Helping Me Leave Mississippi (LGBT)

A brief note: GoFundMe required that I withdraw the funds, so I opened a new savings account and withdrew the funds to it, adding in the process some money I had to bring the total up to $200. Upon further thought, I'm not going to continue donating through GFM, because that's just throwing away 9% of the money. I'll post updates when I donate, though.

Major Update: I am about to be kicked out of my place of residence for being transgender. It's a ridiculous story, summarized here:

When I was 5, my drug-addicted parents separated, and I was ultimately shunted off to live with my grandmother--a fundamentalist Christian. When they found women's clothes hidden between my mattresses when I was 11 or so, they took me out back with a belt.

When I was 12, my meth-addicted mother disappeared--Unsolved Mysteries kind of "disappeared." No one has seen or heard from her since. While it's probable that the man she was living with killed her (he has since been to prison for an unrelated murder), no body was ever discovered, and she's still listed as a missing person. It's possible she's spent the last 15 years being tortured in some psychopath's basement.

During my senior year in high school, my dad (who I was living with by then) was arrested for embezzlement, and my sister and I suddenly had to fend for ourselves. I had to drop out of high school the last semester of my senior year, to work more hours and pay for my way in the world.

Despite all that, I ended up getting my GED and putting myself through college. Now I need your help getting to a place where I can put that college degree to work, because there simply are no jobs here for it, and what little work I have been able to find only barely allows me to survive. I've overcome a great deal of struggles on my own, but Mississippi simply doesn't provide the options for me to overcome this one: in order to leave, I need money, but I need money in order to leave.

Also, you can reach me at any of these places, to discuss the campaign, donations, ideas, suggestions, or whatever else:


When the transgender thing is thrown on top of Mississippi's attempts to pass Anti-Gay legislation, and their recent law that "puts the prayers back in school," then my situation has become totally untenable, and I have to get out of this place before they kill me (there's a reason I sleep with a loaded shotgun on my headboard).

This means the world to me. I need to be able to leave the south; I need to be able to leave Mississippi. Through the past year, I haven't even been able to live paycheck to paycheck; I've had to live day to day. I've eaten little more than bologna sandwiches and ramen noodles for the last six months as I tried to improve the circumstances, and it just isn't happening here. There's simply no employment. When the fact that I'm transgender is added to it, the situation becomes utterly untenable. In a place more tolerant with a better economy, I can easily put my skills, education, and experience to use, and will be allowed to simply exist and transition in peace, without constantly worrying that the wrong people will find out.

I create a lot of content on the Internet, though I can't really offer anything up as a "reward," other than the content itself. I will post regular updates, pictures, and things of that nature as I make the drive, and then as I arrive and get my life going and stable. I don't want to give you the whole sap story (it is largely available on my youtube channel, though), but suffice it to say that I have overcome a lot of challenges to be where I am. And for the first time in my life, I'm faced with obstacles that I simply can't overcome alone, and so I am asking for help to get out of this terrible situation.

Anything you can do, from donations to simply sharing this campaign, would be a tremendous help. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your assistance.


Aria DiMezzo 
Senatobia, MS

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