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My name is Vickie Hayse Hudgins.  Upon hearing my story people often tell me that God will not give us more than we can handle. I have reached my limit and need help. Although my immediate need is not medical, the series of events that have led to the situation is a result of a long line of misfortunes. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia while pregnant with my second child. Two years later I was diagnosed with MS and so began my ever downward spiral. Since September 2006 I have had

* 13 surgeries (making the total number 23 surgeries),
* broken femur in my right thigh requiring surgery to implant a metal rod (required 6 additional surgeries due to infection),
* Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome (a condition where I developed second and third degree burns over 70% of my body from the Vancomycin used to treat MRSA infection)
* a broken shoulder blade,
* 4 broken ribs,
* cracked orbital socket around my right eye,
* left shoulder joint replacement,
* 2 breast biopsies,
* 2 POP surgeries,
* surgery to remove a lemon sized mass from the base of my neck
* deterioration of right shoulder due to 8 years walking with a cane,
* both shoulders permanently dislocated,
* 2 extended hospital stays,
* a painful divorce,
* and my latest misadventure was a broken neck.

When I went to the orthopedists for the neck pain and weakness, x-rays revealed that my neck was broken in two places and just one millimeter of contact at the C2 vertebra stood between me and complete paralysis from the neck down. The doctor told me that a sneeze could be all it would take to complete the break and paralyze me. Needless to say I was immediately scheduled for surgery.

The surgery required the placement of metal from C2 vertebrae to T7 (I think) to stabilize the spine. Unfortunately the metal caused a massive MRSA infection in my neck. Antibiotics were administered but the infection kept recurring. After several courses of treatments with ever stronger IV meds it was decided more drastic measures would be required. The metal was removed and the spine was repaired with grafts and fusing  effectively freezing my neck. New, more potent, antibiotics were required. One medication was $20,000 a course and one was $800 a dose for 30 days (2 doses daily). Medicare only paid a percentage of my total  (e.g. 20% copay on meds).

My hospital bills were unspeakable. I am currently paying two agencies with whom I have made arrangements to pay down the debt. This leaves me no wiggle room in my Disability check for luxuries such as living. I have always been fiercely independent and It is very difficult for me to ask for help but I have nowhere to turn. Since I broke my neck the only people I have spoken with are my sons and medical personnel I approached my church for help when I was finally discharged but with no success. My family is not able to help. I have read some of the other stories of people needing help and feel humbled. My story as written here is incomplete but it shares the relevant parts. I have reached the end of my rope and so I am asking for help.

While in the hospital my dishwasher had leaked and flooded my kitchen. Circumstances did not allow me to deal with the problem until last fall. Again with my luck the floor has yet to be repaired. Although homeowners insurance paid some it was not enough. It did not cover all the damage and the deductible was $1000. I have been trying to find a contractor to repair it since November but have been unable to get one to commit to fix it for the amount covered by insurance or a price I can manage. Of course life conspired to work against me. My appliances had a secret meeting and scheduled their breakdowns. When word got out to the rest of the house and my car they all wanted a piece of the action. Since Christmas my washer, refrigerator, dishwasher, car battery, cell phone and tires have failed and my AC unit is in need of service.. My kitchen and Living Room floors are coming up two boards at a time. I cannot take my wheelchair into these areas. My house is five years old and was built to be handicap accessible. I designed it and WE CARE helped me build it. Everything I had was put into this house. After my divorce I was alone in a house that was beyond my physical ability. As a result I had numerous falls and accidents that contributed to some of my injuries. Proper repair of my floors is more than an aesthetic endeavor it is also a medical imperative. The replacement flooring needs to be able to withstand the abuse caused by a 300 pound wheelchair filled with a large passenger. The existing floor was stranded bamboo documented to be fifteen times stronger than oak and not subject to cracks like tile. However few floors can recover from flooding by leaking pipes. The water was between the floor and the concrete subfloor.

My current physical condition finds me housebound with limited use of my arms and the use of a wheelchair to get around. I need help to dress, fix my meals, get in/out of the bed. I have tried to find work online but have been unsuccessful. My income is limited to my Social Security Disability check.  I need approximately $6500 (this includes gofundme fees) to replace/repair the damage to my floors. I have trimmed my living expenses to minimum and am trying to secure a loan. So far my luck has not been good. It seems that financial institutions want proof of your ablilty to repay. If you find it in your heart to help me, I wish to thank you for your help. If not, I thank you for your time and consideration and ask for your prayers. These funds will be used to fix my flooring  and peace of mind.  God Bless you all.


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Vickie Hudgins 
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