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I am not one to ask favors, but in this case I really must. If you have the time to read this, you will understand why. My dear friend Whitney Lynn Parker who is a most talented make-up artist and stylist is gravely ill and in need of a surgery for which she is not covered. Whitney is a single mom with four children. She works independently and does not make any money when she is too ill to work.

I asked Whitney to please write her story in her own words so I did not misrepresent anything. And I am asking you to please, if you can, help by donating to the GoFundMe I set up for Whitney. Every little bit will help Whitney on her journey to recovery. Her children need her healthy. She is an excellent mother and a most warm hearted and dear friend. I will very much appreciate any financial contributions you can make as well as any thoughts, prayers and shares! Thank you!

My Story -- By Whitney

As most of you know for the past few months I have been in and out of the hospital and very ill.

What you don't know is that my illness traces all the way back to 2006 and it began with what I thought would be a simple breast reduction surgery.

I researched doctors to find one that would not only give me the aesthetic look that I was needing from the heaviness but also would keep me safe during the procedure.

After many months and many consultations, I chose one that was not only board certified but also had gone to college for fine art (just like me) I felt confident in our talks and trusted in his quite soft nature and creativity.

Fast forward to three days after my surgery.

All had gone as expected (I thought). I was working as an artist at M.A.C. during this time and one of the other artists noticed a few bumps on my arm, She suspected I had a MRSA infection as my skin looked like her brother’s, who had just barely survived a the same infection.

MRSA is a flesh-eating bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and shuts down your internal organs very rapidly. Also, MRSA may cause gangrene which often requires amputation of limbs.

Because it progresses VERY fast. I returned to my doctor with my concerns.

He took one look at my MRSA bumps and told me that they were ant bites and to go home and squeeze them in the tub.

Later I found out this doctor had another Florida Hospital doctor (whom I had never even met) perform my surgery after I had gone under anesthesia. This second man brought MRSA into my surgical wounds and my original surgeon risked my life because he didn't want anyone to find out he did not perform the surgery that left me with an infection. 

That night I woke up at 1 am sweating and disoriented with a 105 degree temperature.

I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. My breasts were opened up at all of the surgical sites which were now oozing with green puss. I had open sores all over my nipples.

An infectious disease doctor performed another surgery to get all of the MRSA out of my breasts. This involved taking my remaining breast tissue out and that coupled with my reduction left me with zero breasts.

I was in the hospital on a vancomycin drip for a month. I got a blood infection from my pic line, resulting in several blood transfusions. I weighed less than 90 lbs.

But I had my life.

A few months after this nightmare I had small implants put in. I was told that it was 100% safe

My high blood pressure subsequently became high.

My doctors didn't understand how someone my age/weight would have this issue.

Thus began the endless journey of test after test to see why Whitney was malfunctioning.

Fast forward to one year ago.

I had slowly started to feel off but it progressed rapidly to something I couldn’t ignore.

I had still not yet learned of breast implant illness (Google it) I just thought I was slowly dying. 

The slow went to warp speed six months ago.

Since then, I have been to these specialists aside from my doctors.

~Rheumatologist (two autoimmune diseases) 

~Endocrinologist (Enlarged thyroid) 

~Neurologist (Small fiber neuropathy)

~Eye surgeon(In one year I went from 20/20 vision to being near sighted far sighted needing glasses and having developed cataracts.)

~Urologist (Internal swelling)

High white blood cell count that wouldn't lower


~Cancer breast surgeon 

(Something in my right breast could be cancer but unknown at this point.)

I am on a daily list of medicines that is miles long for all of these ailments.

I have extreme memory loss to the point where I don't know what I said or did 5 minutes before. My pain is a constant burning searing hot pain all throughout my body and then heaviness in my shoulders like bricks. Extreme itching on the tips of my feet (nerve damage) that only the burn of ice can relieve. My anxiety is through the roof. My blood pressure cannot be managed. My muscle fatigue is to the point that I can't walk up stairways all at once. I have severe reaction to hot and cold. I overheat but can't get a fever, My legs will burn and my toes will be freezing. I get cold bumps on my legs if I go outside in the sun.

Shooting tingling radiating down my hands and fingers, which are always swollen and asleep. Hoarse strained voice from my thyroid.

The list goes on and on..

Within my fury to find out what was now quickly killing me I came across an article the Crystal Hefner (Hue's wife) wrote about taking her implants out do to breast implant illness.

The story led me to a group on Facebook (Breast Implant Illness by Nicole) that is thousands upon thousands of women all with my exact symptoms. 

These women were getting them out and guess what? Their health was restored just from taking these toxic bags out of their bodies.

I've also learned that saline implants are not safe either.

They are in a silicone shell. Google chemicals found in breast implants. Scary.

Now that I know what is taking me down I am ready to FIGHT to get my spark back. My children and my parents deserve that. I deserve that.

God gave me this so that I would become educated and hopefully help other women before it gets to the degree of damage that mine has.

My surgery will be a major surgery as they have to take the entire capsule around the implant out and scrape away my insides where there may have been black mold and other toxins.

It won't be fun, It is very expensive and I won’t get to wake up to pretty ta ta's from going through it.

But, I will be free of that which has now quickly been killing me. 

To every one of you who has ever lifted a prayer for me during this worst six months of my life, I felt it.

And I thank you.

I want to be better so I can be better for my children and for all of you.
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