Water for Australian Wildlife


The Warrumbungle  Ranges in Central New South Wales - Australia have run out of water for its wildlife.

In brief:
- The Warrumbungles had NO significant rain since 2016
- The drought is taking a catastrophic toll on the wildlife
- There is ZERO natural surface-water left
- A mass extinction event is taking place like never experienced before

- On our  property at the West side of the Warrumbungle Ranges we've operated 6 successful Water Stations for Wildlife
- We have started an extensive operation to expand the Water for Wildlife Project into the  greater Warrumbungles
- This Water for Wildlife Project needs your help NOW - Time is running out !

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YES You Read it Correctly : EXTINCTION is around the corner (click to read a related news-article)  !

44489148_1578288194906330_r.jpegPhoto taken 6 January 2020 in the National Park  - Cute ?  - NO!! - Read this:

We see things like this every day ; this little one should have been with a mother but was alone. When I stopped the car he/she tried to cross the road but fell over twice - dehydrated, exhausted.  My attempt to give some water out of a bottle failed. Scared, the Joey stumbled away over the rocks - in search for water . . .

About the Warrumbungles:

44489148_1578209590235406_r.jpegThe Western ranges of Warrumbungles seen from the North-West fire trail at 'Wambelong' (Photo 2016)

The Warrumbungles  are home to our iconic -heritage listed- Warrumbungle National Park of 23,311 hectares, located approximately 550 km northwest of Sydney.
The park is identified by ‘Bird-Life International’ for its importance of the unique range of woodland bird species, many of which are threatened species.
It is the last mountain range between the ‘Great Dividing Ranges’ and the Western plains - with a UNIQUE BIODIVERSITY in wildlife from as well the Eastern Ranges as the Western plains which stretch all the 3000 km to Western Australia .

January 2013 - the Warrumbungles were largely destroyed by an extremely ferocious  bush-fire:

44489148_1578285664326089_r.jpegWarrumbungles on fire - seen from the West - Chaulkers Rock on left - 
(Photo 2013 Supplied)

The fires started on the 13th of January 2013 at the Western side and quickly spread across the park and beyond. Many areas of the park were so hot that centuries old Eucalyptus trees exploded.
The fire was extinguished by an exceptionally heavy downpour which in turn resulted in loss of the top soil in the ranges, which -combined with the drought- resulted in an extremely slow recovery of the vegetation to feed our wildlife - a horrific recipe for the now unfolding disaster that is striking our precious wildlife.

About our own location:

44489148_1578210340472217_r.jpegWarrumbungle Ranges as seen from our entrance - (Photo 2017)

We are caretakers on 'Wambelong' , a unique 400 hectare private nature reserve , West of the N.P.  The property adjoins the park on the North and East , it used to be part of the N.P. until the late 1990’s.
Like most parts of inland NSW we had no significant rain since 2016.  All natural springs are dry and wildlife is now facing extinction.  Wambelong creek originates in the Warrumbungle Ranges and crosses the property and has not seen water since mid 2016 - the creek now resembles a flow of dry desert sand and rocks, while it used to be a major water supply for wildlife.

44489148_1578210425803351_r.jpegSome of the visitors to a water feature in our garden - (Photo 2018)

The Wildlife:


All sorts of marsupials like the endangered Rock Wallabies , Grey Wallabies , Swamp Wallabies , Grey Kangaroos , Wallaroos , Euroos , Koalas , Possums etc but also Echidnas , Emus , Goannas , a variety of reptiles and snakes plus an exceptional variety of small and larger birds. They all have "the Bungles" as their home.

Their precious home HAS RUN OUT OF WATER and is becoming unlivable at an alarming rate - unless we step in NOW.

The Water:

Here at Wambelong we are blessed to have a usable drinking water supply, an old 80 meter deep bore. The supply is not huge but steady; about a bucket per 3 minutes. By careful management we are able to make sure every liter goes a long way. No flushing toilet but only a dry composting one ; a few short showers per week ;  sparsely watering of some patches of green in the shadow of an ancient Fig-tree to maintain a little paradise for birds and other wildlife, and yes it rejuvenates us as well.

The Water for Wildlife Project:

For a year now we have been providing water to the wildlife on many locations across our own property with great success.
We are now expanding the Water for Wildlife Project outside our property into the greater Warrumbungles. National Parks NSW has no money available and not enough staff to execute this project - it is all tied up in the horrific bush-fires ravaging nearly all National Parks in NSW and Victoria at the moment, so it is up to volunteers like us to assist. 


44489148_1578211462387658_r.jpegFirst trial of a water 'station' - to see if "the location would work".  Filled twice daily by hand. Two red-neck Wallabies and an Echidna - (Photo: with N.P. tracking camera on loan for a few days in 2019)

44489148_1578211934557380_r.jpegA newer home-made design with automatic water feed from 300 liters storage. Works fine but a bit small when more animals 'fight' for water. Until recently it was good for a week, but since the 5th of January 2020 - with temperatures over 40 C - that same volume lasted only 2 days.

44489148_1578212539801448_r.jpegThe planned setups (with Your Help only) : a low-profile water trough with automatic water regulator and 1000 liter water tank. The trough will be surrounded by rocks to allow small animals access to the water.

