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Hello everyone,
Thank you for taking the time to read Susan's Cancer story.

On the 17th of April 2017, Susan had her first difficulty swallowing food. This difficulty persisted continuously for weeks, with every mouth full of food or drinks feeling trapped in her Oesophagus. This difficulty persisted day in and day out, getting worse at every attempt to eat a meal. She knew something wasn't right and battled with GPs for further tests and examinations to be made. She made the decision to get a gastroscopy, which basically sends a tiny camera down your throat to have a look inside. After the procedure, the doctor told her that he found a large growth completely blocking off her Oesophagus, with only a pin hole opening to let food and drinks go down. He was astonished as to how she had not yet choked from trying to eat due to its size.

After taking a biopsy, days later, on the 2nd of June, it was confirmed that Susan, at only 51 years old has a locally advanced tumour, and was diagnosed with stage 3 Oesophageal cancer.

Due to her rapid decline in health, Susan has been admitted to hospital and has not yet been released, being an inpatient for nearly a month. Due to the fast paced growth of her cancer, it has gotten to the point were she has completely lost any ability to swallow, not even being able to swallow her own saliva.

Susan is now completely dependent on nasal gastric feeds as this is the only way she can gain any nutrition, and basically is now her life line. Throughout her stay in hospital, she has had many complications, being constantly in and out of procedures to try and keep her well enough to fight her cancer. Due to the massive effects the cancer has had on her health, she has completely lost the ability to work. For most people this wouldn't be the worst issue, as sick leave, or your partners income would come into play. But unfortunately Susan is a contract worker meaning no sick leave, resulting in zero income to rely on. Not only that, Susan is a single Mother, and has been financially independent for the past 11 years, supporting herself and her two daughters, Brittany and Monique, off a single income. This unfortunately meaning she can neither rely on a partner for financial support.

Susan is undergoing fast paced and intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment in order to kill her cancer as quickly as possible. In roughly 10 weeks she will also be going in for a massively invasive operation, removing 1/2 of her stomach and 2/3 of her Oesophagus, which will leave her in the intensive care unit throughout her lengthy recovery.

We are asking for any people that could offer any type of financial support in paying her medical bills, the upkeep of household bills and day to day life. This would be greatly appreciated, as the only familial income is being made from her daughters, whom are 19 and 21 year old full time university students, only having part time jobs. Unfortunately leaving them unable to entirely financially support the family off their small wages, as they have had to take countless time off work to be there to support Susan in hospital.

Please get behind Susan and help her beat her battle with Cancer.

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