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Raising funds to create documentary film about youth & young adult sexual assault.

Sexually violent crimes against minors and young adults occur every nine minutes throughout our country–they can happen at any time, anywhere, to anyone. My goal is to shine a light on this often ignored crisis, highlight the injustices experienced and justice found by all young survivors and offenders, that creates a lasting impact. The creation of “Watch You Rise,” a documentary film, will spark a movement of awareness, increased prevention efforts, and cultural change.
My name is Isabella Grace Cohn, I am 19 years old from Boulder, Colorado. In 2017, as a high school student, I created the website Me Too Teen Project , a space for teens and young adults to anonymously share stories of sexual assault. Since its inception, readers from every continent, most countries, and all 50 United States have accessed my website. Over the past two years, I have been building on this work by developing a documentary film, "Watch You Rise.”
Through personal stories of survivors, “Watch You Rise” illuminates the journeys young women, men, and LGBTQA+ survivors have taken to have their needs met while also providing an opportunity for survivors and allies to gain dignity, strength, and motivation to create change, especially with the current threats to–and loss of–bodily autonomy.
“Watch You Rise” is a creative documentary that shines a light on an epidemic of youth sexual assault, the injustices in our legal system, and the failures of institutions that are supposed to provide young people with safe and healthy environments. This film is for survivors, allies, perpetrators, families, legislators, and educators. Sexual violence against minors and young adults is a community issue. When adults with the power to make change dismiss this crisis, it shows young survivors that they are not a priority.
I am dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe space where all participants are welcome. It is important that black and indigenous people of color have a strong representation in this project as they are likely to be disproportionally affected by sexual assault and trauma. This documentary aims to create a 360 view, getting ahead of the problem by encouraging youth to share their truths while they are young, begin working with their trauma and see that they are never alone. I am also interested in interviewing high-profile adult survivors of teen and youth sexual assault please contact me at email below if you are willing to talk.

“Watch You Rise” is focused on positive change, accountability and explores restorative justice as a means of addressing sexual abuse and harm. I created a trailer two years ago with my first shots of footage, and since then, I have filmed over 30 hours of interviews with over 30 participants, both youth and young adults, including some well-known survivors. This has all been possible so far because of generous donations of equipment lent to me. I am passionate and dedicated to this cause and project, but I currently operate without funding, resources, equipment, or experience in the filmmaking industry.
To continue working on my film project and to grow as a creator, I need funding and donations will go towards:
* Camera & Gear
* Editing and sound software
* Marketing support & materials
* Travel for interviews
* Website overhaul & SEO
*Contracts & Legal Support
Please consider donating to “Watch You Rise,” and we can spread the word together.
Donations are welcome in all forms, whether it be money, time & skills, connections, or equipment.
If you want to share your story and potentially be interviewed for the film, you can get in touch through CONTACT button below, and if you want to share your story but you do not feel comfortable or safe, you can nominate a peer, sibling, friend, or partner to speak on your behalf. Invite your friends and loved ones to share their stories too.
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