Urgent Appeal for flood victims in Sylhet

Historic Severe flood flooded all Over Sylhet , from India ! We should support by our all means ! https://gofund.me/673ae5f3 সিলেটে আকস্মিক এই ভয়াবহ বন্যায় হতদরিদ্র পরিবারগুলোর কাছে দ্রুত ত্রাণ পৌঁছানো ভীষণ জরুরী। সিলেট ও সুনামগঞ্জে বন্যা পরিস্থিতি ভয়াবহ আকার ধারণ করেছে। এরই মধ্যে সিলেটের ৮০ শতাংশ এলাকা পানিতে তলিয়ে গেছে। সুনামগঞ্জে শতাধিক গ্রাম প্লাবিত হয়েছে। বিভিন্ন জায়গায় সড়ক যোগাযোগ বিচ্ছিন্ন হয়ে পড়েছে। এই ভয়াবহ অবস্থায় থাকা মানুষগুলোর পাশে আমরা আপনাদের সাথে নিয়ে দাঁড়াতে চাই। যতটুকু পারেন, এই মানুষগুলোর জন্য এগিয়ে আসুন না ! আপনাদের সাহায্য ও সহযোগিতা কামনা করছি I PLEASE DONATE GENEROUSLY : United Ulama Council Of USA INC . Via PayPal : [email redacted] Via go fund me : https://gofund.me/673ae5f3 Via Zelle : Name : Hafiz Rahman Phone : 2122038695

Please support the needy and helpless generously!

Now our extra efforts for support will be energies more to get multiplied reward by contributing our Sadaqah , Zakat , Fitra towards needy and helpless !

Ten Inspiring Hadith on the Importance of Charity in Islam
To truly care for one another, we must love for others what we
love for ourselves. What better way to love one another than
to give charity? Apart from professing belief and prayer,
charity is considered the third most important component of
our faith. But what does our beloved Prophet say about
charity? Why is it considered so important? Here are ten
insightful hadith about why charity is so important.
1) There Are Many Forms of Charity
“A charity is due for every joint in each person on every day
the sun comes up: to act justly between two people is a
charity; to help a man with his mount, lifting him onto it or
hoisting up his belongings onto it, is a charity; a good word is
a charity; and removing a harmful thing from the road is a
charity.” (Al-Bukhari, Muslim)
2) It Protects You from Calamity
The Prophet, upon him be peace, said: “Give charity without
delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)
3) It Protects You from Being Miserly
Muhammad, upon him be peace, said: “Avoid doing injustice
to others, for on the Day of Judgment, it will turn into manifold
darkness, and safeguard yourself against miserliness, for it
ruined those who were before you. It incited them to murder
and treating the unlawful as lawful.” (Muslim)
4) It Is A Good Deed That Never Ends
Muhammad, upon him be peace, said: "When a man dies, his
deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah
Jariyah (ceaseless charity); a knowledge which is beneficial, or
a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased)
." (Muslim)
5) Charity Will Be A Shade on the Day of Judgment
The Prophet, upon be peace, said: “The believer’s shade on the
Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)
6) It Protects You from the Hellfire
Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, said, “Protect
yourself from hell-fire even by giving a piece of date as
charity.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
7) It Increases What Allah (swt) Grants You

People are suffering in Bangladesh because of COVID-19 !
We are here to let them have basic necessities to survive.
Please chip in so god will give you more for supporting his creation.
United Ulama Council Of USA INC is Not for profit , Charitable , Tax Exempt Organization.
Goals of UUCUSAINC :
1.To provide proper education for the kids who are so behind from their basic education because of poverty here and aboard and specially in Bangladesh so they can get access to gain knowledge of Religious and Academic as high they can go .
2. To support orphan kids to have their basic education and foods and shelter here and abroad and specially in Bangladesh so they can survive.
3. To help widows to have enough support to raise their families with basic necessities here and abroad and specially in Bangladesh !

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