Reunite for Son & Mom

They Lawfully Kidnapped My Child

Emergency & Human Rights: Systematic Discriminatory, Racial Profiling, Physical and Other Abuse Issues 

I have been beaten, sexually assaulted, continuously lied to, mislead, misrepresented and misguided all in a systematic effort to take my son and never allow us to be together. It has taken me 10 years to come to this realization that the legislative body has absolutely no intention from day one to keep families together. I know this now and understand why. The truth behind the administration of the legislative body is absolutely disgusting as a complete unit. Acting as an umbrella to many other government operating agencies, the legal system I once had a respect for, has shown its true face and is nothing more then a business and a corporation disguised as a Do Right For All By: In The Honor, Trust and Likeness of Gods Morals, Value and Love.    

Unfortunately, this couldn't be farther from the truth and many around the should become awakened to this truth. The courts administers, from law clerks to lawyers, have admitted this fact, as well as Educational Institutions, from professors to being upfront and boldly stating that yes, Supremacy does exist and being taught to not speak in fear of becoming a walking and living target of being blackballed.

I was once a believer but I have suffered too much and have endured for to long. 
My eyes have seen beyond the surfaces and into the depths of the hearts of many. I was once full of love and optimism, but since my heart has been missing, my sunshine has been diminishing. It's hard to stay hopeful, to keep picking up the pieces, or continuously trying to rebuild and create a positive and healthy lifestyle, when there is, and one experiences a habitual systematic behaviour and effort of sabotage, destruction and execute strategies of holding people in contemptment of fear and poverty. The Courts and Lawyers have refused to verify point of contact and address of his whereabouts. The wording im my documentation does not allow me to have any contact with my only son, nor does it allow me to file, serve without me being charged and brought to the Criminal Justice System. However, with the ten years of experience, I have never seen more criminal activity then then what i have bare witnessed within the CourtHouse of Durham Region under the Ruling of Judges who allow the truth to be buried to serve their serve themselves in an unjustified manner. To operate and commence an action that breaks their sworn oaths, Law of God and Rule of Law.

I had my baby taken, repeatedly discriminated, silenced, hacked, cut off and forced into chaos and confusion, a living mind state of poverty, forced to live a quarantine lifestyle for 10 years. However, nothing hurts more then the simple fact that my only living child, my son Maliek, Does not Even Know His Own Mothers name and has no contact to me.

I am still standing, still stronger than what has tried to destroy me and my family of two and I still Love. Enough is Enough. Respect Me, My little Family of Two & our Crowns. We were happy and living our best lives before they came)

What: Raising funds to self-represent aif not able to retain/hire a team of lawyers to challenge the Legal System
Who: My Son, a Sick Kids Baby with Medical Needs and Therapy & Me
Parties Involved: The Legal System- Judges, Lawyers, Clerks, Police,  and other government agencies
Where: Toronto General Area, Ont, Canada
Why: For custody of my 12yr son
When: 2011 - Current (turning point Jan & May 2020)
How: Currently being blackballed by regional courthouse and Legal Aid Ont's district office

A website links, and a Petition will be added soon.
Dear cyber people and people of the earth,
Thank you so much for visiting my GOFUNDME page.

I am reaching out and relaying on the help of others through a very difficult situation.
I have been experiencing a hardship for many years that involves custody of my son, who is now 12 years old.

I experienced a personal hardship almost 10 years ago and it has been a living nightmare ever since.
My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and cancer at the age of 3, that has led into other illnesses, to which we were released from the hospitals a year later. There have been many discrepancies and unusual circumstances within my case that I have been faced with ever since. However, the discovery of my son’s medical illness was not the major turning point in our lives.

Past: In the Early Years
My son and I lived at Sick Kids Hospital and traveled back and forth between a Rehabilitation Centre. Shortly after being discharged from the hospitals, I found myself to be in an unhealthy situation that lead to a pregnancy termination. This left me very sad and depressed because I began to miscarry and thus needed to terminate my pregnancy. The other surrounding factors during that time included financial and psychological abuse. It was also at this time my birth mother used this opportunity to take advantage of my sadness and depressive state and seize the opportunity to take custody of my son behind my back when I attempted to enroll myself into therapy and counseling for grief and postpartum depression. For her to take possession of my son lawfully, she worked with the children’s aid society and a kinship agent behind my back. I am aware of this because I have pulled personal records that outline a truth a did see back then because there was a time, I loved my birth mother, and no one could have advised me or counteracted that love. We were more like sisters and best friends back then.

