Divorce Lawyer Needed

My name is Gwahshunnah Trice. In 2019 I was forced into a marriage at gun point by my son's father. And I am seeking help to raise the money needed to get a divorce attorney.

My story:

Richard (T-man) and I had been dating on and off for 12 yrs... In January 2019 I broke up with him (even though we were not in a relationship, but I felt like he thought we were), served him an eviction notice (30 days), and started dating someone else... 
March 3, 2019- 9 am
 I told him to get out of my house so he packed his things and left.
About 12:30-1 pm
He returns with XYZ and asked me could Rishawn(my son) go hog hunting with him, I said that I didn't care. They weren't gone that long, but I didn't think much of it. He asked me could I step outside so that we could talk. So I step outside and he was like, lets talk over here (off to the side of the house) and that's when he punches me in the eye, knocking me down to the ground and when I look back up he has his rifle pointed to my head and saying "nawl bitch you're gonna marry me.".. I really don't remember much after that, because I was kinda in and out of it... but Everytime he asked me a question about us(my boyfriend and I).. all I remember is getting knocked back out.

He gave me 5 rules: 
1. Marry him
2. Fake it until I make it (pretend to be happy, even though I wasn't)
3. I was to sleep naked every night
4. I had to have sex with him (because I was not involved with him in any way since October 2018)
5. I had to change my Facebook status to Married
So long story short
I didn't half follow his rules... Yeah I pretended to be happy in public SOMETIMES but most of the time I was socially distant, I didn't talk to anyone not even my family.... my little t-shirt business went south because I couldn't half communicate with customers without him interfering. 
I didn't sleep naked because I could feel him looking at me, so I slept in a dress so he could just raise it up whenever he felt like raping me... And yes it was rape because I didn't want him touching me (he couldn't kiss me nor touch me in any kind of way sexually). We went to a justice of the peace (his friend) and got married so I didn't have to go to the court house. 
He would go back through my boyfriend and I's messages, get mad and beat me... And one day I rest my phone and accidentally deleted the messages and he got mad about that, SMH...
 Whenever we argued, whenever he thought about me and my boyfriend, or whenever he wanted to control me he would pick up his gun and threaten me or beat me.
He would wait until I fall asleep to climb on top of me. But he couldn't even stay hard to do anything majority of the time. And blamed me for his impotence, he said it was because I hated him so much that I was putting off so much negative energy that he can't stay hard. Oookkk.
So anyway, on April 2, 2020 he comes home about 9/9:30 pm. I had cooked earlier and put his plate in the microwave. So he's sitting in the room eating and talking under his breath, so I ask him what's wrong... He doesn't say anything.
Me: I can tell something is bothering you so what's wrong.. and again nothing. So I asked him again. T-man what is wrong? 
Him: y'all mother fuckers don't listen to me. Nobody, I just be talking and nobody is listening. Rishawn don't listen and you don't listen. 
Me: "so just shut the fuck up then."
 Before I knew it he had done threw his plate at me and reached for his gun. I told him... If it's the Lord's will, then you can go on and kill me now, because I'm not fixing to keep on putting up with these idle threats... Him: oh they ain't idle
Me: that's nice to know and I told my daughter to call the police.
Him: since she wanna call the police she's gonna have to leave, she can't stay here no more... 
So by now they (him and my daughter) are arguing.
 The police come and made him leave and I left my home for 2 weeks, I took out a restraining order against him, and the judge legally separated us for a year with joint custody... And now I'm trying to get a divorce attorney. I thought I could save up the money on my own, which is the reason why it has taken so long to ask for help... but paying all of the bills and taking care of my kids and home literally takes every penny of my paycheck.

For some this may be hard to believe; that something like this could be happening in this day and time... because I didn't think it could/would happen either, but here I am.

To anyone that gives, I Thank You and I pray that the Lord blesses you exceedingly, abundantly and above what you can imagine.. in the name of Jesus, Amen.

PS: I'll except free lawyer services in exchange for the money... I just want out of this situation
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