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Hey, friends and family!!

   Let me first start by saying thanks for taking the time to read. I know this will be a lengthy short story here but, if your ready for your heart to be melted... stay tuned!! I want to make sure everyone gets all the feels for this miracle. Also, grab a tissue. There will be many ups and stems. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!!!

    As many of parenthood is one of life’s greatest blessings. It’s filled with many laughs, adventures, lessons, and obstacles. One side of parenthood that doesn’t get as much light shown on it as it should is the ability to conceive a child. It’s can sometimes be a very touchy subject that people avoid discussing. Until I got to go through one of the most amazing, incredibly hard, and rewarding adventures with some of the most selfless people I know I would be that person. I would avoid any talk of the subject like my life depended on it. I’m theeee Queen of avoiding awkward!!!

   Some of you also know 2 of my BEST friends, Danielle & Mike Cook, had tried to get pregnant with a child of they’re own for nearly 5 years before their first miracle , Xander, entered their world. Unfortunately, Xander’s birth mother (a distant relative of Danielle) didn’t make very wise decisions while carrying him. In November 2016 he was born addicted to heroin. The moment Danielle found out about Xander she immediately saw why life had not allowed her to get pregnant. She knew Xander was meant to be theirs. Xander stayed in the NICU right over a month kicking heroin’s ass!! Of course, Danielle, and Mike, were by his side at day 1!

  After, nearly 2 long, hard years of anticipating someone possibly just taking their baby “back” , Danielle & Mike officially got to adopt their, Xander! Life was perfect. Within the following 2 years Danielle, Mike, and their entire immediate family decided to move to Florida. There were several reasons for the move but, the most important was to be closer to her brother and his growing family.

  Danielle, and, Mike, knew that someday they would like to give, Xander, another sibling. However, they NEVER dreamed they would be giving him his biological brother. Yes, you heard the right... Xander’s BIOLOGICAL BROTHER!! In literally the same exact purely crazy, unexpected, unfortunate, and magical scenario, Jaxson Thomas, was presented to, Danielle.

  This time, Danielle, with out a doubt knew she was meant to do whatever she could to bring, Jaxson, home but, she also knew this time with being in a different state she had a much larger picture to considered before she and her family could make this happen. Long story short, Danielle, did make this happen!!!

   Although, this time the birth mother did immediately sign her rights over, and they do not have to jump through as many hoops with DCS, there are still several unexpected things coming out of the wood work. Yes, children are expensive we alllll know that but, another part to the touchy and awkwardness that people (me, I am people) avoid is the expense it takes to “buy” your baby from a situation where they were born addicted drugs. In all types of adoptions there needs to be more education and awareness of how much it costs a family to have a child when they are unable to conceive.        Danielle, and Mike do live in Florida and, Jaxson, was born in Indiana. To give a little financial insight before they can officially adopt him (even though birth mother signed over rights) they have had to have an attorney ($2500+), a home inspection ($3000), travel for, Danielle, to come bond and have skin to skin contact with her child to help him heal faster from the addiction ($300). All of those things Danielle was mostly aware of before moving forward but, the most mind blowing thing to me is since the haven’t been able to legally adopted him they can not get him insurance yet! When he left the hospital birth mothers insurance was no longer effective. Back to we all know how expensive kids are... we also know how many doctors appointments the have in the first year of their lives. A baby born addicted, or with an health issues requires more!

     The moral of the story parenthood is hard sometimes! After having my own child I fully believe and support the saying, “ it’s takes a village”, and no matter how shameful we tend to make ourselves feel... at times we have to ask for more help than we want. At the end of the day we just have to remind ourselves we are parents. Part of the territory is knowing when we need to put our pride  aside and ask for help.

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