Unfortunately, This Is Where the Real Nightmare Began
Since 2012, my birth mother has not been honest and forthcoming and has severely taken advantage of not only me but my son, the courthouse family division, CAS, the police, other entities and professional organizations, including individuals in the community, by claiming herself to be my sons’ mother. I have gone through and experienced much systematic discrimination because my birth mother has made several allegations against me, sabotaging my name, reputation and made every effort to alienate me from my son. She has a very unhealthy attachment, obsession, and possession of my son and now I know why.

Since being tricked and swindled by my lawyer at the time, the 1st judge, CAS and of course my birth mother who involved kinship. After being forced to move out of my home by a court order and forced into silence by a 2nd judge, meaning I was not allowed to ever tell my son why I had to leave, where I was going or if his mom would come back. After my baby boy from my care, he tried multiple times to reach out and ask his mommy to help him, as he has shown signs of being abused, and playfully asked me to kidnap him. I have videos, audios, handwritten observations notes, and a sketching of my son with a mark and bruises on his face. ( the YMCA was  ld not allow me to take pictures nor did they feel the need to report the various incidents where there has been suspicious activity. I have also been advised that a member in the community contacted CAS, reported and requested that they investigate on my birth mother for suspicious activity as well.

I have tried my best over the years to advocate for my son, but my voice, evidence and materials have never been silenced, never, acknowledged, credited, disregarded many times or rewritten in an unflattering manner. Thus, never allowing me and Maliek, the hope of being togethering. The desires, dream, and vision I had for Maliek and I, were never anything remotely to this living nightmare we are living now. 
I don't understand why this has happened, and for what reasons? 

The People and my Maliek, Need to Know the Truth!!!
Should my son come across this page, I just want him to know this from me. (I am you mom and my name is Chanel Ayache.

Should the QUEEN's Subordinates feel I have broken any "laws" by "attempting to make contact with my child"...
I HAVE SEVERELY DISRESPECTED ME FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, to which I'll get into those details and will be releasing full disclosure on my Website.


Most recent
In 2018 my birth mothers dishonest behavior was brought to light when she attacked me, attempted to take my life away in front of my son by strangling me, then proceeded to call the police and accuse me of many things, including assaulting her with a weapon. During this altercation, my son was initially in his room then called out by my birth mother for him to witness her on top of me strangling me. To which, a week before my trial, she gave a partial confession and admitted to initiating the fight, almost taking away my life in front of my son and involved a third party that advised me, my birth mother(grandma) had been claiming herself to be my sons mother. In that moment I was confused and had to show my stomach and stretch marks to validate I was my son's’ real mother; I was the one who carried him for nines months and gave birth to him.

Since This Altercation In 2018
The systematic effort I experienced from the courthouse as a whole entity, from the security at the front gates, to the Law Clerks within the courtrooms and administrative sectors, to Lawyers and the Crown Attorney’s Office, was “interesting” to say the least. I have endured much disrespectful hardship not only with the previously listed law officials but also with the Local Police, CAS, Legal Aid Ontario, the local YMCA and many more because of one person supported by family members who do not wish for my son and I to be together.

Present: I Am Currently Being Blackballed by My Regional District
Over there past 5 years, I have attempted to file many times, but have been always turned away. I exhausted all options in my area and have reached out to the Toronto Legal Aid District Office in May 2020 and have not heard back, despite their website stating they will return my call by the next day. When attempting to follow-up with them, I am transferred to a Live Lawyer, who has given me misleading information in the past, that lead to a run around back to her, to be hung up on.

My Greatest Fears Regarding My Son
In May 2020, I confronted my birth mother of her behaviors and her response was disturbing and disgusted my soul, to which is my souls, reason I am reaching out and in desperate need of help to get my son out of a very bad, bad, bad situation.

I believe the reason she picked the fight and called my son to witness this event is to scare him into never leaving her.

