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Dated SEPTEMBER 19th 2017

I've never been the kinda of person to ask for help, a lot of our family and friends have asked us to create one of these so they can help and honestly I don't even know what to say! Our family is in desperate need of help! We had water over the top of our roof in our home, we were so proud of our selves for finally purchasing a home together to continue our journey together... And now we are faced with this horrific mess to clean up and the worse part is we literally moved in a month ago and invested all of our savings into this home and baby items etc that We have no back up resources! We are expecting a baby girl in late November, my two daughters Kaylee (4) Elayna (7)that love with us also lost everything in this horrible disaster! We will no doubt be starting over completely.
Anything helps! We will need to relocate, purchase beds, clothing, and everything you can think of that goes into a home... I'm really still soaking this all in and it is so hard to try to explain the loss our family has had in this storm...

We appreciate all the love and support from each and everyone of you!  The money will be used to find a home, replace all lost furniture and necessities, We completely lost everything we walked away with the clothes we had on and my purse and our cat! We will need to buy everything you need to cook, sleep, etc I can not list the items specifically but if you look around a normal functioning home this important items you use daily we will need to replace. We can never replace the ultra sound pictures, family portraits, keep sakes and sentimental items but we will start a new beginning with your love prayers and continued support! We are from Conroe Texas in River Plantation and are hopeful to stay in this wonderful community! 

God speed!
God bless!

Conroe Tx
Elisha (32) Alex (32)
Kaylee (4) Elayna (7)
Missy our kitty
Rip Zac - the girls hamster ... He didn't make it through the water :(
P.s. I've not told my girls this yet!

UPDATE September 19th 2017

So on top of everything else that I'm dealing with my car people are wanting to repossess my car because I had to get school clothes and school supplies and all that fun stuff right before the flood came so I pushed the payment back for the week after the storm came and because the storm came obviously I could not afford to pay the note this month it was due on the 15th and that has come and gone so now I'm considered 2 months behind on my payments they are not willing to work with me and they will not accept both payments they will only accept the full balance left on my loan so now on top of losing my entire home and everything inside of it I am now losing my only vehicle that made it through the flood that I can't drive until I replace a steering sensor and because my husband lost his automotive scanner I can't clear the codes to drive it yet....   But now This!!!   when it rains it pours I don't even know where to begin anymore!!

If you guys could please help me by sharing my GoFundMe account and just keep on sharing everyday please I'm now 8 months pregnant and we don't have a car I have to surrender my car at the end of tomorrow!

The funds are being used to get our lives on a platform, we've used the amount received to date to find a temporary lease home and words cannot express the amount of gratitude we have in our hearts for the continued help and support!! 

  • Vicki Mason Brown 
    • $50 
    • 60 mos
  • Sue Robertson 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Allison McElhaney 
    • $20 
    • 60 mos
  • Doneine Dickinson 
    • $100 
    • 60 mos
  • Inigo Howlett 
    • $75 
    • 60 mos
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Elisha Lynette 
Conroe, TX