44489148_157821293142990_r.jpegThis 3000 liter storage tank - 200m behind the house -  supplies our house and a small trough which is attracting 'customers' 24/7 - (Photo: a few days ago).

44489148_1578213093281059_r.jpegAnother tracking camera shot, from a little Swamp Wallaby higher up at Wambelong - pictured with a small auto watering basin - fed by 300 liter storage drums as above; also running out in only two days now.

44489148_1578290496602502_r.jpegA Wallaroo happy with some water.
This is one of the first Automated Water Stations I have set up - at the moment, 300 Liter water lasts 2-3 days only.  The automatic water trough is a bit too small but it works.


44489148_1578213434881338_r.jpegBees need water as well - they find each of the water troughs I have set up and can find water from 5 km away of their bee-hive - (Photo 2018)

44489148_1578214900562063_r.jpegGrey kangaroos struggling to 'make a life' on barren rocks in the mountains of Warrumbungle N.P.  - (Photo a few months ago)

From our property,  3 main fire trails lead into the Warrumbungles - all trough very important wildlife habitats, and possibly even to a small colony of the severely endangered Rock Wallaby which was known to exist before the fires of 2013.  Those tracks are steep , rocky and narrow and require a serious Off Road vehicle with a safe load capacity for a 1000 liter water tank plus an off-road tow capacity of 3 tonnes. Only a military designed 4WD is safe enough to use in that terrain.
But even used suitable vehicles cost more than what I can afford; from AU$12000 up to $25000.  Add to that up to AU$ 700 per water-station, of which I plan to install about 10, and we are up for a sum that exceeds my small old-age pension.

We call in your help:

1 - Fund the startup
2 - Assist with ongoing expenses like fuel and insurance

About Jacob Roskam - in 't Veld:

I am a retired photographer with a solid background as trained mechanical engineer. I have lived in the Australian bush since 1996. I can 'read' the local bush and know how to assess the best locations for setting up watering stations and how to maintain them.
I have the motivation and proven experience to execute this Water for Wildlife Project, but need YOUR HELP as it is too big a project to do with just the basic means available on our humble property.
Being retired now, I can dedicate most of my time to this project - I can get out at the crack of dawn and have water on location - further out from our water supply - before the rest of the world wakes up ... and be back to refill the transport tank in time for another run or two, to fill up another water station tank on the same day.

44489148_1578213945165655_r.jpeg(Selfie 3 months ago)

44489148_1578298755671134_r.jpeg(Photos: January 6 - 2020)

Currently, I transport water to the Water Stations - on our 400 hectare Property only - with this small firefighting trailer. Just enough to fill two Water Stations at a time and then drive back to (very slowly) refill the trailer, and so on ...

TO EXPAND THE PROJECT INTO THE WARRUMBUNGLE RANGES  I need a much larger capacity transport water tanks and a used military style 4WD water tanker / truck; making the whole operation more efficient and resulting in a faster & greater reach to the starving wildlife.

I can do this WITH YOUR HELP ONLY !!



Funds usage:
The donations will be used to purchase drinking water troughs and portable storage tanks, plus we hope to raise enough fund acquire a suitable 4WD truck to setup drinking water stations and transport water to  more remote and difficult to access locations around the Warrumbungle Ranges.

Funds withdrawal:
I will withdraw funds as soon enough has been raised to purchase one or more of the described items for the drinking water stations and water transport.  The water station setup costs between $450 -  $750 per station , depending on location - up to10 stations are planned - it is the maximum number I can supply with water on a regular basis. The second hand truck for water transport will cost anywhere from $12000 and up to $18000.


We have  engaged the services of a supporting registered accountant in Sydney who will keep account of all donations and expenses and will maintain ATO approved financial reports, this to ensure you are satisfied we 'do the right thing'.


Approved supporters are welcome to inspect the Water for Wildlife Project - please only by appointment.

Time frame = NOW:

44489148_157821116192861_r.jpegA way-to-skinny family of grey Kangaroos - hopeful . . .  - (Photo: a few weeks ago)

44489148_1578215206227785_r.jpegThe remains of a Kangaroo . . .  - (Photo: last week during a dust storm)

44489148_1578225700216925_r.jpegMother Koala protecting her Joey during approaching fire, many Warrumbungle Koalas died in our 2013 fires - PLEASE donate to the Water for Wildlife Project to save the remaining Koala's - (Photo: Supplied)

44489148_1578289401334764_r.jpegA Grey Kangaroo in the N.P. - skin over bone ... the fur is supposed to be nice and smooth - showing all signs of severe dehydration and malnutrition - (Photo: 6 Jan. 2020)

44489148_1578289806573426_r.jpegA lonely death - he or she just collapsed from thirst and hunger - scavengers took care of the carcass - (Photo: 6 Jan. 2020)

Will You Help Take Care of the Living ?

Every second counts:


With temperatures soaring into the 40s for days on end - we measured 49 degrees C (86 - 120 F ) - near zero moisture levels and no usable rain since 2016 ... and no rain to be expected for the coming months ... we are facing a wildlife extinction event like never experienced before.


Let's Keep 'em alive !
Time is running out !


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