Tresa Hays-Ohman's funeral fund

Around the end of July Mom was admitted to the hospital in Perham.  While in Perham her doctors found that she had damage to her liver and her kidneys weren't working like they were supposed to.  She was in the Perham hospital for 8 days until she started going into kidney failure and was transfered to Broadway Sanford in Fargo.  While she was there they gave her various meds to help her deal with her organ troubles.  She was discharged after 6 days at Sanford in Fargo on August 5th.  

On August 9th she went to Perham for a schedualed check-up.  During that appointment they took labs from her.  While she was with the doctor her lab results came in.  The doctor told her the labs showed she had multiple organ failure and needed to go back to Fargo.  She was in Fargo for a total of 4 days during which the hospital inserted a pick line and started aggressively giving her vitamins and medications to help curn her liver and kidney failure.  It was during this stay they diagnosed her with Congestive Heart Failure.  She was discharged from the hospital on August 13th.  She was good for about 8 days after that.  She was given vitamins to keep her healthy and medications to help her eat and recover.  One med she was given was lactulose to help keep her ammonia levels low and off her brain.  

Around the 22nd she ran out of the lactulose and called the DL pharmacy for a refill on lactulose and potassium.  She was told she has no refills and needed to call her doctor to get a refill.  This was at 1000 on the 22nd.  At 1830 we recived a phone call from the DL pharmacy stating she had lactulose ready for pick up, but by that time the ammonia had started to build up on her brain.  It is believed she went over 30 hours without a full lactulose dosage.  On the morning of the 23rd she started to appear very sleepy and a little confused.   Her mother and myself had pushed for her to go to the hospital all day because it appeared she wasn't imporving from the lactulose.  By that evening she was getting rapidly worse, so her family decided it was best to call an ambulance.  She was transfered to Perham who then transfered her by helicopter to the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis.

On Thursday the 24th she appeared to be getting better.  Her nurses and doctors were giving her lactulose aggresively which removed a lot of ammonia from her body.  As of Friday the 25th she was doing much better and was able to move around with the assistance of a nurse.  The hospital called me at 0100 on the 25th to let me know that they had found patches on her lungs and which was giving her trouble breathing so she was being transitioned to the ICU where she would be put on oxygen to help her breath.  At 0237 she was intabated due to her breathing problems.  I arrived at the hospital around 1330 to see how she was doing.  The hospital said she had pneumonia and needed advanced care to deal with not only her lungs, but her liver failure, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure.  Her team met with me during this time and stated she was very ill and that she may not make it through this event.  it was on this day that they were able to remove most of the fluid from her lungs, but there was severe damage done to her aveoli which was making it very hard for her to breathe.  On the 27th they decided to lay her on her belly believing it would help her breathe easier.  It was at this time that they told me they wanted to start her on dyalysis to help remove some fluid from her body that had built up from her kidneys now working.  Because she had very little kidney and liver funtion, she had severe sceptecimia.  A scepsis level of 1 is ok and any level above that increases the rate of mortality, her's was over 5. 

Today, August 28th, she is doing better but is still in critical condition.  Her nurses called it "critically stable".  Being put on her stomach along with a medication to open her blood vessels in her lungs helped her get absorb the oxygen she has needed.  They put her on her back around noon to see if her sepsis levels had dropped and to get a sample of the secreations in her lungs to see what the lung infection looks like and how to treat it.

At this point medical staff are telling us she could go either way and we should be prepared for the worst.  We are asking for help to help keep her bills paid while she is in the hospital, to help her when she is out of the hospital while she is unable to work, and to help family get to the cities to see her.  This is a tough situation for her family and friends.  Any ammount helps and is beyond appreciated by her loved ones
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