My son currently remains the custody of my birth mother, who has lawfully kidnapped my baby, exhibited violent behavior in front of my son, causing him more psychological trauma and fear that grandma may kill his mom, especially if he attempts to vocalize he wants to leave and be with me.

That my son will be continued to be used and made to believe his mother does not love him or has abandoned him.

Over the years my birth mother has attempted to make my son believe I have left and moved away, told him his father is dead and since I haven’t seen or spoken to him since 2018, she may have told him I was dead. To which, I ran into him after the altercation and he was very confused, scared for me and begged me to leave.

My Fears Regarding the Injustice within the System

Denial of my divine and constitutional rights for both my son and I.
In 2014, my birth mother made several false allegations against me that was made final at a conference hearing in 2015.  I requested a trial after being denied the right to submit my evidence to show and prove my truth. I was denied this request for a trial with jury.

Furthermore, the judge issued a court order that does not allow me to have direct or indirect access to my son, with very little exceptions. of allow me to speak on why mommy can't be around, and if I try to explain when he would cry his lungs out for me. " mommy, mommy where are you? why aren't you here, are you coming for me,  mommy do you love me? mommy do you want to see me? mommy are going to stay with that baby and not me?" according to this court order I am a criminal and will go to jail. To which I have been arrested 3x, with a total of 9 charges placed upon me for the violent abusive behavior I had to endure from my birth mother in front of my son. And again the abuse my son has had to suffer in silence.

This order cuts me off and does not allow me to partake in my son's medical needs, to which include, Physio, Occupational, Speech and food Therapy. I do not believe this is an intelligent decision and is a horrible order to make. As a Sick Kids baby, My son has had multiple surgeries, lumbar punctures, blood transfusions , seizures and so much more.I was advised by Sick Kids his success rate of like is only 30% because if his cancer or brain tumor were to come back it would then be considered Secondary Cancer or Secondary Brain tumor with a 0% Chance of a success rate.  With that being said, I am my sons first point of contact for donorship, his healer and therapeutic reintegration system. To render an "order" against a mother with a child with a serious medical condition, who, to this day, still needs to complete genetic testing, is a complete idiot.  

A gag order was placed upon me and I truly feel this particular Judge lacks the ability to truly lead the public in a pure hearted and righteous manner. This Judge did not view all the facts nor allowed opportunity to allow those facts to be submitted. 

My other concern is the courthouse to the police and the in between government agencies, change the facts and evidence. Meaning, in my case the 911 calls that are involved, the crown attorney's office refused to release evidence and changed altered virtually all my evidence. This two entities have worked together to manipulate and change the recordings. This scares me because how many other are out there that are truly innocent but the minds and hearts of law officials goes against the very oaths they swore to uphold the divine truth.  So even if a persons is not actually guilty it doesn't matter because these agents will manipulate to render it so. I do not understand this as a concept or a way of life for the people to be happy, fruitful and prosperous. Why attempt to destroy good people, when you could build an ever last king/queendom with the same people? 

The continuation of being blackballed by my regional Courthouse, Legal Aid Ontario and not be able to retain a family lawyer willing to take on my long lengthy case. (this may be because I challenged a criminal lawyer who created and attempted to claim a false court order against me, have me charged with criminal harassment for attempting to get a copy of my disclosure from the crown attorney’s office, which took 11 months to attain , to which they repeatedly threatened me with jail time, multiple times. This particular lawyer who also tried to set me up to have a warrant issued against me by misspelling my contact information and so I would not receive my mail. To which, I did get my mail in time through god's grace and I proved her wrong in court amongst her superiors and fellow colleagues.)

This is the greatest error the courthouse has made and the single reason why my whole case should have been thrown out, but that injustice system will not admit fault and prefer to continue in their ways.

This leads to my other fear of the system is simply a corporation that send patrol to bring people in their system because it is a business origination that I make money from appearances.

That my Citizens Right to represent myself in the court of law will continued to me dismissed because the courthouse are afraid, they have made a mistake and cannot admit that they were wrong.

My rights have to file a complaint, request a restraining order against my birth mother, put me in a vulnerable position where if she were to attack me again I may in fact be in a very compromising position to defend not just mine but my sons life as well.

