Hello beautiful souls my name is Antonio Johnson. I am sharing my story with you today to raise awareness about dehydration. Wednesday June 28, 2017 at 6:01 pm I got a phone call from my mother saying that my father Anthony Johnson was being rushed to the hospital. At the time, I asked no questions I just got in to my car and rushed to the hospital. On the way, there I didn’t know what to think because I know my father is a strong man and if he was being rushed to the hospital I knew it had to be something serious. When I arrived at DeKalb medical I was told that my dad had a massive heart attack while playing golf. When I heard those words, I didn’t know what to say, how to react, I didn’t even know how to think because I never imagined that my father would be in this type of situation because my father is the smartest, strongest, and most fearless man that I know. About 30 minutes of being there the doctors proceeded to tell my mother and I that it was not looking good for my father and I didn’t care what the doctors had to say I just wanted to see my dad. So, they took my mother and I to the trauma room where he was being worked on and in the room, they were doing CPR trying to get a pulse, his eyes were blood shot red and it was a sight that no child should ever have to see their parents in. I cried so hard that tears were barley coming out, I held my dad’s hand and cried out “you can’t leave me yet I need you” and at that moment it was the worst id ever felt in my life to me it felt like my life was over the one man I’ve looked up to my whole life couldn’t’ve been gone. Then the doctors looked at my mom and I and said, “at this point there is nothing we can do” my life shattered right there in that trauma room I felt that I had no purpose left in life. So, my mother Pamela, sister Tasha and I and if we could see his one last time and together we prayed and asked for our “Deddy” back probably one of the most heart-breaking moments ever. 30 to 45 min after the doctors came back and told us that his brain was still functioning and he was gaining a pulse and they were going to send him up to ICU. Today July 2, 2017 my father is doing much better he has been opening his eyes and little mouth movements but I know soon he will be able to stand and walk tall out of that hospital because he has God on his side. It took a lot of thought to share this story because I’m not the type of person to share personal issues or express myself emotionally to people I don’t know but I know my father will have an amazing testimony. As I reach out to everyone that will come across my story I want to raise money and awareness about how serious it is to stay hydrated and healthy because my father does not drink water at all and that’s the reason he had a heart attack on a hot summer day in Atlanta Georgia. I want to start off by raising money for him because even though he is a Navy veteran he has no health care insurance, but once he’s better I want to raise money for heart attack victims who also do not have health care insurance and honestly, I felt that the biggest thing that would make my father happy is to help other people because that was something that he loved to do. My father helps with under privileged kids, homeless, and many nonprofit organizations mainly” The Star of Georgia Foundation”, and his new thing was to start chess tournaments and teach kids how to play chess. I know I probably left out a ton of things but I felt going this far to get my story heard would make my father very proud so from my father’s Mason brothers to family to strangers anybody that cares about a loved one please help me raise WATER FOR ANTHONY thank you and God bless.
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Antonio Arizona Johnson 
Atlanta, GA