out fraud and to reveal what was always there along…

an ancient, time-tested means to improve your life and to improve the lives of your families and friends with tarot

the ancient roots of alchemy that evolved into metaprogramming were incorporated by spiritualists and psychic healers into an emergent party-game called tarocchi.

tarocchi transitioned through centuries of service in use by diplomats, nobility, and spies to evolve to become tarot.

tarot evolved to become extremely useful for psychic readings and spiritual healing.

our primary goal is world peace.

there can be no world peace without a peaceful end to all poverty, war, and disease.

tarot and metaprogramming can help to end all war on earth peacefully to enable global abundance.

global abundance ends nearly all poverty and disease.

peacefully ending all war on earth sets back the doomsday clock for earth's sixth mass extinction.

that extinction is in progress right now.

current estimates range from about twenty-five to one-hundred-fifty species a day are dying-out on earth forever.

most people fail to count viruses, microbes, and other small creatures such as krill or insects, but these species are the foundations of earth’s biospheres and food chains, as well as the earth’s ability to recycle the essential elements of life to make them available to more species, species likes humans.

you like humans, right?

we love all humans.

tarot and metaprogramming, aka alchemy, are occult techniques to assist people to communicate about critical ideas called life lessons.

the sixth mass extinction is a critical life-lesson for all people now alive on earth.

learning about life lessons helps people to improve their lives.

alas, tarot and alchemy have been under a dark cloud of suspicion that we intend to help clear away real soon.

frauds and scams became widely publicized to drive people away from alchemy and tarot reading because these activities threatened both the church and the noble peerage.

for one thing, neither the church nor the royal peerage wanted the secrets of their espionage rings revealed.

do you remember ronald reagan and his wife’s astrologer whispering in his ear?

our past president believed in the occult just as much as hitler believed.

today, people can turn occultism into much safer work by using occult wisom to help heal themselves.

tarot and alchemy became threats to heads of states and the church by inspiring much more independent thought and radical free speech that led to a downfall of the church’s temporal power on earth and the fall of the alienated all-too-often less-than-noble ruling classes.

we intend to demonstrate how to use tarot, alchemy, and metaprogramming to self-examine to identify routine habituated emotional, cognitive, and social, behaviors that reactively cause nearly all people to harm themselves or to harm other people.

we intend to show people how to read tarot cards to improve their communication skills by using combinations of modern theories, popular belief systems, and ancient wisdom derived from many different civilizations and cultures on earth.

metaprogramming enables a broader range of options for personal growth and psychic development as well as improving mediation skills and self-awareness.

consequently, anyone who uses tarot to explore and to learn metaprogramming inherently enables themselves to be more successful in their lives as well as in their relationships with all other people.

please support our work by helping to fund our new project to help people to make the very best of this world that it can ever be.

we intend to put a free deck of tarot cards into the hands of every person on earth.

clients of psychic readers who own their own tarot decks can help to reduce the spread of covid between clients and readers by taking their decks with them to every reading.

thank you.

please observe.

we have answered the following questions about tarot on quora...

what is the scariest tarot card, and why?

peace and love, grigorii rho gharveyn, aka gia rho and roger sanford holler

please fund us now!

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