Although the Police stated they would help and seem to no longer wish to be involved with my birth mother cry of wolf, I have yet to see an investigation that was promised by a lawyer instead of duty counsel, and arresting officer, CAS,  or righteousness and purity of their given word. However, time will show me their truths.


Future: Moving Forward
I have accepted this reality and in this month of June 2020, I have been denied the right to represent myself, or have my file transferred to a new district, in hopes of retaining a lawyer in that district.

I am reaching out for help to raise money to hire a team lawyers(or may need to pay costs to represent myself) and cover costs to start a new life. As our story is super long and I cannot include all the details of out struggle to be together again on the GOFUNDME and a website will be released soon with more detailed information about our life story.

What Your Donations Would Mean to My Little Family of Two.
Reuniting and moving forward from this dark chapter of our lives would absolutely mean the world to us. My son has articulated he wanted to be with many times but has been ignored by the Judges. I believe in hearts and connects and paying it forward. Meaning, for every individual donation that is made to us, I will be setting aside $1, which will go to a Charity Called Black Families Matter.

Black Families Matter( BFM) is a Charity created to help families that have been affected by the injustice from within the justice system.
Black Lives Matter! And so do Black Families and all who are considered to be people of “color”.

Donations are only one aspect, Awareness is the goal.
Please Click, Share, & Sign. 
A website will be released soon with a more detail vision of our life story and a Petition to bring Justice & Peace for my son and I.

To all the Cyber and Earth People out there,
I would like to take the time to say Thank You in advanced.  You have already made a difference by reading through my campaige.

To the people who know me personally, (Warning: Emotions Involved)
I want to take the time to send a special thank you.

For some, I am reserved, quiet or withdrawn at times. To which, this has been the reason why. It's hard to live in a world that hates me so much and the thought of my son and I being together.

It's hard to talk about my situation for emotional and court reasons that I do not understand anymore, believe are lawful or I am considered a criminal for I do and have lived in fear I would be jailed. The Judges refuses to face me and confront this truth. I do not understand why it's so wrong, except for the simple fact of hate is a motivator. I allowed myself to be swindled into complying and agreeing what their perception and dictation should be for my future. 

This is what I have learned about their perception
The system truly does not want Black Families to thrive.  Although, it was my shortcoming, I was not neglectful when I reached out and sought out help from my bloodline or community. Although my birth mother has told many lies and has not been honest or forthcoming with the courts, she is not solely to blame. The third party in this matter is the Courthouse, the Judges, Lawyers and more so, those administrative law/court clerks. But the primary party involved, is the hate that lurks within.

How does one dispel hate?  
I don't know the how, but I used to always have faith. 

Reaching out is truly my last hope of faith because I used to have a good sense of knowing but I have been through so much, I have tried so hard, every obstacle or challenge I have been faced with, I have always found always to overcome. However, in 2018, I was struck by a car as a pedestrian and this has made my life slow right down and put this mothership into stealth mode. Managing daily life challenging and has presenta whole new hurdle to overcome. I live with pain everyday, and the only peace I extract from it is this: 

My son medical needs require Physio, Occupational, Speech Therapy. If he and I were to be reunited tomorrow we could attend therapy once again but together and help each truly begin a whole new process of healing. This would be the norm to us, my little family of two but would be so joyous for the both of us. We always made the best of every situation and always had so much fun.

I'm at a loss for more than just words. My heart is missing and it has been for a decade. I am Completely Disgusted and Appalled at the Courthouse for taking advantage a person's lack of knowledge, capitalizing off their suffering and pain but I am truly disgusted with a new discovery I made with my birth mother and her bloodline.

However, I am upset with myself for allowing this to transpire for this long. I was in my early 20's but now I am in my early 30's and still the courthouse behaves this way. 

For others,
I open up and share bites and pieces of my world. But to those who have been there for me since day one and always believed in me, encouraged me, and motive me to never give up, I humbly Thank all of you from my whole heart.
It has taken me this long to open up, and stand up, but thank you. 

Thank you all so much for your love and continued support. Our life has not been easy, but you have already made a difference in our lives, Thank you. 

I just want to hold my baby once again who is not so little anymore. 
I apologize that I do not have an up-to-date picture of him to upload but hopefully in the near future will have many more soon. 
Thank you once again for you support in any way and Please Stay Safe Out There.
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