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So, I got arrested at my daughter's high school (September 7, 2018) ... "handcuffs/back of the squad car/read your rights" ARRESTED. 

WHY? I called my daughters's school to tell them she was in the hospital. The attendance clerk thought I was lying, so she charged my daughter with truancy. On the morning after we got home from the hospital, the truancy office called my house and threatened to send the police.  He hung up on me when I told him I didn't appreciate how he handled the call.  Despite the unwarranted call, I delivered a doctor's note to the attendance clerk. She said the note wasn't enough. When I learned she had not documented my phone call in the system (neither did she document my meetings with the school nurse and counselor about my daughter's illness), I called her incompetent. So, when I returned to the school with my daughter's hospital discharge papers, I was surrounded by police, administrators, and the principal. The principal said, "You can't come here and insult my staff." He refused to meet with me or make copies of my daughter's hospital discharge papers.  When I asked again for someone to make copies of my daughter's discharge papers,  had me arrested. 

The police captain put me in handcuffs, and they put me in the squad car. At the precinct, the captain read me my rights. The truancy officer made copies of my daughter's discharge papers and told me her absences would be completely dismissed. SO, THEN WHY WAS I ARRESTED??? ARE THE POLICE IN OUR SCHOOLS TO SILENCE PARENTS' COMPLAINTS???

MY INITIAL THOUGHTS: I considered filing a complaint with the school board against the attendance clerk, but it's not just her. The principal, the police, other administrators; they're all part of the problem.

UPDATE#1: They're charging me with CRIMINAL TRESPASS!!! (LA r.s. 14.63.3) ARE YOU SERIOUS???

UPDATE#2: So, I went to get a copy of the police report. I was told by the Captain, they have not written a full (supplemental) report. The full report, which is not yet written, however, is not "public record." Thus, I am not entitled to a copy. The "arrest report" is the only thing I'm entitled to, which is simply a statement of the charges. But, according to the clerk, the arrest report hasn't been written either.

UPDATE #3: I filed a complaint with the ACLU. Will hear from them in 60 days. *sigh*

UPDATE #4: Went to precinct (again) to get copy of arrest report. No arrest report. No "supplemental" report.

UPDATE#5: Looks like I'm going to have to defend myself in court against the criminal charge.

I'm a single mom (of a straight-A student) and a graduate student. I'd appreciate anything you could do to help me hire a defense attorney. I HAVE A #VOICE/PARENTS HAVE A #VOICE.

Thank you.
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