Fuel Savings for Semis using water

  Looking for funding to produce a system that can guarantee 50% increase in mileage and more torque for towing. First target group for the systems is the trucking industry. It would make the greatest initial impact here. Why? Because everything has to be shipped. With fuel cost on the rise the supply chain is going to be disrupted by drivers who no longer see value in trucking. Between the bidding wars up keep on the Trucks and general operations cost skyrocketing because fuel cost went up drastically. The inflation will be a viscous feed loop in the cost of everything.

    Currently it’s possible to get an easy 50% mileage increase from a combustion engine. Nothing truly special is needed except to design a kit that is easily installed and tuned to be added to commercial semi trucks. The system functions by adding water as catalyst in this situation to allow cutting back the carbon based fuel the truck runs on normally. The system ionizes the water changing the combustion properties and the way the water interacts with other elements as well as breaking it down into very small particulate for the mixing with the air and fuel charge. This is stage one of a bigger picture. The system is the beginning of a truly sustainable source of energy. One that while creating energy and doing work will also clean the environment at the same time.

     Stage two of the design will allow 100% use of water only as fuel. Here is a bit more of the science behind it.   

     H2O is a self organizing system. It is one of the compounds which can break apart and release an energy as it combines back into water. No fossil fuel can do this. There is never a day when one may oxidize wood, oil, or gas by the burning or combustion using fire, that will ever give you the original piece of fuel that was consumed in the reaction. The idea that wood could become wood again goes against the 2nd law or entropy. However water is different and not only can it release energy during a reaction. It is also able to pick up impurities such as municipal waste and consume the waste product leaving us with clean water and excess energy as a byproduct. Many syngas systems operate like this and would be considered an open system. Where you have something else added to the water to obtain the net energy output. However that is not the goal here.

    Using Ultrasonics and photocatalyst there is a way to strip off 2 sets of electrons from the water molecule changing the net charge on the compound mixture further pre-staging and destabilizing the water molecule by changing the bond angle. Using the Ultrasonic Humidifier device starts to shift the properties of the water by pulling 2 electrons out of orbit of the 8 that according to the Octet rule are filing the Oxygens outer orbit. In this same orbit the Hydrogen and Oxygen are sharing one another’s outer electrons as covalent bonds. Meaning the 2 elements were further satisfying those outer shell rules by means of a virtual sharing. Hydrogen stable form is H2. That is 2 hydrogen atoms to share their electrons in a covalent bond to create stable hydrogen. Or 2 oxygen atoms paired to become a covalent pairing. The fog having loss some of its electrons to particle collision or cavitation of the ultrasonic humidifier.  

      The next part Stanley refers to as the Hydrogen Gas Gun. A device that shoots photons or light packets at the water molecule and further disrupts the covalent bond of the the hydrogen and oxygen compound which destabilizes the water molecule into a useful fuel source. Stan’s drawing clearly shows he has an amp consuming device in the form of a light bulb to consume these extra electrons. However no mention of how he plans to accomplish scrubbing these electrons other then HV field and a light bulb while firing photon in the 400-600nm range. The devices only sensible explanation is photocatalyst. Utilizing photocatalyst and HV one may theorize the sound a proper working Gas Gun would sound very much like the electron Gun of an old tube TV when powered up.

     Currently I would be considered to live below poverty level awaiting SSI for life long mental health issue on top of this past year I have had 3 surgeries for amputations to my feet. If there is anyone out there who wants to figure this out real quick and pass it on in its simplest form to get it to the people. I am located in Southern Ohio and need a place to work as well as a few team mates in the areas of chemistry, electrical engineering, semiconductors manufacturing, machinist, and other tuners and mechanics to adapt this to a suitable DIY kit. A kit of open sourced parts made available that any aftermarket automotive garage should be able to install successfully.

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