Wrestling for Life and Country - Go USA!

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Aim: Stop Abortion !


Participating on the U.S. Veteran World Team in 2015, 16 and 17 (Greece, Poland, Bulgaria), I achieved 5th place and a Silver Medal. That’s nice and I’m proud of it, but this time motivation is different, I want something a little more grownup, substantial and meaningful than just a Gold Medal. I want a Victory for all people, all Colors, all Nations and specifically those still silent in the womb (the Unborn)! “Wrestling for Life” against infanticide is a turning point for me and my primary objective of this 2019 World Tournament. Large scale exposure, awareness and change is the whole purpose. Rigorously training now, the Tournament commences October, 7-12, 2019 at the UWW Veterans World Championships in Tbilisi Georgia (old U.S.S.R.), 100kg = 220lb wt class, Div-E
Thank you!

Daniel Boone Studenic ~ “WRESTLING for LIFE”


Reason to wrestle this year goes much deeper than a healthy competitive spirit. On June/26,  I saw a face book post diagramming a late term abortion procedure (9 months), where the infant was being torn apart with scissors and clamps inside the womb. Knowing what Dr Ben Carson said “the baby definitely feels the pain of this procedure”,,, frustrated; tears dripped from the corners of my eyes all day at work. That night, the Holy Spirit came to me in a lucid, enlightening dream with visions of how I would "Wrestle for Life" / Pro Life. I awoke (3am), saying “I’m in, I will do it Lord”, got up, walked into my office and began writing down details of my Illuminati vision... Accepting this mission has defined “PURPOSE” in me like never before. 

Reporters and photographers from over thirty countries show up at this annual event. Large scale international press, Media and Network News coverage (back in the states),  are known to give post tournament interviews and a National Public Radio Interview is already guaranteed. This is what I saw in my dream and I believe will spread like tentacles around the globe. Ambassadorial in your face awareness on a World Sports Stage! 

Aggressive wrestling battles will ensue, and news coverage will follow. Not only press exposure and social media will share the good message, but by "word of mouth" Friends, foe, referees, delegates, wrestlers, venue staff and fans etc. They will take the story back to their home countries, sharing with family, friends and coworkers further spreading the good message. Cohesive support , worldwide, against infanticide, is the goal and will multiply exponentially!

This wrestling platform is something much bigger than what I would otherwise have as just as a small, local deck carpenter and is the specific plan God has had for me, since I started wrestling way back in the second grade, 51 years ago. This is a chance to end my wrestling career with a spiritually significant exclamation point. I'm excited to be a part of his plan. Over 600 wrestlers in this particular World tournament and millions more wrestlers in other tournaments around the world this year and he specifically enlightens me with this pro-life mission. 

As a citizen of this complicated new world I deserve the same reciprocal measure of equality to "peacefully demonstrate" (after my Tournament is over),  on the World Stage of Sports as Kapernick (NFL), and Rapinoe (FIFA), had. Through major efforts and plenty of sweat equity, I too, have earned the right to voice my ideals & views . (internet, news media, talk shows and GFM etc). This is  my "shout from the mountain-top," freedom of speech moment. 

Equality: supporting and protecting rights, deserved by all races, creeds and colors, still in the womb is my intention. I can assure you, the methods I use to deliver his message will not desecrate American Servicemen, Flag or Anthem. Given the chance I will honor these factions of patriotism anyway I can.  I'm trying to protect the inalienable rights of unborn Human Beings, Worldwide, including the baby's that will someday have "Purple Hair, like Megan Rapinioe!" And oh yes, with pride, I would honorably accept a dinner invitation to the White House and/or also gracefully accept any positive recognition from the left side of the political isle that supports Pro-Life. Be it Democrat or Republican the point here is to save the children and I praise the members from either side that attempts to do so.

My motivation to win is merely a wholesome expression of morality and ethics on behalf of humanity.  Equality is the premise of my idealistic efforts. The Lion in Daniel's Heart will fight for the Innocent Lambs!

I will possibly suffer verbal attacks and be unfriended by some people here in the States and abroad. 6304 miles from home. In diplomatic fashion, I will be brave and firm and  polite, for I am filled with the Holy Spirit, knowing my quest is righteous. My Armor is resilient and I will stand strong with  my beliefs.

This mission is also an act of penance for sins and poor choices I have made in the past. I look forward to greater “Peace of Mind” that should follow because of it.

This quest is not about economics, immigration, political persuasion, etc. It’s about doing what is right! This is not a witch hunt or judgment, pointing fingers at mistakes some have made in their past (if in pain, God Bless you), it’s all about what Jesus said “Go and sin no more” and do no harm to the little ones; protect the innocent.

If you're on the fence about supporting my mission, remember__ “I knew you before you were born ~ God”.

You need not suffer backlash, loss of Business or Friends in your company because you take a stance backing my crusade. If you are democratic; it’s OK to be Pro Life / Antiabortion and left. ... You can select the "ANONYMOUS TAB" . And, no one will know. Dealing with backlash is part of my job description, not yours. I have accepted it with open arms. My reward is peace of mind, calmness of spirit and a happiness in heaven.  :)

Be a part of this mission: Please contribute.

May your prayers "Keep My Spirit High and Mind Focused" ... Help get this warrior to the his metaphoric Battleground: the World Tournament.

Thank you!

Daniel Boone Studenic  ~  “WRESTLING for LIFE”


I am a small deck carpenter surviving, but business is particularly slow this year. Approaching; October and through April incoming deck phone calls drop by more than 75% and closing a sales around holidays is even harder, which make things very tight in fall/winter. That said, I need assistance to wrestle half way around the world in October. Team USAW does not sponsor the Masters Veterans, only the Younger Top Tier Teams get full assistance. The USAW does help some, but only in an administrative capacity, interpreter/guides etc.. We as a team, are truly grateful for that!

Veteran wrestlers are responsible for..,,, USAW & UWW entry fee & Licenses, Medical (full blood-work, ECG, EKG, orthopedic & cardiovascular exams and chest xrays), hotel, uniforms, airline, all incidentals etc... "USAW" suggests doing GoFundMe Campaigns if any teammate is in need of more financial help than they can provide…. So, Here I Am!!!… I need about $4500.00 “bare bones”, no extras…

PS - If you can't make a contribution, and your personal funds more importantly need to go to the renovation of your home (DECK BUILDING TYPE SERVICES), in the Atlanta area, then by all means hire me, please! That money will do just as good of a job getting me to the World Tournament in October as a donation... Click here if you need to renovate your house  with a deck instead - www.dancodecks.com .... Thanks, "Danco Dan Studenic"

PSS -  - GFM asks for a tip when you donate. I recommend clicking none and enter -0- .  That companies revenue is over $140 million a month... Of course tipping is your choice.

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Daniel Boone Studenic 
Cumming, GA
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